Rowenta IS9100 Precision Valet Steamer Review

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Editor’s Note: This is the steamer I bought for myself after reading this review from my writer. At first I was a tiny bit disappointed because it couldn’t get the wrinkles out of heavy fabrics and it was a bit fiddly on dress shirts. But a few weeks later my husband said, ‘You know, you use that thing every day!’ It’s true – I can really recommend it. Just don’t expect miracles!

Rowenta IS9100 Precision Valet Steamer

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Our Review

For a while there I had been searching for a full sized garment steamer.

I work in finance, and because my clothes are a huge part of the job – and a reflection of what I bring to the table – I needed them to always look their best. A mentor of mine told me that they keep a garment steamer in their office closet to spruce things up in a hurry, and I realized how smart investment this would be, so I started the search.

It didn’t take me long to stumble across the Rowenta IS9100 – and boy have I been impressed!

Initial impressions

The first thing that I noticed about this particular garment steamer is that (even though it is full-sized by any definition) it was nowhere near as large as I had expected it to be.

For a full-sized garment steamer, this was a pretty compact unit that I wasn’t going to have any trouble whatsoever keeping in my office.

I also appreciated the almost legendary history that the Rowenta enjoys in the industry, as they have been responsible for making some of the best garment maintenance products since 1909. This was a brand name I knew I could trust.

Overall design

I really appreciated the “tilt and roll” transportation system that allows this steamer to act like a piece of carry-on luggage, and the removable transparent water tank (holding 81 ounces of water) allowed for up to one full hour of prolonged and continuous steaming.

Obviously, I didn’t anticipate steaming my clothes for an hour or so at a time – but I definitely appreciated the extra capacity should one of my coworkers also need to take advantage of the system!


The Rowenta IS9100 brings a superior steam output solution to the table thanks to its almost oversized steamer head, something that allowed me to really cruise through all of my garment needs without any headache or hassle.

It was large, but not too large – and it made short work of all my jackets, all of my shirts, and all of my pants! The foot pedal operation makes it easy to steam without any waste, and makes for really efficient operation.


  • The oversized capacity is fantastic for an office setting
  • Telescopic steamer pole with built-in hanger makes steaming effortless
  • More accessories than I will ever know what to do with


  • This definitely isn’t the least expensive garment steamer you’re going to come across
  • Foot operation does take a little bit of time to get used to

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, I really can’t imagine there being a better garment steamer on the market for my specific needs than the Rowenta IS9100.

It really is the bee’s knees!