How to Use Beard Trimmer With Guard

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Beards are a great way to express yourself and show off your individual style, but they need to be taken care of properly. One of the best tools to maintain a well-groomed beard is a beard trimmer with guard. This article will discuss the basics of how to use a beard trimmer with guard to achieve a neat and tidy look. We’ll cover what a beard trimmer is, how to prepare and use it correctly, and how to select the right guard for your beard.

A beard trimmer is a grooming tool used to trim and shape beards. It comes in various sizes and shapes to suit different types of beards and can be used with or without a guard. The guard helps to keep the trimmed hair at a uniform length and prevents accidental cuts and nicks. With the right guard, you can easily trim your beard in no time.

What is a Beard Trimmer?

A beard trimmer is a must-have tool for any man with facial hair. It allows you to maintain the desired shape and length of your beard with ease. If you’re new to beard trimming, it’s important to know how to use a trimmer with a guard to achieve the best results.

Before you begin, make sure your beard trimmer is properly charged or has fresh batteries. Once it’s ready to go, give your beard a good brushing to remove any tangles. Comb your beard against the grain to straighten it out and make it easier to trim.

To use a beard trimmer with a guard, start by selecting the guard that best corresponds to the length of your desired beard. Place the guard on the trimmer, ensuring that it’s tight and won’t move around during the trimming process. With the guard in place, begin running the trimmer against the grain of the beard and following the natural contours of your face. Be sure to keep the trimmer at a consistent distance from your skin to avoid cuts or other unwanted results.

When selecting a guard for your beard trimmer, it’s important to make sure that you choose one that corresponds to the length of your beard. If your beard is longer than the guard, it won’t be able to cut all of the hairs, resulting in an uneven trim. If the guard is too long, it won’t be able to reach the shorter hairs, giving you an overly-long beard. If you’re unsure, start with a longer guard and trim down until you reach the desired length.

Once you’ve trimmed your beard, it’s time to use the guard to shape it. To do this, attach the guard to the trimmer and hold the trimmer at an angle, using the guard to shave against the grain. Be sure to move the trimmer slowly and carefully over the contours of your face to achieve the desired shape. Continue this process until you’re satisfied with the look of your beard.

By following these steps, you should be able to use a beard trimmer with a guard to achieve the perfect beard shape. With a little practice, you’ll be able to maintain your desired look in no time.

How to Use a Beard Trimmer with Guard

Using a beard trimmer can be a tricky process for beginners. But with the right technique and practice, you’ll be able to master the art of trimming your beard quickly.

To get started, plug in the trimmer and select the guard that best suits your beard length. Use the trimmer on the longest areas first, like the cheeks, chin, and neck. Don’t rush and make sure to go slow and steady.

When you’re trimming, keep your trimmer perpendicular to your face. This will help you to get an even trim. Also, make sure to go against the grain of your beard. This will give you a cleaner, more even look.

It’s also important to move the trimmer in small, short strokes. This will help you to get an even trim that follows the contours of your face. If you’re not sure how to do this, practice on a piece of paper or a piece of fabric first.

Once you’ve trimmed the longer parts of your beard, move on to the shorter parts. The same technique still applies, but you’ll need to be more careful as the trimmer is now closer to your skin.

Finally, don’t forget to clean up any stray hair. This is best done with a pair of scissors, as it’s easier to get into the small areas. When you’re done, use a brush to make sure you’ve got the look you want.

Preparing the Beard Trimmer

Preparing the beard trimmer for use is the first step towards achieving a smooth, well-groomed look. Before using the trimmer, ensure the blades are sharp and lubricated. To do this, apply a few drops of oil to the blades after cleaning them with a dry cloth. Additionally, check the guide comb attachment and make sure it’s firmly attached to the trimmer head. The guard should also be inspected to make sure it is clean and free from any dirt or debris. Finally, select the guard size that best suits your beard length and attach it to the trimmer.

Using the Beard Trimmer

Once you’ve prepared the beard trimmer, it’s time to use it! Start by turning on your trimmer. Then, place the guard you’ve chosen against the skin on your neck and begin to move it in an upward motion. Make sure to keep the guard flat against your skin to ensure an even shave. As you move the guard up your face and neck, the trimmer should cut the hairs that protrude from the guard. You can adjust the guard to different lengths to get a closer shave, if desired. Once you’ve finished shaving, turn off the trimmer and remove the guard.

Bearded man shaving his beard

Choosing the Right Guard for Your Beard

Choosing the right guard for your beard is an important part of using a beard trimmer. When it comes to beard trimmers, the size of the guard you choose will determine the length of your beard. If you want to keep your beard at a certain length, you should choose a guard that is one size smaller than the length you want. For example, if you want your beard to be one inch long, choose a guard that is three-quarters of an inch. If you want your beard to be two inches long, choose a guard that is one and a half inches. It’s important to remember that the guard size is relative to the length of your beard, so if you have a longer beard, you may need to use a higher guard size.

Shaving with the Guard

When it comes to shaving with the guard, you should always start by trimming your beard first. This will help you to get the desired length and shape of your beard. Start by setting the guard to the right length. To do this, you should move it up or down until it’s as close to your skin as possible. Once you have the guard in the right position, you can start trimming your beard. Move the guard in short, gentle strokes, ensuring that you don’t press too hard. You may need to go over the same area several times in order to get the desired shape. When you have finished trimming your beard, you can use a comb to tidy it up and perfect the look.


Using a beard trimmer with a guard is an easy way to maintain your facial hair and once you get the hang of it, you can achieve a professional look in no time. To get the most out of your trimmer, it’s important to use the right guard for your beard. Depending on the length and type of beard, you can choose from different sizes of guards ranging from 1 to 10. When using a guard, it’s important to keep the beard in an even shape and to make sure that no stray hairs are left behind.

Once you’ve chosen the right guard, it’s time to begin shaving. Start with the sides and move your trimmer up and down in a slow, even motion. Make sure to keep the guard level with your skin to avoid nicks and cuts. When you’ve finished the sides, move on to the chin and upper lip area. To achieve a sharp edge, go over the same area several times and use a smaller guard to get a more precise look.

Once you’re finished, you should be able to see an even shape and a nice clean shave. To finish up, use a comb to comb through your beard and make sure that all the hairs are in the same direction. This will give your beard a neat and polished look.

After a few practice runs, you should be able to master the art of using a beard trimmer with a guard. Whether you’re looking for a classic look or something a bit more modern, using a guard will help you achieve the perfect look for your facial hair.