Aquasonic Toothbrush Review

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AquaSonic Toothbrush

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A Deep Dive Into The AquaSonic Toothbrush:

This brush uses a blend of entertaining graphics and the recent trend of augmented reality to engage children and teach them how to brush properly. It is a well-documented phenomenon that many children are not as careful with their dental health as adults; the AquaSonic Brush Monster toothbrush seeks to remedy this problem with a graphic aid that will have children actively seeking to better care for their teeth.

Augmented reality programs work by projecting graphics on the world around them by way of a smart device; the Brush Monster is no different, but confines itself to projecting onto just the user’s teeth. A paired device will show the user’s face with graphics applied to the areas in need of brushing, as well as a small graphic that turns the child using it into a ‘Brush Monster’ of their own.

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Parents can make use of this system in a different manner; the device includes motion and orientation sensors that can be paired with a parent’s device or email account, allowing them to receive detailed reports on their children’s brushing habits. This reassures the parent or guardian that their child is brushing correctly, or highlights the areas where the child should be taking greater care when brushing.

In addition to being a uniquely attractive experience for children, the AquaSonic toothbrush also provides a universal advantage in dental care; the brush head vibrates during use, scrubbing the teeth up to four hundred percent more effectively than an unpowered brush. This can be combined with a soft-tissue care product like Dental Pro 7 for a complete dental care regimen.

Who’s It For?

The augmented reality program included in this product is very much intended for children, featuring child-friendly simplistic graphics that will hold young eyes and a number of game-like activities that will engage the younger generation. The brush itself can be used by individuals of all ages for a more comprehensive brushing experience.

Although the augmented reality is intended for children, adults can also benefit from its thorough guide to dental care and smart tracking of what areas of the mouth require extra attention. As the program is intended for young users, the interface and instructions will be simple enough for adults to follow easily.

This product should not be used by those who may be sensitive to the sonic vibrations, or who have open wounds or infected areas in their mouth. Specialized dental care should be consulted before attempting to care for any such injuries.

As a matter of technical necessity, this product is not for those without access to a smart device.

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Aquasonic Toothbrush Review

What We Like About AquaSonic Brush Monster:

This product makes an excellent introduction to dental health for children, using the most modern trends to make what can seem like an unappealing or unpleasant task into a fun and anticipated part of the day. Selfies mini-games and progress tracking are all used to create the digital environment that the modern generation love so much.

Aside from these, as mentioned, AquaSonic is considerably more effective than a traditional brush; the vibrating head can remove many times the bacteria or plaque that an unpowered brush would have cleaned.

What We Don’t Like About AquaSonic Brush Monster:

The product comes with only one brush head, a smaller size that can be awkward to try and brush with. The battery is not rechargeable and will need to be replaced periodically.

AquaSonic’s augmented reality is run by mobile devices over Bluetooth connection, which can cause difficulties if the customer’s mobile device either cannot pair or does not support the augmented reality app. There is also no option to connect via WiFi instead, a feature that would greatly simplify setup and allow for brushing reports from well outside the home.


  • Fun and easy brushing guide
  • Vibrating brush is highly effective
  • Multiple activities to teach better tooth care habits
  • Connects to most smart devices by Bluetooth
  • A single battery will last a relatively long time


  • Battery is a removable AAA instead of an integrated, rechargeable power source
  • Brush does not connect by WiFi, necessitating pairing and unpairing for brushing reports.

Most of what this product has to offer is contained in the free-to-download application; the physical product itself comes with the brush and battery, and a small instruction booklet regarding the use and storage of the brush.

Overview Of Features:

AquaSonic’s main feature is the accompanying app that makes toothbrushing enjoyable for younger ages. This app contains an augmented reality experience to show what areas need to be brushed in real-time and backs it up with a number of progress trackers, minigames, and even social networking prompts to make brushing more fully a part of the child’s lifestyle.

The brush head will vibrate while brushing, making for the same exceptional results as powered toothbrushes without the noise and unpleasant sensations that accompany a motorized model. The brush is somewhat smaller than many people may be used to, requiring users to adapt before use.

Monster Brusher is powered by a single AAA battery, the first of which is included with the device. It is not rechargeable, and does wear down periodically; users are encouraged to find an environmentally friendly rechargeable battery to spare both themselves and the environment from the need to continually buy more AAAs.

All augmented reality will require a smart device capable of running the Monster Brusher App, available at no charge for Apple and Android devices. The brush pairs with the supporting device by Bluetooth to provide the augmented reality experience, and can then be paired with a parent’s device to provide brushing reports to go over with their child.

Review Summary:

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Monster Brusher represents a commendable sensitivity to the latest trends, and makes a sincere and successful effort to use them to make children take an active interest in an important part of their health. This is combined with a quiet but effective toothbrush that can provide quality tooth care for any age, and a guide to tooth care that even adults may well find informative.