Dental Pro 7 Review

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From Toothbrushing Addict to Oral Hygiene Pro

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Over the past year, I have developed a bit of an obsession. I began brushing my teeth all the time.

More than the recommended amount. You might think this is a conscious move on my part, but any dental professional can tell you that over-brushing can strip your tooth enamel and lead to irritated gums.

So, why did I put myself at risk of these damages? What sent me into this toothbrushing frenzy?

A trip to Australia. Let me explain.

Getting to Australia takes two flights of ten hours each, from almost anywhere in the world, at best. I came prepared, or so I thought.

With moisturizers for the dry cabin air, wet wipes and of course, toothbrush and toothpaste, all at airline regulation quantities, I was going to step off that plane ready to cuddle some koalas.

I couldn’t avoid the hungover feeling that comes with crossing several time zones as well as the equator. I couldn’t avoid the dry eyes and I certainly couldn’t avoid the stale feeling in my mouth.

I felt like I would never feel fresh again. After my experience on the plane, I became fascinated by the feeling in my mouth.

I smoke and drink my fair amount of coffee. I never said I’m a role model.

I tried switching to electric toothbrushes, investing in a top of the line brush, but I noticed that the brushing wasn’t doing the trick. No matter how much I brushed there were certain stains and sensitivities that weren’t going away.

I was under the impression that toothpaste was on top of our oral hygiene, and there was nothing a good brush can’t fix. But I was wrong.

The Problem With Toothpaste

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It turns out that toothpaste is really just the base of oral hygiene. Most toothpastes are designed to be used a couple of times a day, with plaque in mind.

You know plaque? The white build-up that breaks down your teeth.

The catch-22 with toothpaste is that the ingredients that strip your teeth of bacteria-laden cavity enducing plaque can also strip your teeth of necessary enamel. That’s one of the reasons it’s recommended to brush a few times a day at most.

Even when brushing responsibly, toothpaste leaves the rest of your mouth neglected.

Your mouth is its own ecosystem of gums, tongue, and teeth. By only addressing the teeth, your toothpaste allows for bad bacteria to build up and leave you with that unclean feeling at the very least, and at most, oral disease.

The Dangers of Poor Oral Health

Growing up, we’ve always been told of the importance of having good oral hygiene. In truth, though, only a few of us understand just how big of an impact oral care has on our overall health.

Yes, the state of your gums and teeth can affect your entire body in more ways than one. Cavities or tooth decay, oral plaque buildups, foul-smelling breath—these are just minor issues. Here’s what could happen if you don’t address these problems at the earliest stage:

Heart Disease

Bacteria can enter your bloodstream via infected gum tissues and clog your arteries. As a result, you will have an increased risk of stroke and heart attack. In fact, it is believed that having periodontal disease increases your likelihood of developing heart problems two times.

Respiratory Problems

Aside from the heart, the bacteria from your mouth can also travel to your lungs, causing respiratory issues. By practicing good oral health and having a healthy mouth, you eliminate pathogens before they have the chance to cause problems, like pneumonia and bronchitis.

Miscarriage or Premature Birth

Dental and oral health plays a vital role in prenatal care. Across many countries, tooth decay and gum infections are among the most common causes of miscarriage and preterm birth. That’s why it’s important for those planning to get pregnant to treat bacterial infections beforehand.

Erectile Dysfunction

For men, having poor oral hygiene poses serious problems too. Since bacteria can get into the bloodstream, those with advanced periodontitis may experience problems with erection. The bacteria can cause inflammation of the blood vessels and block blood flow to the genitals.

What Is Dental Pro 7?

The Dental Pro 7 is a 100% all-natural product with active ingredients that help promote good dental health. Compared to toothpaste, it is highly concentrated, has a mild flavor, and is a thick liquid instead of gel or paste. Among its key ingredients are myrrh, peppermint, immortelle, cloves, manuka, and other herb extracts.

It is formulated to quickly and effectively eliminate harmful bacteria in the mouth. Even better, it does this without messing up the good bacteria. As a result, it helps target the most common oral health problems, such as inflamed gums, bad breath issues, tooth decay, and yellow teeth.

It works by coating the teeth and sinking into gum tissues to do its magic. And since it’s water insoluble, it won’t wash off as easily, leaving you to enjoy its antibacterial properties. Plus, it won’t leave your mouth dry, like when you use alcohol-based commercial toothpastes and mouthwash.

In a nutshell, the Dental Pro 7 is an excellent addition to your oral health routine because it does not use any toxic chemicals. With regular use, you can expect to have minty-fresh breath, healthy gums, and pearly-white teeth in no time.

Dental Pro 7: The Specifics

Dental Pro 7 Review

You use the Dental Pro 7 the same way you would use toothpaste:  apply to a toothbrush, 2-3 times a day. Because it’s not a paste I was skeptical at first, but applying it turned out to be simple.

The instructions provided were really helpful, but it’s actually very straight forward. It comes in a glass bottle with a dropper, which I learned is officially called the Pasteur pipette.

Because it’s a liquid the best way to apply it is with the dropper, 4 or 5 drops straight onto your toothbrush. Then you just brush as per usual. (2 minutes, 30-second intervals on a quadrant split.)

Its formula is unlike anything I’ve felt, which was strange at first, but extra absorbent. It’s kind of smooth in a way that allows it to sit on your gum tissues and settle right in.

I felt it soothing my gums and doing its magic almost immediately. When I’m brushing, I usually feel that the work is in my brushing technique.

Getting into all the right places, not brushing too soft, or too hard. With Dental Pro 7, however, the liquid just needs a little direction and then the formula does all the work.

Unlike toothpaste which stops as soon as your tooth does, leaving harmful bacteria to do its thing, Dental Pro 7 coats your teeth with a long-lasting protective layer, as well as getting right into the gums, absorbing into the gum where it can do its best work.

Dental Pro 7 had that almost immediate feeling of ‘clean’ that you want out of a good clean, but the real magic was in the process. Over a couple of weeks, I noticed my gums were stronger and healthier looking, and my infection was completely healed.

I can’t tell you what this did to my breathe, but suffice it to say my family is extremely grateful.


It was really easy to use and extremely effective.

The thing I love about the Dental Pro 7 is that it’s both a preventative and a treatment. After my deep dive into the world of oral hygiene and all that I learned about toothpastes, it was clear that there were two groups.

Preventatives, and treatments.

The preventatives are your run of the mill toothpastes, which just do a standard job. It’s like having basic insurance, as long as you’re healthy you’ll be fine.

Dental treatments are like the AAA. You enlist them when you need extra help and they can set you back quite a bit.

But the small problems add up to bigger ones, and once there’s a slight bump on the road, you’re in for some real trouble, only to find you could have been prepared for this all along.

Dental Pro 7 started working immediately and only took a few weeks to see real, lasting results. The stubborn stains from my bad habits were no longer giving me away, and seeing the results so quickly really encouraged me to make it part of my routine.

Bonus: It comes with a money-back guarantee within 3 months. When you consider that lasting results begin to show after just a couple of weeks, 3 months is more than enough time to see that the Dental Pro 7 is not only easy to use but can really save you any issues when it comes to your mouth and your pocket.