TheraBreath Oral Rinse Review

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TheraBreath Oral Rinse

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A Deep Dive Into TheraBreath

TheraBreath is an oral rinse designed to fight off unpleasant odors by killing sulfur-producing bacteria that are responsible for bad breath and metallic or bitter tastes in palette and saliva. The formula was developed by practicing dentists as an aid to oral hygiene that would be affordable and easy to use as part of an ordinary morning routine.

TheraBreath is effective against a number of discomforts and conditions, including dry mouth and particularly resistant plaque and fungus with the extra-strength varieties. It can even be used to fight gum disease or inflammation, especially when paired with a dedicated gum care formula such as Dental Pro 7.

While sensitivity is normally a thing many oral care products try to avoid, TheraBreath is exceptionally sensitive to the requirements of its customers; the product is both certified vegan and kosher to allow all customers to enjoy fresh breath regardless of their beliefs. The product is sold in several sizes for the buyer’s convenience.

Of particular note is TheraBreath’s chemical makeup; this product forgoes the usual alcohol, sugar, or sulfate additives to make a stable product that will still offer a rigorous standard of dental hygiene. The pH-stable formula is mild and comfortable on the sensitive oral tissues and is even safe to be used on some household pets.

Who’s It For?

TheraBreath is a product for the whole household. The lead designer originally developed the compound with children in mind, and TheraBreath has maintained its family-friendly attitude ever since.

Several strengths of wash are available for different ages and severities of odor.

This product should not be used by anyone with an oral injury. TheraBreath takes care to keep its product as safe as possible, but can still irritate an open sore and possibly exacerbate an existing condition. As with any medication, this product should be kept far from infants; even mild varieties of TheraBreath could endanger an infant if swallowed.

Although suitable for use on pets, pet owners are strongly cautioned to consult a veterinarian beforehand. TheraBreath’s formula is calculated for humans and dosing your furry friend could have adverse results without the proper care and instruction.

Keep in mind that a pet’s jaws are shaped differently as well, and they will need help to get the full benefit of a TheraBreath rinse.

TheraBrath Review

What We Like About TheraBreath

This product offers a number of appealing features, foremost among them being reliable results. Significant numbers of users report this product to be a simple and effective treatment for mouth odor and lingering taste.

It is an economical solution as well, with several bottle sizes available at reasonable prices for each.

Unlike many similar products, TheraBreath has the significant advantage of being mild in the mouth; the formula avoids many of the harsh ingredients that make other odor treatments overpowering or uncomfortable to use. Therabreath is also careful to avoid ingredients that will damage the skin and enamel, an important feature often overlooked by competing products in favor of more traditional recipes.

What We Don’t Like About TheraBreath

Among the few negative experiences from TheraBreath was a lingering taste after use. This sensation has been reported to persist even through meals and may affect the taste of the food as well.

Some users find the compound to lack the power of traditional products as well, as the TheraBreath uses relatively mild active ingredients.


  • Formula is effective against oral odors
  • No harmful active ingredients
  • Acceptable to several minority sensibilities, a rare attribute in oral care products
  • Kills bacteria and fungus that cause odor instead of masking them
  • Effective for up to a full day of odor prevention


  • Unpleasant taste during protection period
  • Results may not be as potent as those of traditional compounds

What’s Included

As a product, there is little enough included. The package contains two sixteen-ounce bottles of whatever strength was ordered.

Packs of several sizes are available, as well as varying numbers of bottles depending on the order in question.

Not included is a measuring cup of any kind; the user should be careful to find the needed dosage themselves, as the caps do not represent an accurate measurement of the quantity needed. No scale or other visual aids is included either, leaving to determine the correct usage and amount on their own.

Overview Of Features

TheraBreath is centered around an innovative formula that kills off sulfur-producing bacteria and fungus completely instead of simply masking the odors and tastes. The formula is powerful enough to provide a full day of protection with a single rinse.

Developed by Dr. Harold Kat in 1993, the formula remains suitable to most members of the household, from adolescents to seniors. TheraBreath is certified both vegan and kosher to make it acceptable to all.

TheraBreath avoids active ingredients that will damage enamel or irritate gums, making it a more desirable choice for overall oral health. A more mild composition also fights the overpowering sensation and aftertaste that accompany other such products.

As a safety feature, TheraBreath bottles are designed with a child-proofing system to prevent small hands from endangering themselves. Should this precaution fail, the patented formula is compounded specifically to be minimally harmful if ingested; even relatively delicate pets can emerge from such an incident with little more than brief intestinal discomfort.

Review Summary

Dr. Katz has put together an exceptional oral care product, managing to fully accomplish something competing products that found themselves unable to manage; TheraBreath’s product genuinely eliminates odors for the duration of the protection period.

A great deal of care has clearly been used in this product’s creation and development. TheraBreath is certified acceptable for some of the most stringent standards and is made with active ingredients that will not pose an unnecessary risk either to the user or the things around them.

Buyers are reminded that this product may qualify as a medication, and should be purchased with the requisite care from a trusted vendor International orders should be especially careful, as there may well be regulations prohibiting bringing such a product across borders.