Rowenta IS1430 Pro Compact Steamer Review

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Rowenta IS1430 Pro

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Key Features

  • Heats up in 2 minutes or less
  • 360° swivel fabric hose
  • Fabric brush included
  • Comes with various useful attachments
  • Can be refilled during use for never-ending steam
  • Compact and lightweight design

The Review

If you don’t have too much storage space to spare, or you just don’t like large and bulky appliances, the Rowenta IS1430 Pro Compact Steamer, is a great option to keep in mind as it is not as large or powerful as many other steamers out there.

There is indeed a certain tradeoff between size and power. The smaller the steamer is, the less power and capacity it tends to have.

However, the fact that this steamer is so small and compact is of course convenient for several reasons.

For one, it makes the Rowenta IS1430 Pro Compact Steamer very portable. It’s an item that you could potentially take with you when traveling.

Even if you only use it at home, it is not too heavy to carry from one place to another, not to mention that a compact size does always help with storage too.

If you only have a small space for storage, this is a steamer that might just fit.

Just to be clear, the Rowenta IS1430 Pro Compact Steamer comes in at 15 by 10-1/2 by 9-1/2 inches, making it one of the smallest and most portable fabric steamers out there right now.

By the way, it also comes with a convenient carrying handle.

Now, we did say that because the Rowenta IS1430 Pro Compact Steamer is pretty small, it is not that powerful.

Well, it is not quite as powerful as some other models out there, especially larger ones, but then again, this model is no slouch either.

It still features a 1400-watt motor and heating element, which is quite impressive for such a small fabric steamer.

Once again, no, it’s not powerful, fast to heat, nor does it get as hot as some larger fabric steamers, but seeing as this model is so small and portable, it is quite impressive that the Rowenta IS1430 Pro Compact Steamer is as powerful as it is.

All things considered, this fabric steamer does not take long to heat up, even though it only has a 1400-watt heating element.

With a full tank of water, this steamer can fully heat up in approximately 2 minutes.

This is not as fast as some other models out there which can take around 1 minute; however, there are also fabric steamers out there which can take up to 10 or 15 minutes to fully heat up, so all things considered, the Rowenta IS1430 Pro Compact Steamer is actually one of the faster heating models out there, which means you can get to steaming pretty quick.

One of the reasons why the Rowenta IS1430 Pro Compact Steamer can heat up as fast as it does is due to its small size; the less water the tank can hold, the faster it will heat up.

We are not saying that the water tank here is small, but definitely not as large as some bigger fabric steamers out there right now.

The water tank here is 33 ounces in size. This size of a water tank can provide you with up to 30 minutes of continuous steaming.

We recognize that this is not very long, and that you probably need a steamer which can go for longer, but the Rowenta IS1430 Pro Compact Steamer does have several features which are its saving grace – for one, the water tank is transparent, so you can see exactly how much water is left in it, which is convenient after about 20 minutes of use, because you can judge when it needs to be refilled. Yet, this is not the saving grace feature we were talking about.

This fabric steamer allows you to fill up the water tank while it is in use. This is something that is virtually unheard of with other fabric steamers.

The fact that you don’t have to turn it off to refill it is an awesome feature that we love.

However, do be aware that you will have to let the water heat up again for a minute or two before it can be used, but this is still better than most other steamers which have to totally cool down before you can open up the water tank.

What we do need to note here, is that due to this feature, the steam is not all that hot. The steam here is still steam, so it is still quite hot, but due to its small size, limited heating element, and the ability to refill during use feature, the steam it generates is not quite as hot as with other larger and more powerful steamers.

This also leads to some occasional sputtering and the release of water droplets. Yet, because this steamer does not get so boiling hot, it can be used for everything out there, especially delicates. Most other steamers will ruin delicate clothing, but not this one.

The fact that the Rowenta IS1430 Pro Compact Steamer comes with so many attachments is pretty useful too. Just so you know, it comes with an upholstery brush, a lint pad, a fabric brush, a crease attachment, and a door hook too.

With all of this being said, it does not come with any kind of pole or hanger for clothing, so you need to find an area where you can hang clothes up while using this steamer.


Like we said, if you need a small and compact steamer that still manages to deliver a fair amount of heat, power, and long-lasting steam, the Rowenta IS1430 Pro Compact Steamer is a good option to go with.

No, it might not be as big or powerful, or as hot, as some other models out there, but it is a super convenient, portable, and lightweight option to go with. It still heats up fast, the steam gets hot enough for most purposes, and it is very durable and user-friendly too.