Waterpik Complete Care 9.0 Review

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Waterpik Complete Care 9.0

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A Deep Dive Into The Waterpik Complete Care 9.0

This product is really two in one, coming with both an electric toothbrush for general cleaning and a water flosser for precise work around the gums and in between teeth. Most comparable products will offer only one of these devices, or else try to compromise with an all-in-one approach; this package gives the full benefits of each device without forfeiting anything along the way.

Users will want to use the toothbrush first, selecting the desired mode from among the three options available. The sonic vibrations in the brush head are clinically proven to be nearly nine times as effective as a manual brushing at removing plaque and leaving a healthy enamel behind.

After the general cleaning is over, the water flosser can be employed for more precise cleaning, using a narrow jet of water to fully flush out crevices that the brush head is unable to reach. The device comes with several extra heads that will keep it running for some time, and more are readily available from the manufacturer.

A particular point of appeal in this product is that both devices can be safely used on dental replacements such as braces or crowns. Manual dental care often runs the risk of dislodging them in the process of cleaning, a problem these items avoid entirely.

As neither item requires any particular motion on the part of the user, replacements will remain secure, and the same soft bristles that protect the user’s enamel will also keep from wearing down dentures or crowns as well.

When not in use, both items can be parked in the magnetic holding dock to keep them clean and dry, or stowed in the convenient travel case that comes with the devices. The base will also charge the toothbrush, getting it ready for the next time it’s needed.

The water flosser in this device is not portable, and will need to be used along with the stand; some users may actually prefer this, as it is one less thing to be plugged in or charged up every day. The stand also supports a control dial with ten different pressure settings to easily adjust the flosser for comfort and effectiveness.

Each feature of the product has been redesigned from earlier models by the same manufacturer, with the ultimate goal of making a system at least as effective as it was more compact and energy-efficient. The result is a single unit that uses only forty percent of the area required by its predecessors, while still providing the quality dental care recommended by professionals in the field.

Who’s It For?

The Waterpik Complete Care system is for people with a more developed hygiene routine, and who are willing to take extra time for their teeth. Although neither device takes a long time to clean, the need to switch from brush to flosser and the care of two separate devices makes it a burden for those who tend to be in a rush for some reason.

That said, anyone who can find the time to devote to their smile will find a fast friend in this product; the multiple modes and different heads make it usable on almost any dental condition that doesn’t require medical attention. Even those with sensitive or inflamed gums can use it, thanks to the soft modes on both devices.

Some individuals with those conditions may even opt for a stronger mode, pairing it with a dedicated gum care product like Dental Pro 7 to reduce discomfort.

Waterpik Complete Care 9.0 Review

What We Like About The Waterpik Complete Care

This is a rare case of the name says it all – between the two devices, this product gives the user the tools they need to care for every aspect of their oral health right at home, and fits it all into a compact stand for a bathroom counter or dresser top. Refills of all interchangeable parts are readily available, and both devices have several modes to suit any preference during cleaning.

What We Don’t Like About The Waterpik Complete Care

This system is bulkier than most and will need a longer time commitment than many similar products. Multiple interchangeable parts can be confusing to work with as well, especially with two devices, and the corded water flosser limits mobility to the room where the stand is located.


  • A solution to most dental care needs
  • Safe for use on dental replacements
  • Considerably more effective than manual options
  • Easily replaceable parts
  • Compact footprint is easy to add to a room


  • Takes longer to use correctly
  • Water flosser is not cordless

What’s Included

The Complete Care Comes with the unit base, which contains the flosser device, reservoir, and control buttons, and serves as a charger for the toothbrush handle, also included. There are two heads for the brush and five for the water flosser, including three meant to clean different areas of the mouth such as the gum line or between the teeth.

An included plastic case keeps the heads orderly when not in use, and a travel case for the toothbrush can hold the brush and its heads while on the go. Instructions for all components are also included either in the box or printed directly on the sides.

Overview Of Features

Like all water flossers, this one uses a jet of water to clean the teeth, but also includes a set of flosser heads specialized for orthodontics and another for gum cleaning. The water pressure is controlled from the unit base and has ten distinct settings for comfort.

The toothbrush lodges securely in the magnetic charging dock when not in use, and comes away easily in the hand. A timer and pacer are built into the brush’s body to keep brushing within the recommended guidelines, and the tongue cleaner on the reverse side ensures that the entire mouth is cleaned.

Review Summary

The Waterpik Complete Care 9.0 is a thorough solution to anyone’s dental care needs, although it may take more time than usual to get ready in the mornings. The system’s slower use is made up for and more by the advanced tooth care it provides and the ease with which it is employed.

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