Snow Teeth Whitening Review

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Snow Teeth Whitening

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A Deep Dive Into Snow Teeth Whitening

Snow Teeth Whitening is an oral care kit that offers professional treatment at home. The product is intended to be used to fight the effects of yellowing teeth and persistent stains and can be applied with no assistance for the duration of the treatment period.

Snow Teeth Whitening starts by applying a whitening serum to clean teeth with the included brush, then having the user bite down on the medical grade silicone mouthpiece with an activating light inside. The mouthguard should be held for several minutes to ensure full effect.When applying the serum, users should be careful to avoid their lips, tongue, and gums, as the serum can cause a burning sensation in these areas. These effects, along with overall sensitivity of inflammations, can be easily preempted with a gum care product such as Dental Pro 7. The mouthguard is powered by connection to a mobile device and includes Apple, USB, and micro-USB adapters for added convenience. Once treatment is completed, both the mouthguard and mouth should be thoroughly rinsed.

Who’s It For?

Snow Teeth Whitening is for adults with stained teeth that resist ordinary oral care products. The teeth whitening kit is ideal for anyone looking to avoid painful and costly dentist visits to bring back their beautiful smile.

The Snow system is not recommended for infants or small children and may pose a danger due to the size of the mouthguard. Buyers with previous oral health issues or sensitivity to the ingredients in the whitening serum should use this all-in-one kit only after a qualified medical practitioner has been consulted.

For now, it will help to familiarize yourself with the serum’s main ingredients. This way, you will have the chance to spot any that you’re possibly allergic to. Here’s what you’ll find in the Snow Teeth Whitening serum:

  • Carbamide peroxide
  • Carbomer
  • Deionized water
  • Glycerol
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Peppermint oil
  • Potassium nitrate
  • Sodium bicarbonate

As you can see, this is a vegan and gluten-free formula, so those very particular about their diet should find no issues with it. With these ingredients, you should have a fighting chance when it comes to lifting persistent stains, such as wine stains, soda stains, coffee stains, and even those caused by antibiotics and tobacco.

Snow Teeth Whitening Review

What We Like About Snow Teeth Whitening

This all-in-one teeth whitening kit has a growing number of satisfied users. Many report it being far more successful than an expensive whitening session at the dentist’s or similar at-home teeth whitening kits. The Snow Teeth Whitening Kit works on all manner of stains and discoloration and has been reported to give immediately noticeable results.

The promising results are backed up by a simple application process and a 100% money-back guarantee to replace defective products. It is worth noting that the serum can be purchased or refilled separately, making the product a lasting solution rather than a single-use item.

What We Don’t Like About Snow Teeth Whitening

Snow Teeth Whitening is a medical product still in its infancy, and so it may be some time before it can be genuinely accepted as a mainstream alternative to professional whitening. Changing regulations or new legislation may affect the product in the future.

 As with many home treatment products, misuse can be potentially harmful to the buyer or their household. Additionally, the power cord for the activating light is shorter than we would have liked and does not adapt to newer Apple phones or USB-C outlets.


  • Easy to use
  • Treatment is quick enough to integrate into an existing morning routine
  • Serum is easily replaceable
  • Immediately noticeable results against all kinds of staining
  • Cheaper and more comfortable than professional whitening
  • Can be packed for travel
  • Uses dual LED light (blue and red) to whiten teeth


  • Product is relatively new and may not be as effective as early reviews indicate
  • Power cord is short and does not have modern adapters

What’s Included

This kit contains the LED mouthguard and several wands of whitening serum, which can be replaced as they are used up. There is also a guide with instructions for the product and a drawstring storage bag.

Snow also includes an illustrated scale to help diagnose what degree of treatment your teeth need and a pamphlet of oral care tips to keep your teeth clean in the future.

Not included is an adapter for more recent power outlets or an extension for the power cord that will give the user some freedom of movement. Also missing are the ancillary products that Snow recommends be used in connection with this one, such as different strengths of serum for different cases or the remineralization gel recommended to restore enamel over prolonged periods of treatment.

In summary, these are the items you should get for every package:

  • The silicone mouthguard
  • LED light and charger
  • Over 75 treatments
  • One extra-strength whitening serum
  • Three proprietary whitening serum
  • One desensitizing serum
  • Warranty spanning five years

Regardless of whether you have braces, crowns, caps, bridges, veneers, or just really sensitive teeth, you will find this all-in-one tooth whitening kit useful. Those who have gone through a painful whitening experience before will find relief using this product.

Overview Of Features

Snow Teeth Whitening works around the patented serum, sold in several strengths for different degrees of staining. The wands distribute serum by a twist handle similar to that of a glue stick and are long enough to apply serum easily even to the molars.

The medical grade silicone mouthpiece contains a light-emitting diode that activates the serum and begins the whitening process. It is built of non-toxic rubber and is of comfortable size to hold in the jaw, allowing a user to continue their morning or evening routine during treatment. 

Although the results should begin to show immediately, the recommended treatment regimen for full whitening can last up to two weeks for serious cases. If the condition persists, a stronger serum or professional medical advice may be required.

As a matter of humane interest, at no point in the development was this product tested on animals. Snow has spent over two million dollars on producing this system and has pledged to divert portions of the proceeds to providing it to those who cannot afford proper oral health care on their own.

Is LED Teeth Whitening Safe and Effective?

LED technology is safe when used for whitening teeth, regardless of whether you are a professional or just someone trying your luck at home. The key to success, though, relies heavily on whether or not you follow every step listed in the user manua by the manufacturer.

Generally speaking, exposure to LED light is way better than UV. Hence, you’d be able to speed up the process of whitening your teeth minus the risks associated with prolonged and repeated UV exposure.

How is this possible, you ask? It’s a very straightforward process. Basically, what happens is that you first put a bleaching agent on your teeth. Next, you use the LED mouthguard to activate the advanced whitening formula and kickstart it. As the LED light penetrates the enamel, it should begin reducing the appearance of stubborn stains.

How To Use the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit

Are you ready to start your new oral care routine? If you want to imagine what it’ll be like to use the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit, here’s a step-by-step guide to using this all-in-one home whitening kit:

Step 1: Brush and Floss

Before anything else, you will need to do your usual brushing and flossing first. Make sure you remove any food debris, bacteria, and plaque so that the serum can work its magic more efficiently.

Step 2: Apply the Serum

Twist the wand to release some of the extra whitening serum. Then, ever so carefully, paint and cover each tooth with the formula. Do your best to focus on the teeth only. Keep it away from your tongue, lips, and gums to avoid irritation.

Step 3: Use the Mouthguard

After applying the serum, turn on the LED mouthpiece and put it in your mouth. Leave it there for 10 to 30 minutes, depending on how white you want your teeth to be.

Step 4: Remove the Mouthpiece and Brush Your Teeth

Pull the mouthpiece out from your mouth after the timer sets off. Then, place it under running water to rinse away any excess gel. Proceed with brushing your teeth again.

For the best results, repeat these steps every day for 21 days. Once you have successfully achieved a whiter smile and brighter smile, you can dial down and use it only once a week for maintenance.

Review Summary

Snow Teeth Whitening is an optimal choice for those with otherwise exceptional oral health who are plagued by chronic staining or calcified discoloration. Snow offers a simple procedure for a whiter smile without any invasive treatments or costly appointments.

Many buyers are quick to point out that the treatment is quite painless, and carries not even the normal sensitization that other home treatments cause. The entire procedure takes not more than thirty minutes and is comfortable enough to be part of your everyday routine in the morning or evening.

Snow has spent more than two million dollars on this system, and the serum is in a continued state of improvement. They have already accumulated a long list of satisfied customers, including several celebrities, and they back every product with a five-year guarantee.

As it is a relatively recent medical product, buyers should be aware of changes in legislation and regulation as time goes on. This is especially relevant for international buyers, who may experience difficulties shipping such an item across borders.

Snow has taken care to make their product as safe as possible to use, and even if small amounts of serum are ingested there should be no ill effects. Buyers must still be wary, though; discontinue use immediately and seek medical attention if the serum causes any allergic reactions or if oral health deteriorates after use.