Can You Use Shave Cream With an Electric Shaver?

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A traditional razor blade can cause nicks, ingrown hair, and razor burn. However, you can avoid this by using an electric razor. Since dry shaving can irritate sensitive skin, we recommend considering wet shaving with a suitable cream. In this article, you will learn about using shaving cream with an electric shaver.

Can You Use Shave Cream With an Electric Shaver

Yes, you can use shaving cream with an appropriate electric razor. You will get a comfortable and closer shave if you apply the cream before shaving. There are different types of shaving creams, pre-shave oils, and soaps. It is important to do your research to ensure that you get the best product to prevent razor burn.

When you choose wet shaving, you must have the appropriate shaving cream and an electric razor. Some shavers are good, while low-cost products can be terrible. You should take different steps to achieve the best results from wet shaving.

Preparation Is Vital

There are some measures you should take before wet shaving. First and foremost, you must wash your face using an exfoliating or cleansing gel. Use warm water to eliminate dead skin, oils, dirt, and other undesired particles.

Additionally, warm water softens your hair to make it easier to cut. Before applying the lather of shaving cream, you can apply pre-shave oil. This product is ideal for dry, flaky, or sensitive skin.

Apply a Thin Layer of Watery Lather

Wet shaving with an electric razor requires a thin layer of light and slick lather. It differs from traditional shaving because the lather must be slick so that it does not clog the foils of the shaver. When the blades are clogged, the shaver will run slowly and it may not trim all your hair.

With an electric shaver, a watery lather gives you a comfortable shave. Your lather must be watery so it does not strain the electric razor. A thick lather is also messy and affects your shaving tool’s performance. You may not get a close shave because it creates a barrier between the skin and the shaver.

Shaving with s slick cream is fast and you only need to apply a little effort. You also don’t need to use a brush to build the lather as you would do with traditional shaving.

Hand or palm lathering is the fastest and easiest. Wet your hands and squeeze a few drops of shaving cream. Rub your hands together and add some water to get a very thin, creamy lather. Soft creams found in tubes often provide the best results and are easy to mix.

Massage the Cream into Your facial Hair

Massage the shaving cream on your beard using both hands. Your face must be wet, pressing the cream firmly while working against the grain. This will help lift the stubble and prepare it for shaving.

Leave the shaving cream on your facial hair for about two minutes before shaving. This will allow the alkaline properties in the cream to soften the hair. If you have coarse hair, the lather will soften it to give you a comfortable shave.

If the lather becomes dry while shaving, rehydrate it with warm water. To get the best results, you must properly hydrate the lather, which is why it is called wet shaving.

shaving face

Go Against the Grain

When applying the wet shaving method, ensure you go against the grain. With electric shavers, going against the grain gives you a comfortable and close shave. Use your hand to determine the direction of growth of your facial hair.

Wet shaving is fast and smooth, so you don’t need to apply excessive pressure on your shaver. On sections of your facial hair that require multiple passes, you need to reapply some watery lather, but you must not overdo it to prevent clogging the electric razor.

Experiment with different techniques to find the best method. When using a rotary shaver, you can use circular motions to ensure the blades trim even the shortest stubble.

Ensure Your Shaver is fully charged.

For the best results, make sure your battery-powered electric shave has enough energy. If the battery is running low, the rotation of the blades will be weak, and the shaver may not be able to cut hair. For a smooth shave, you should recharge your device first before shaving.

Pulling happens when your electric shaver needs more power. If you are tempted to press the shaver harder or make several passes, your shave will suffer. A thin lather makes the process seamless because the shaver can easily glide on top of the hair.

Remember Post Treatment

Wet shaving comes with many benefits, such as comfortable and close shaving. However, you must remember to apply the post-shaving treatment. Wash your face with cold water after shaving and dry it with a towel. Apply your preferred aftershave balm.

Balms containing alcohol can cause skin irritation. Do your research to get the best product that soothes your skin. Applying aftershave treatment is good practice when you use an electric shaver with shaving cream.

Another thing you should always remember is to clean your shaver after use. You can easily clean the device with hot water and liquid soap. Read the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damaging your shaver.

Wet shaving removes lubrication from your shaver, so apply a few drops of oil. Spray lubricant is also ideal for protecting your device blades and foils from wear and tear.


Dry shaving can cause irritation, razor bumps, and ingrown hair, especially if you have sensitive skin. One of the methods you can consider is using shaving cream with an electric shaver. Wet shaving gives you a comfortable and close shave.

Your shaving cream must be thin to avoid clogging the blades or the foil of the electric razor. You must also choose the best shaving cream to produce a thin lather. You must constantly apply warm water to keep the lather slick for a fast shave. Cleaning your device is another important step you should always prioritize to remove residue caused by the shaving cream and hair.