Oral-B White 7000 Electric SmartSeries Tested & Reviewed

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NOTE: This is a review of the Oral-B White 7000 SmartSeries. It is near identical to the Black 7000 the only difference is the color. If you have to choose between the two, we recommend the White 7000. Toothpaste marks are much less visible on the white handle compared to the black.

The White 7000 (or Black 7000) is the premium model of the Oral-B range of electric toothbrushes. Bluetooth apps and a quality travel case are just two of the perks of owning this electric toothbrush.

Join us as we examine everything you could possible want to know about the Oral-B White 7000. Our detailed review will allow you to make the right decision when purchasing your new electric toothbrush.

Oral-B White 7000 Electric Toothbrush

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Oral-B White 7000 Unboxing

Oral-B White 7000 display box

Oral-B has gone all out on the packaging. It is down right beautifully designed and if you were going to give an electric toothbrush as a gift, the White 7000 definitely has that wow factor.

Opening the White 7000 is a treat in itself. Each accessory is individually packaged and very well presented. If you are opening the White 5000 in front of others people they will definitely look on with envy.

Here are all the goodies you will find inside the box:

Oral-B White 7000 Electric Toothbrush and accessories included in box

Let’s Break it down:

  • Oral-B White 7000 electric toothbrush
  • CrossAction Brush head
  • Sensitive brush head
  • Pro White brush head
  • Brush head holder
  • Travel case
  • Accessory pouch
  • Smart Guide
  • Smart Guide holder
  • Smart Guide wall mount
  • Batteries (for Smart Guide)
  • Oral-B charging base
  • Instruction manual (not pictured)

Phew, as you can see there is quite a lot that comes included in the box. Let’s take a closer look at the star of the box, the Oral-B White 7000 Handle.

The White 7000 Handle

If you have read our review of the Oral-B Pro 5000 then you are probably thinking that the White 7000 looks creepily similar.

You would be right. Check the two out side by side:

Oral-B White 7000 side by side comparison to Pro 5000

The top toothbrush is the Pro 5000, the bottom is the White 7000. Twins!

The two toothbrushes are near identical in terms of performance. Brush to tooth – you will get the exact same result from the Pro 5000 as you would from the White 7000.

If none of the fancy accessories appeal to you then you are better off sticking to the cheaper Pro 5000 (Or even the Oral-B Pro 3000 if you want the same brushing experience without any gimmicks).

It is at this point that is suddenly becomes apparent why Oral-B has gone to all the effort of including all the pretty packaging and extra accessories in the White 7000 box – because without them, you simply couldn’t justify dropping an extra $60 (MSRP) on a toothbrush that is almost identical to the Pro 5000, inside and out.

But maybe you love the idea of the travel case and included accessories. Perhaps you are wanting to give a gift that will make the person yell “wow!”. Then the White 7000 is just the electric toothbrush you have been looking for.

So for those of you still with me, let’s look closer at the handle, Starting with the buttons:

Oral-B White 7000 Electric toothbrush close up on power button and cleaning mode cycle button

Towards the top of the handle you will find two buttons:

1. Power button You have to turn your toothbrush on and off somehow. This button does exactly that.

2. Brushing Mode This button cycles through the different brushing modes, I will cover this in more detail further down the guide.

The buttons are set into a smooth white rubber grip. It would have been nice if the grip was textured or ribbed since your fingers easily slide down the smooth surface.

Towards the base of the handle you will see the display panel.

Oral-B White 7000 electric toothbrush display panel

When the power is turned on this panel will show you how full the battery is and the Bluetooth status.

On the underside of the handle is a small recessed socket:

Oral-B White 7000 electric toothbrush specifications and charging socket on base of handle

When the time comes to charge your toothbrush, this recess sits on top of the charging stand.

Printed around the outside of the socket are printed specifications, the type of battery (Ni-MH) as well as the country of origin; Germany. It is always refreshing to see a product that isn’t made in china.

On the side of the handle written in embossed lettering are the words “Triumph Professional Care”.

Oral-B White 7000 Electric toothbrush triumph professional care brand confusion

The Triumph Professional Care is the older model of the White 7000/Pro 5000. For whatever reason, Oral-B has continued to use the same casing despite having rebranded the toothbrush.

Let’s flip the handle over:

Oral-B White 7000 Electric toothbrush rear photo

The White 7000 has a textured rubber grip taking up two third of the rear of the handle. The rubber grip lines up perfect with your fingers and allows you to grasp the toothbrush with even the wettest, slipperiest hands.

It still would have been nice to see this same textured grip on the front of the handle instead of the smooth grip but this is definitely better than no textured grip at all.

The rectangular gray piece of plastic you can see towards the base of the handle is the stand. If it wasn’t for this, your toothbrush would roll away when you lay it flat.

Located at the neck; a clear piece of plastic wraps around the handle.

Oral-B White electric toothbrush pressure sensor indicator light

This is the pressure sensor indicator. If you press down on your teeth with too much force it will light up, warning you to ease up on the rough brushing.

Oral-B White 7000 Electric Toothbrush Heads

At the very top of the White 7000 handle you will find a metal shaft.

Oral-B White 7000 Electric toothbrush close up on metal shaft

This shaft can take any one of the many different brush heads in the Oral-B range (sold separately).

When it comes to brush heads Oral-B offers more choice than any other electric toothbrush. From brush heads for sensitive teeth and gums to larger brush heads that closely remember a manual toothbrush, there is a lot to choose from. To find out more you can check out our detailed review on the different Oral-B brush heads for information on each.

The White (or Black) 7000 is the only Oral-B electric toothbrush to come with more than one brush head. It comes with three:

Oral-B Sensitive Pro-White and crossaction brush heads included with white 7000

From left to right:

1. CrossAction – Bristles crisscross to help clear plaque from between teeth and along gum line.

2. Sensitive Super soft bristles for those of you with sensitive gums or teeth.

3. Pro White A combination of bristles and rubber to remove plaque and polish teeth.

The CrossAction and Sensitive brush heads were a great inclusion. The Pro White is more of a gimmick, it simply didn’t leave your teeth feeling as clean as the other two.

You may have noticed the colored rings at the base of each brush head In the photo above. These are the identification rings and if you share your tooth brush, it is how you tell the each head apart.

Share your toothbrush? That’s disgusting!

Ordinarily I would agree but with electric toothbrushes you simply share the handle. The identification rings help you remember which brush head belongs to who, so you don’t end up sliding someone else’s grimy brush across your teeth.

Swapping out the brush head is incredibly simple. The head slides on the shaft with the lightest of touches and a quick tug is all that is needed to remove it. The whole process takes no more than three seconds which is nice.

Like a manual toothbrush it is recommended you change your Oral-B brush head once every three months. If the toothbrush bristles look like a surprised porcupine then you are well over due.

With all the other worries in the world, replacing your brush head can be easy to forget. Oral-B uses blue “indicator” bristles to let you know when to replace the brush head. Over time the bristles will fade until they turn clear. When you see these clear bristles you know it is time to change the brush head.

During testing I found the bristles take roughly three months to fade, right about around the recommended time to replace your brush head. If you so choose you relying on the indicator bristles seems like a reliable way to determine when to change your brush head.

Oral-B White 7000 Electric toothbrush with cross action brush head attached

With a brush head attached the White 7000 stands at just over 9.5 inches tall.

Unfortunately this was just a little too tall for the shelf in my medicine cabinet. This meant I had to place the toothbrush down on it’s side, which saw the toothbrush take up more room than I would have cared for.

Storage Accessories

Included in the box are a number of storage options to help you get the most out of your new Oral-B White 7000.

If you alternate between the brush heads or just share a handle, you will love the included brush head holder.

Oral-B Pro Electric toothbrush charger and brush holder case

The toothbrush holder gives you a dedicated place to store your brush heads when they are not in use. Much better than letting them roll around at the bottom of your drawer.

The holder has room for up to 4 different brush heads and the ventilation holes allow the bristles to dry even when the lid is down.

Oral-B Toothbrush head holder

I was pleased to note that even with all of the four slots filled with brush heads that I could easily remove the middle brushes, even with my fat fingers.

You are going to want to keep the brush head holder hygienic and to do this you are going to have to give it a good clean down every now and again. Cleaning is as simple as throwing the holder through a dishwasher cycle. Hooray for dishwasher safe products!

You may have been wondering just what that oval head is for off to the left of the brush head holder. It is here that you can sit your battery charger if you so use.

Oral-B Pro Toothbrush head holder with lid open

With the charger attached, the brush head holder turns into an all-in-one brushing station and if you have the room, looks pretty stylish sitting on your counter top.

Just be mindful hat the charger is not dishwasher safe so be sure to remove it when the time comes to clean the brush holder.

If ever you need to travel and take your White 7000 with you then you will absolutely love the premium travel case.

Oral-B White 7000 Electric toothbrush premium travel case

A good quality travel case has been exactly what has been missing from the lower Oral-B models (That bulky plastic thing included with the Pro 5000 doesn’t count).

The case is designed to keep your White 7000 safe while traveling. Since the handle does not have a travel lock the case will also stop the toothbrush from accidentally turning on at the bottom of your bag.

You are going to want to air the travel case out before using it. It has a really strong plastic smell that assaults your nose the moment you open it. It really is strong. Fortunately the smell will fade if you leave it open for a few days.

Oral-B White 7000 sitting inside travel case

The case has a dedicated spot for the handle and two brush heads to clip in. If you need to bring along more brush heads on your travels I was able to squeeze in an extra two brush heads and get the lid close although it was fiddly. The case obviously is only designed to carry two brush heads.

The lid of the case closes and holds shut thanks to a hidden magnet, making a satisfying “click” as it closes. A minor gripe is that the lid is so heavy that you cannot sit the brush case flat with the lid open.

The gray lining inside the case is removable for easy cleaning. Even better is that the removable lining is dishwasher safe. The rest of the case will have to be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Oral-B White 7000 Electric toothbrush removable silicone insert from travel case

Make sure that you shake your brush heads dry as best you can before placing them inside the case, there are no air holes in the case which can see the inside get damp and smelly.

My biggest concern with the travel case is the color. The white marks incredibly easy. The black case found in the Oral-B Black 7000 would have been a much better color choice.

Next up is the travel pouch.

Oral-B White 7000 electric toothbrush travel pouch

Thanks to the Velcro lined mouth, the pouch seals closed allowing you to place small toiletries inside without fear that they will fall out.

I found the pouch to be a somewhat awkward size. I could fit the Smart Guide or the Charger inside but not both. I couldn’t even fit a tube of toothpaste inside (except maybe one of those mini travel sized tubes).

Small pouches always come in handy, so maybe you will find a use for it unrelated to brushing your teeth.

The Smart Guide

As you can imagine, an LCD screen on the White 7000 handle would be awkward because you would have to take the toothbrush out of your mouth every time you wanted to look at it.

Oral-B has come up with a novel solution to this problem. A separate LCD unit called the Smart Guide powered by two AAA batteries (included in the box). Oral-B refers to every toothbrush that includes a Smart Guide as part of their SmartSeries range.

Oral-B White 7000 Smart Guide acting as a clock

At a glance the Smart Guide communicates which brushing mode you are using, when the time comes to brush a different section of your mouth as well a if you are brushing too hard.

An adhesive ring allows you to mount the smart guide to the wall of your bathroom keeping it within an easy view.

The general agreement amongst the testers is that the Smart Guide is just another useless plastic object and does little to enhance the brushing experience. That is, unless you are a child.

Oral-B White 7000 Smart Guide in use when brushing

Two testers with children noted that the Smart Guide actually helped encourage them to brush their teeth. After two minutes of brushing a smiley face appears on the screen. If the kids stop brushing earlier they are awarded with a star rating (out of five) on the screen. The star rating turned teeth brushing into somewhat of a competition, with kids aiming to get as many stars as possible.

When you are not brushing your teeth, the Smart Guide displays the current time as well as the star rating of your last brushing session.

It is also worth mentioning that the Smart Guide is basically the only reliable way to determine which brushing mode you are using. If you are someone who makes use of the different brushing modes then you may find yourself relying on it.

Charging the Oral-B White 7000

Before you can use your new electric toothbrush you are going to have to charge the battery.

The charging stand that comes in the box of the White 7000 is identical to the rest of the Oral-B range of electric toothbrushes. I am a fan of this approach, it means that if your family uses multiple Oral-B handles, you only need a single charger to charge them all.

Oral-B Electric toothbrush induction battery charging stand

The charger itself isn’t much to look at. Little more than an oval shaped piece of plastic with a knob sticking out the top.

You line the bottom of your Oral-B White 7000 up with this knob, slide it over and just like that the battery will begin to charge.

Like most of the Oral-B electric toothbrush range, the White 7000 charges wirelessly. The knob of the charger does not click or lock into the toothbrush. Instead, your toothbrush will just sit loose on top. Anyone who hates plugging and unplugging the charger cord on their mobile will quickly come to love this style of charging.

Oral-B Electric toothbrush specifications printed on bottom of charger

If you flip the charger over you can see the specifications printed on the bottom.

Here is something that may annoy you. Despite the White 7000 having all an incredible travel case and a funky little travel pouch, the toothbrush is not designed to be your international travel companion.

The charger only works between 110-130V. That really cuts down on the countries you can take your White 7000 .

This is particularly annoying when Braun (the manufacturer of the Oral-B range) uses multi-voltage chargers on their electric shavers but not their toothbrush range.

Note: This review is of the American model. If you buy the Oral-B Pro 7000 or it’s variation locally then it will be compatible with the voltage of that country.

Obviously this is only a problem if you leave America. If you choose to travel within the United States you will be able to take the charger with you.

For shorter trips this wont be a problem since the NIMH battery gives you can get up to 10 days of brushing off a single charge (2 minute brushing twice daily).

The White 7000 will begin to charge the instant you place it down on the charging stand.

Oral-B White 7000 Electric toothbrush on charging stand

The battery indicator will flash blue during the entire charging cycle. Once the toothbrush has finished charging the indicator will automatically switch off.

While you won’t notice it during the day, this small light is surprisingly bright. In the dead of the night it looks like police sirens are flashing inside your bathroom. If your bathroom faces your bedroom you might want to keep the door closed at night.

The battery display is a battery shape made up of three separate indicator lights. Each light represents approximately 33% charge. A quick glance at the handle is all it takes to determine roughly how much battery charge.

When the battery begins to run low, the bottom indicator will rapidly flash blue. I would have preferred to see a red or orange colored warning light given that it can be confusing to determine what the flashing light actually means… That is until the battery gives up on you.

The moment you take the White 7000 off charge, the Bluetooth indicator lights up and the toothbrush will attempt to connect to the mobile app, regardless of whether you have the app installed or not.

Oral-B White 7000 Bluetooth indicator

Yep, this toothbrush can actually pair with your phone (Android or Apple ios) to track your brushing stats, time your brushing sessions, remind you to replace your brush head and more. It’s like a dumbed down Fitbit for your teeth.

Here is a screenshot of the in-app toothbrush timer. It even cycles through today’s weather, your calendar and recent news while you brush.

Now I did have a lot of fun playing with the app. But at the end of the day it was more of a gimmick than a practical teeth-brushing companion. Not only does the White 7000 have a built in timer, but you can also use the spate smart timer display included in the box. Was a third timer on the app really necessary?

The app itself is more of a distraction than anything else. That 2 minutes should be focusing on correctly brushing your teeth rather than using it as another excuse to stare at your mobile phone. At times I would get so distracted by the app (particularly the news) that I found myself incorrectly brushing my teeth and missing spots. Not good.

Once the initial playfulness of the app wears off you will discover that the data the app tracks is little more than the time you spent brushing your teeth. Hardly insightful.

Unless you are someone who has an acute fascination with collecting data on every single part of your life, no matter how meaningless, the app is easily something you can do without and will have little to no positive impact on how well you clean your teeth.

Testing the Oral-B White 7000 Electric Toothbrush

Just like the Pro 5000, the White 7000 is very easy to grip. The curved front and back, combined with the added thickness make it as easy to hold as a banana.

Oral-B White 7000 Electric toothbrush held in hand

Oral-B has included a couple of features on the White 7000 to ensure that you have the most efficient brushing experience.

The first of these features I will cover helps ensure that you brush your teeth for the recommended amount of time.

Many dentists agree that proper brushing takes at least two minutes.

To help with this, the White 7000 will briefly pause during brushing and the indicator light on the neck will flash green to alert you each times 30 seconds has passed.

Now you may be wondering why 30 seconds? The instruction manual recommends you split your mouth into quadrants (quarters) and spend 30 seconds brushing each.

So your brushing session might resemble something like this:

  1. Brush left half of top teeth for 30 seconds
  2. Brush right half of top teeth for 30 seconds
  3. Brush left half of bottom teeth for 30 seconds
  4. Brush right half of bottom teeth for 30 seconds

Each time the White 7000 alerts you that 30 seconds are up, you move on to the next quarter of your mouth. Once you have finished not only will you have brushed your entire mouth, but you will also have spent the recommended two minutes doing so.

Now brushing your teeth is boring and if you are someone who really struggles to brush for the recommended two minutes then this is a great way to change your bad habit.

You remember that second button we touched on earlier in the review? It’s now time to look at it in detail. Pressing this button marked with a “v” cycles through the 6 different brushing modes in the following order:

  1. Daily Clean – The standard mode
  2. Deep Clean – Increases timer to 3 minute clean (45 seconds/quarter)
  3. Sensitive – Gentler mode for sensitive teeth and gums
  4. Whitening – Cycles through low and high powered bursts
  5. Massage – Cycles through low and high powered bursts
  6. Tongue clean – A lower powered mode to help comfortably move the brush over your tongue.

That’s quite a few different ways to clean your mouth. In our testing we found that using anything but the daily clean was rather annoying thanks to two problems:

1. No indication of which cleaning mode is selected – Each time you press the mode cycle button there is no clear indication as to what cleaning mode you are on (Unless you use the Smart Guide). You have to listen to the sound that the motor makes to determine which mode you are on. Unfortunately some of the cleaning modes sound very similar.

2. The cycle resets – – So you have found a brushing mode that you thoroughly enjoy. You will not be able to leave the toothbrush on this cleaning mode. Each and every time you place the White 7000 back on the charger, the cleaning mode resets to “Daily Clean”. You will have to cycle back to your preferred brushing mode every single time you clean you use the toothbrush. Why Oral-B did not include a memory function is beyond me. I would have chosen that feature over an app any day.

Pushing these two flaws aside, there are only a couple of cleaning modes that are actually useful. The extended cleaning mode (deep Clean) was a nice addition if you prefer to brush your teeth for three minutes instead of two.

The sensitive mode will also be useful to some of you. Matthew Messina, DDS says:

People with sensitive teeth may find that their teeth are less sensitive when the brush head moves slower or less pressure is applied.

The Sensitive mode makes the Oral-B White 7000 brush at a much slower (but still effective) pace. One of our testers who suffers from sensitive teeth said that this made using the electric toothbrush a much more pleasant experience and uses the sensitive mode exclusively when brushing.

Unfortunately, the remaining modes are just rubbish. The whitening, massage and tongue clean modes failed to impress any of our testers. The White 7000 heavily advertises that it has the most brushing modes out of the entire Oral-B range but does it really matter when half of them won’t ever be used?

The last feature left to look at is the pressure sensor:

Oral-B White 7000 Electric toothbrush pressure sensor indicator flashing red

When you press down too hard while brushing, the neck of the toothbrush will flash an angry shade of red, warning you that you are brushing so hard that you could damage your teeth.

In theory this is a great idea. But when it came down to testing, the amount of pressure required to trigger the warning was ridiculous. The pain from your gums will alert you that you are pressing too hard far before the light does.

Even if you do have a habit of brushing too hard, the majority of you will never be able to trigger this warning light. Relying on this feature to determine the appropriate pressure when brushing is too unreliable.

All three of the included heads rapidly oscillate (move back and forth) and also pulsate (vibrate) at the same time. This diagram will give you a better idea of how the brush head moves:

Oral-B Brush head oscillation and pulse diagram

The Oral-B White 7000 is capable of performing up to 40,000 pulses and 8,800 oscillations per minute. Impressive but this performance is also identical to the Pro 5000 and Pro 3000, both of which sit at lower price points. While you are not getting a better toothbrush for the higher price, the performance is still the best that Oral-B currently has to offer.

When you have finished brushing your teeth you will need to make sure you rinse both the handle and brush head after each use, particularly if they get covered in tooth paste. If you don’t you will find that dried toothbrush will build up and discolour the handle or worse, cement the toothbrush head to the shaft.

It is here again that I would like to mention that the Black 7000 is a pain to clean. The white of the toothpaste is very visible on the black handle and will require frequent cleaning in order to keep it’s stylish good looks.

There is a reason why black is not a common electric toothbrush color. Make your life easier and stick with the white model. It may not have the same looks straight out of the box, but it will look better for longer.

If you do find dried toothpaste on the handle simply give it a dunk under hot running water and wipe down with a cloth. The Oral-B White 7000 is waterproof which makes cleaning a very simple job.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Oral-B offers a love it or your money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the Oral-B Pro 1000 for any reason you can return it for a full refund within 60 days.

Oral B has more information about this guarantee on their website.

For those of you unsure whether or not an electric toothbrush is right for you, this guarantee provides a nice safety net.

Final Thoughts

The Oral-B White 7000 is simply overflowing with accessories and features. If you are looking to give a gift that will make a lasting impression then you could do no better than the top of the line model. Just remember you are buying this brush for the extra accessories (we loved the travel case) and is pretty much all that separates it from the Pro 5000.

While some of the features are more misses than hits, the White 7000 does exactly what it was designed to do, effectively clean your teeth. With proper brushing technique you will experience the best that Oral-B has to offer.

If you wanted to experience the same performance from a cheaper brush you could step down to the Pro 3000. It may only hold 7 days charge to 10 of the White 7000, have less features and the handle definitely is a step down in comfort but the brushing performance is identical. A professional clean at a fraction of the price. Interested? Check out our review of the Oral-B Pro 3000.