Moo Review is your new favorite review website.


We buy the product ourselves

In an effort to cut down on bias, we purchase all the products that are reviewed on Moo Review ourselves (from Amazon, cause we are prime addicts). We do not accept “sponsored reviews”, free products or gifts from manufacturers.

It is an unfortunate fact that money makes the world go around. A manufacturer with millions of dollars to spend on advertising can build hype around a shoddy product. And that just isn’t fair on you, the end consumer.

Someone has to make a stand. Why not us?

We can proudly say:

moo.review is not for sale.

The ONLY way you will get a decent review on the website is if you make a quality product.

Because we do not rely on free products for our reviews, we can highlight all the negatives a product has. This means that we can give an honest opinion without worrying about being “blacklisted” (no more free products) by a manufacturer because we didn’t rate their product highly enough.

While this is not the most lucrative way to run a review website, it does ensure that the opinions of the reviewed products are our own – which means we can sleep at night.

Hands on product reviews

Have you ever read a product review and noticed that the reviewer only uses photos and images from Amazon or other shopping websites? Chances are that the reviewer has not actually physically used the product himself.

This is a very sneaky online practice where people review a product without actually testing it and is a lot more common than you think. Even the big websites do it, mixing reviews where the product is tested with reviews where the product was not touched. Honestly, how can you call something “the best” if you have not physically used it? Unfortunately this practice makes it incredibly difficult for you to make an informed decision about whether a product is right for you.

At moo.review we painstakingly test all the popular (and many unpopular) brands for each product review, ensuring that you buy with confidence.

We take just about all product photos ourselves which allows us to zoom right in on the good and bad bits of each product. Our goal is to provide you with the closest experience possible to going into a store and holding the product in your own hand.

We test everything

Unlike other review sites that spend “100 hours researching and talking to experts” to narrow down the products they intend to review, we buy and test them all.

After all, how can we be confident a product is great if we have not compared it to the worst on the market? This just doesn’t make sense to us. So we test all the major products in a given category.

Hand’s on testing of everything really is the only way to know for sure whether a product sucks or not.

While testing everything is a much more time consuming way of doing things, you can be guaranteed that our reviews are the most well researched in all of the land.

We are not afraid to get physical

At Moo Review we understand that not every product is treated with the same amount of love and care as your mobile phone. That’s why we are not afraid to stress test items. From dropping products from head height to giving them a good dunk underwater, we are not afraid to dish out the tough love.

We get visual

Reviews can be boring. Unless you are a robot, No one wants to read a long slab of text. If you did, you would be reading an encyclopedia.

A picture says a thousand words. So we make sure to use lots of pictures in our reviews. All glory. All the flaws. Photographed for your eye to see!