Zerhunt Water Flosser Review

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Zerhunt Water Flosser

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A Deep Dive Into The Zerhunt Water Flosser

This product is a dental care machine of the kind known as a water pick, which uses a miniscule pipe and compressor to clean away plaque, food, or other debris from the teeth with a stream of water from an onboard reservoir. Like flossing, this will clean areas that even electric toothbrushes will leave untouched, either because of the shape of the mouth or the motions used to clean that area.

Water flossers have a decided advantage over traditional flossing thanks to the mobility they offer; where ordinary dental floss is generally limited to a single linear motion between teeth, a water flosser can reach even the rearmost molars and direct a cleansing jet at them from every angle. Zerhunt’s model takes things one step further than that, offering modes that can even substitute for a toothbrush by spraying down the entire tooth as opposed to just replicating flossing the base.

Zerhunt’s water flosser is a healthier option than floss in another way as well – the water jet is unlikely to slice into soft gum tissue as string flossing often does, making it of particular interest to those suffering from sensitive or inflamed gums. This advance in gum health can be supported with a dedicated gum care product such as Dental Pro 7.

Because we use our teeth throughout the day, the Zerhunt water flosser is made lightweight and compact and can be emptied and disassembled in short order to stow in a purse or backpack. The long battery life and simple connectors mean that it can be prepared for use in no time at all after you finish eating, and safely put away again to carry on with your day.

Because the main cleaning agent is water, this product will hold particular appeal for those with any kind of dental replacements such as crowns or dentures; where flossing or brushing might dislodge such things, the Zerhunt water flosser will wash them clean while leaving them securely in place.

Who’s It For?

This product is for anyone interested in a professional-quality cleaning without the need for costly appointments or uncomfortable procedures. The compact size makes it suitable to be taken to the office, a restaurant, social events, or anywhere else where there might be a need to clean one’s teeth afterward.

This product is not suitable for places where there is no sink or other water source, as a thorough rinsing is advised after cleaning. The small parts and pressurized stream make it inadvisable for use in small children or infants, as it could constitute a choking hazard for younger individuals.

Those with open sores or injuries in the area to be cleaned should use this product only after careful consultation with a qualified medical advisor to make sure it will not aggravate their condition. Users with such conditions should carefully check if using this product produces any negative effects, and discontinue use immediately if so.

Zerhunt Water Flosser Review

What We Like About The Zerhunt Water Flosser:

This product represents a comfortable and renewable way to clean one’s teeth, with a number of settings that make it easy to adjust to one’s individual dental health. There is no need to buy refills, as with actual floss, and the compact build and lightweight materials make it only slightly harder to bring along than a toothbrush.

What We Don’t Like About The Zerhunt Water Flosser

As a small and delicate appliance, the Zerhunt Water Flosser is not the most sturdy of item. The plastic hull and reservoir can easily crack or shatter if dropped or struck. There are some reports of the battery housing or compressor being of poor quality; this can lead to spotty performance, or the device failing to function entirely.


  • Thorough cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient shape, size, and weight
  • Rechargeable battery with long life
  • Protects gums and works on dental replacements


  • Delicate components cannot handle rough use
  • Multiple reports of faulty electronics

What’s In The Box

The Zerhunt water flosser comes with the device itself, and a detailed instruction booklet with helpful diagrams on how to assemble and charge the device. A proprietary cord and charger are included, along with a drawstring storage bag.

Six heads are included with the device: four simple get heads, a plaque removal tip with peripheral bristles for wiping the teeth clean, and a periodontal tip for gum care. Replacements for all of these are available from the manufacturer.

Overview Of Features

At the heart of the Zerhunt water flosser is the compressor, capable of pressures from thirty to one hundred pounds per square inch depending on the cleaning mode selected. Water is drawn from a refillable reservoir that can hold up to three hundred milliliters.

As mentioned, this product is highly portable, weighing just fourteen and a half ounces and measuring eight and a half inches long by four wide and deep. The battery can hold a charge for nearly a month when fully powered.

Three basic modes are available to the user, with an ordinary mode of average pressure and a soft mode for new users and sensitive spots. A high-powered mode can be selected for removing tougher spots of debris.

As well as the jet heads, two specialized heads allow for more complete oral care. The plaque removal head scrubs away contamination with a set of soft bristles around the jet, and the periodontal head narrows the jet to fully clean the gums where they meet the teeth.

Review Summary

The Zerhunt water flosser is a convenient way to give yourself quality dental care on the go, cleaning your mouth more fully than any combination of brushing, flossing, and toothpicks in far less time than any of those methods require. Although there are some concerns about the quality of the electrical components, the majority of customers have reported a water flosser easy to carry, assemble, and use in their briefcase, backpack, or carry-on bag.