Black & Decker IR2020 Vitessa Advanced Review

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The Black & Decker IR2020 Vitessa Advanced Steam Iron comes with 1200 watts of heating capacity.

One of its advantages is its auto shut-off system because it frees you from worrying about leaving the cord unplugged.

It is also very easy to use; it’s easy to set the settings appropriate for the type of fabric you are ironing,

By using the Black & Decker IR2020, you can effortlessly iron a variety of fabrics. Its nonstick soleplate is made of stainless steel, enabling you to iron even garments made from synthetic materials.

Also, this appliance’s digital display makes ironing a lot easier.

Black & Decker IR2020 Vitessa Advanced

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What Comes in the Box

You will get a color green Black & Decker steam iron which weighs 1.6 pounds and has dimensions of 5 x 12.5 x 5.8 inches.

Product Features and Technical Details

  • SmartSteam Technology. It provides the user with the best level of steam and soleplate temperature in just one turn.
  • TrueGlide Nonstick Soleplate. Delivers more stable gliding on clothes for easy removal of wrinkles.
  • 3-Way Auto Shutoff. A safety system that turns off the Black & Decker IR2020 iron whenever it is left on for a certain period.
  • Dual-Position Cord. While the cord does not disturb you while ironing, it lies flat by itself on the board every time it is idle.
  • Steam Burst. This feature is useful when ironing materials such as linen, cotton, denim, and just about any fabrics with stubborn creases.
  • Vertical Steam. The Black & Decker IR2020 releases a strong burst of steam, which is an ideal feature if you want to get rid of creases from hanging materials, like upholstery.
  • Even Steam. Specifically designed to give a balanced flow of steam all throughout the heel to the tip, which manages eases wrinkles out of your clothes.


We liked its weight, steam power, and the overall build quality. It’s pretty cheap, too.


  • Self-cleaning mechanism
  • Ready indicator light
  • A quality steam iron with a reasonable price
  • Makes a good amount of steam on its highest setting
  • Easy to maneuver


  • The small water container needs to be refilled several times.
  • The IR2020 model is quite tall and does not fit inside the standard cupboard size.

Who Should Buy This Product

The Black & Decker Vitessa is perfect for people who want a powerful steam iron that can help them during their long weekly sessions of ironing clothes.

This is also the iron to buy if you need to smooth garments in batches.


Consider buying this if you always have load of clothing you are ironing on a regular basis. Because the Black & Decker IR2020 Vitessa Advanced Steam Iron guarantees you maximum ironing performance.