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We do NOT make personal product recommendations, comment on the functionality/availability of products or provide troubleshooting. When in doubt, contact that brands customer service department.

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    Acceptable reasons to contact us

    Product review requests – Whether you are a manufacturer who wants your product looked at closely or an everyday user who wants something reviewed then drop us your recommendation. We will add it to our ever growing list of products to review. Please note, we get hundreds of review requests each day and unfortunately we just don’t have the time to write back. Be warned – We are honest and if your product sucks then we will say so in our review. We don’t hold back.

    Tell us we are doing a good job – Who doesn’t love praise? If you want to make a deposit into our self-esteem banks then drop us a line.

    Tell us we are doing a poor job – Perhaps more important than telling us we are doing just fine is constructive criticism. The keyword being constructive. Telling us we are all a bunch of douchebags who should jump off a cliff is not exactly constructive (even if it’s true).

    Anything else that isn’t listed below:

    Unacceptable reasons to contact us

    Spam – Spam, advertising, emails that tell us that we can lose weight with that “one weird trick”. Honestly, we don’t care.

    Marriage proposals – Currently everyone on the team is happily taken. If ever we recruit a good looking single individual, you will be the first to know.

    Being downright rude – This is never acceptable. If you have beef with us then let’s settle it like adults rather than through obnoxious emails. Ways in which we are open to settling it like an adult:

    • Hotdog eating contest
    • In the MMA ring
    • Calling our parents.

    But seriously though, we would love to hear from just about everyone who doesn’t want to spam with advertising.