Our Story


You know the one thing I hate about “expert reviews”?

They are written by experts

You would think this would be a good thing, right?

Why would you want a review written by someone that isn’t an expert?

If you give me a second, I will explain why…

Recently I was in the market for a Juicer. Naturally, I wanted to make sure I bought the best and started reading reviews online. And that is where the trouble started.

To me, juicing is pretty simple. Fruit goes in. Juice comes out. Right?

Now apparently there are those of you who have recently completed their Masters Degree specializing in Juicology scoffing at my limited knowledge about the juicing world.

What do you mean that qualification doesn’t exist?

Well explain this short section from a review I read about juicers:

Once the fruit moves through the feeding tunnel, crushed by the auger and captured by the juicing screen you will be rewarded with a high enzyme low oxidization juice

Uhhh… What?

I’ll Level with you. I am not university educated. I am your run of the mill blue collar slob. But – I am not stupid.

If you explain something to me without resorting to all that “expert mumbo jumbo” I will understand it.

Reading up on other juicer reviews I only found more problems –

They were either too dumbed down:

This juicer can make a lot of juice.

Yeah, no !@#$

Or they were filled with useless information:

The blade of the juicer weights just 2 oz

Yep, that’s exactly what has been keeping me up at night.

Or the reviews were just long slabs of text.

I don’t know about you, but I am a very visual person. You could write the most detailed paragraph describing a product and still not get the point across as well as a good old fashioned photo.

A picture REALLY does say 1,000 words. And that’s 1,000 words I don’t have to waste my time reading.

So with these gripes I set out to create a simple review site that caters to the average human (me and you).

While you will come across technical terms, we will break them down using every day examples and diagrams. ‘Cause who doesn’t like a good diagram? We also test each product and use it just like you would.

So join me as I set out to create the review site that I would love to read myself.

– Pete Stec.