Comment Policy

Our goal at Moo.Review is to encourage relevant and constructive discussion in the comment section located below our buyer guides and reviews. We want discussions to be inclusive and friendly.

We actively promote open discussion of the topic at hand. However, there are a few instances where moderation is required. Our goal is to keep comments focused on the article at hand so that people searching for information find not only relevant reviews but comments too.

With our focus on being 100% transparent, you can find our moderation policy below.

Note: due to a recent increase in hostile comments and advertisements we have set comments to moderate. This means that your comment will not appear in the article until approved by a staff member.

What kind of comments are unacceptable?

The following comments may be edited or removed at our discretion without notice.

  • Personal attacks
  • Discriminatory language
  • Affiliate links to products
  • Irrelevant links
  • Excessive self-promotion
  • PR Pitches
  • Trolling
  • Asking a question that was answered in the guide or review
  • Asking questions directly to the editor (me) rather than directing your questions to all commenters and visitors to our website (who will cumulatively have far more insight and time to answer than little ol’ me!)

This list is not exhaustive. A good rule of thumb is to comment as if the person to whom you are commenting is standing in front of you, is built like a linebacker, and has both a short temper and excellent legal representation.

Requests for product support

While we thoroughly test each and every product we review, we do not have the expertise nor the resources to provide after-sales support for each and every product that appears on our website. That is not the purpose of our website. We review products.

Product support is solely the responsibility of the manufacturer and it is your duty to contact their customer support team to solve any issues that you may have.

Comments directly requesting support for any product may be removed or edited at our discretion.

It is not possible for the editor of this website to post and moderate (and then reply to and answer) all of the (nearly) dozen comments we receive daily.  Comments that are most encouraged are those which outline product feedback from anyone who has purchased a product and would like to offer helpful general advice.  We also encourage questions that are directed to other visitors to our website who may have purchased a product and may offer a helpful answer to a concern.  We are simply unable to answer most questions directed to us (the editors).  In other words, we encourage discussion and we will gladly take the time to moderate questions/comments, but we don’t necessarily have the time/resources to engage comments/questions/concerns directly.  Sorry if that sounds harsh – just bein’ honest!

How do you deal with comments after updating a guide?

Our guides are continuously updated to make sure we provide you with the newest and most current product information.

Each time a guide is updated we will moderate the comments to ensure they remain relevant and helpful to our readers.

We can’t expect you guys to update your comments each time we update a guide (that would be silly).

We will moderate comments in accordance with the following:

A guide is partially updated – We remove all comments that were relevant to the guide but not the updated one.

A guide is completely updated – We remove all the previous comments to prevent confusion between our older recommendations and our new ones.

We are 100% committed to being the most transparent review site on the internet. As a result, we will never remove comments due to differing opinions or disagreement with our verdict (unless it violates one of the previous rules).

After all, we are all here to help each other find the perfect product. And we want to encourage that community.

We look forward to seeing your questions/comments/concerns and conversations!