Best Men’s Pre-Shave for an Electric Razor

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Let’s talk pre-shaves for electric razors.

You’re the type of guy who takes pride in his overall look. You know the value of appearance and quality. More importantly, you know the importance of self-care and doing things right the first time. No lollygagging for you. Especially when it comes to the perfect shave.

Perhaps one of the most important factors of a good shave, aside from electric razor quality, is the pre-shave product you choose to use. Pre-shave provides hydration to the skin while protecting it from your razor blade. It’s kind of the step that takes your shave from adequate to sublime.

This review was made with the following people in mind:

– The person with flaky and sensitive skin
– Someone that struggles with excess oil buildup and coarse facial hair
– A person that is very mindful about the ingredients of their skincare products

Wherever you are in this range, we’ve got you covered for pre-shave options for your electric razor. We rounded up a load of options for you to explore below, so you can choose the best pre-shave for an electric razor for your specific needs:

Best Men’s Pre-Shave for an Electric Razor Reviews

Comparison Chart

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Williams Lectric Shave
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Pherolink Freelette Pre Shave
Mennen Afta Pre-Electric Shave Lotion
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Speick Men Pre Electric Shave Lotion
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Aramis Lab Series for Men Electric Shave
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Remington SP-5 Pre-Shave Talc Stick Face Saver
Proraso Pre-Shave Cream
Lather & Wood Shaving Unscented Pre-Shave Oil
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THRIVE Natural Shave Oil for Men

1. Williams Lectric Shave, Electric Razor Pre-Shave for Men

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Product Highlights

This best-seller is like Mother Nature’s version of a Monster Energy Drink for your face. That’s right. With a moisturizing green tea complex, this lotion claims it’ll get you a 52% close shave and leave your skin soft and supple. That’s something worth exploring.


  • Green tea complex
  • 7 ounces of product
  • Easy to use the squirt bottle
  • Very inexpensive, yet highly rated

What We Like About The Williams Lectric Shave, Electric Razor Pre-Shave for Men

Shave quality! The stimulating ingredients in this shave gel make the stubble stand up! Now that’s how you get a close shave.

Aside from the quality of this product itself, it’s also Climate Pledge Friendly! This means that it utilizes less packaging and is more compact making it more efficient to ship and ultimately leading to a small carbon footprint.

Users reported that they use this product for both razor and electric shaving. That’ll save you counter space for needing multiple products if you like to switch up your shaving style.

What We Don’t Like About The Williams Lectric Shave, Electric Razor Pre-Shave for Men

The product does feature green tea and is Climate Pledge Friendly, both lovely nods to the environment, yet also includes colorants. This seems a bit unnecessary as coloring ingredients tend to be not the best for your skin and offer nothing in terms of shave quality.

This solution might leave a slightly oily (not sticky!) feeling after your shave. If you more prefer a matte-type finish, this isn’t the pre-shave for you. If your skin is very sensitive to non-essential ingredients (like those colorants we mentioned) then you’ll be far better off finding a more natural product.


  • The fresh lemon scent is attractive and not overly floral
  • Produces a smooth and cut-less shave, reducing nicks and scratches
  • Excellent price point – it doesn’t break the bank to restock your bathroom cabinet
  • Green-tea complex encourages stubble to stand up for super close shaving


  • Can leave an oily after-feel, which some users did not appreciate
  • With daily use, it lasts about 2 weeks. If you don’t like shopping often, find a product with more volume that will last longer

2. Freelette Pre and After Electric Shave Lotion

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Product Highlights

This three-in-one product was designed to function for all your shaving needs to take the place of your pre-shave, during shave foam, and after-shave gel. It can take all the fuss out of prepping for the closest and smoothest shave. No need to go through a ton of steps to achieve the best result – this product will do most of it for you.


  • Contains extracts from saw palmetto and papaya
  • 3.7oz bottle sold in a single or dual pack
  • Functions as pre-shave, cream, and aftershave
  • Leaves skin soft and smooth
  • Masculine aroma

What We Like About The Freelette Pre and After Electric Shave Lotion

The Freelette shave lotion is a simple solution that delivers. Many users confirm the result of a closer and smoother shave. They even state that it’s the best pre-shave for electric razor lotion they’ve ever used!

It delivers an irritation-free, comfortable shaven, and that’s the basics of what you want in a pre-shave lotion. The best part about this product is that it covers just about everything you need it to – functioning as a pre-shave, cream, and aftershave all in one. The multi-use function of this product cuts down on the need to have multiple products.

What We Don’t Like About The Freelette Pre and After Electric Shave Lotion

The main downside we found for the Freelette shave lotion being pretty pricey. However, users report that the amount of product needed for each use isn’t much and the bottle is sure to last a while.

Though the shave lotion won’t clog up your razor, it will leave a residue behind. This is pretty typical amongst pre-shave lotions, and the time you’ll spend with clean up is worth the closest shave you’ll get.

The cap on the bottle can be a bit finicky, but this might be the odd one-off issue. Otherwise, the packaging looks well constructed.


  • Improves skin moisture and oil balance over time
  • Provides a nice masculine scent that isn’t overpowering
  • Functions as a protective lotion after your shave
  • Won’t clog the electric razor cutters


  • Bottle size is very small, so you might need to purchase often
  • More expensive than many other options

3. Mennen Afta Pre-Electric Shave Lotion

Product Highlights

This pre-shave lotion comes in a handy two-pack. It features a non-greasy and oil-free finish, yet retains a creamy feel. This product would be handy for the type of person that likes to use a specific pre-shave for a long time as a first trial.


  • Oil-free solution
  • Two pack of 3-ounce bottles
  • Skin conditioning formula
  • Rich lather

What We Like About The Mennen Afta Pre-Electric Shave Lotion

We appreciate that this product is available as a two-pack. For those power-shavers that burn through their lotions, this is a good product option for you. If you’re shaving multiple times a day, you need a good amount of lotion to get you there.

The solution is oil-free and therefore reports that you’ll receive a grease-free finish. This is great for shavers that don’t love that slick feeling after a shave.

What We Don’t Like About The Mennen Afta Pre-Electric Shave Lotion

With that grease-free finish, the product does recommend that you wash it off after a shave. If you prefer to have a lotion that doesn’t require rinsing, you might not like having to complete this extra step.

Some users reported that the gel doesn’t offer much “preparation” to the beard and facial hair before shaving. Other lotions on the market do a good job of getting hair to stand on end to offer the closest shave possible.

It’s always a crap-shoot when it comes to fragrances. Some people loved the aroma left behind, and some hated it.


  • The shave is more creamy than watery – so it will be nice and moisturizing
  • Irritation free solution – you shouldn’t get any razor burn or bumps after using this
  • Lower chance of ingrown hairs
  • Will encourage a close and even shave


  • The scent might be a bit too much for some people
  • The product is sold as a two-pack, so if you try it and don’t like it…you still have two full bottles left.
  • Some users experienced clogging of their electric razor

4. Speick Men Pre-Electric Shave Lotion

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Product Highlights

This German product is a mild pre-shave lotion and a great choice for optimizing a close shave while remaining gentle. The formula features lavender and other essential oils to improve skincare properties.


  • 3.4 fluid ounce bottle
  • Natural fragrance from essential oils
  • Built-in squirt plug for dispersion
  • Organic and vegan

What We Like About The Speick Men Pre-Electric Shave Lotion

We love that this pre-shave solution offers a mild fragrance. With so many other products being overpowering, it’s nice to have an option that won’t have you leaving a smelly chemical odor wherever you go.

This organic and vegan solution sets the bar for natural solutions. The consistency is a nice thin feel and you will have no problems going over stubborn areas a few times. They feel this product leaves after your shave isn’t sticky or greasy – but more smooth and slick.

What We Don’t Like About The Speick Men Pre-Electric Shave Lotion

This is another lotion in the more expensive category. Users that have to apply a lot of pre-shave lotion might not like that they go through this amount quickly and it costs more.

It might not be moisturizing enough for people with very coarse facial hair. The solution is more focused on natural fragrance and essential oils versus moisturizing prosperities. Also, the natural scent does wear off quickly if you prefer something that lasts longer.


  • Healing Power of the Alpine Valerian plant
  • Features essential oils of lavender, camphor, and other for natural fragrance
  • Thin lotion won’t gum up your electric razor
  • The fragrance is mild and not over stimulating


  • Though your razor won’t get gummy, you will have to routinely rinse it out
  • Not very moisture-providing for people with drier, flakier skin

5. Aramis Lab Series for Men Electric Shave Solution

417shomzMSL. SL500

Product Highlights

This little blue bottle of shave lotion is available in two different sizes. It will provide you with a close electric shave and won’t leave your face slick and shiny. The aroma is non-existent, so this is a good option for those sensitive to fragrance.


  • 2.6 or 3.4-ounce bottle
  • Very mild to no scent at all
  • Small compact bottle
  • Child-proof safety cap

What We Like About The Aramis Lab Series for Men Electric Shave Solution

The Lab series pre-shave is a great option for use with your electric razor. With use frequented every few days, this bottle will last you for months. We like how the aroma is very mild and not overpowering.

For people who like to use electric razors, but have irritation because of this, this pre-shave will help alleviate the issue. It’s mild and gentle and a good choice for users with sensitive skin.

What We Don’t Like About The Aramis Lab Series for Men Electric Shave Solution

Mainly intended for a pre-shave, this product won’t function as an after-shave as well. It seems a bit overpriced for what you get, but there are some very loyal fans of it.

There is a child-proof cap on this bottle – which is great for a safety measure, but annoying for the user. Compared to other solutions at a better price point, this one didn’t offer an outstanding difference in the result. Customers reported that it’s just better than using nothing at all.


  • Doesn’t require any rinsing after your shave
  • Very little fragrance – so, great for people sensitive to smells
  • Effective for providing a close shave
  • Won’t clog your electric razor


  • On the pricey side
  • Won’t leave the silkiest after-feel

6. Remington SP-5 Pre-Shave Talc Stick Face Saver

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Product Highlights

Shifting gears from the lotions and creams, we find our way to pre-shave powders. Powders?! That’s right. This dry powder functions as a pre-shave to reduce irritation and lubricate at the same time. Great for users that have issues with overly greasy skin, a powder is a way to go.


  • 2.1 ounces of product
  • Very low fragrance
  • Dry, talc-based powder
  • Push-based powder stick tube

What We Like About The Remington SP-5 Pre-Shave Talc Stick Face Saver

The dry option of a pre-shave is a great choice for people with skin that overproduced oils. It will still deliver a close and smooth shaving experience, but without the extra goo and grease that comes with a wet product.

You don’t have to worry about packing this pre-shave to travel with either. Since it isn’t a liquid solution, there’s no fuss about whether or not you can take it in your carry on for a flight. And if you accidentally knock it over, the powder won’t make a huge mess like a bottle of oil will.

What We Don’t Like About The Remington SP-5 Pre-Shave Talc Stick Face Saver

Almost every shaving product is going to leave a residue on your face. This one is no exception, and you might be left with some streaks of white powder. They easily remove with a splash of water, but it’s an extra step in the process.

Due to the dry nature of this product, you won’t be getting any extra-moisturizing properties. For people with dry and flaky skin, this is not the best option for you. Instead, go for a pre-shave that is a wet solution, therefore issuing a soft and smooth after-feel.


  • Lasts about 2 months with daily shaving or much longer with less frequent shaves
  • Great dry solution for people needing a less oily option
  • Decreases the need to go over areas multiple times
  • Good choice for people with coarse facial hair
  • Issues a very smooth shaving experience


  • Can leave a powdery white residue on your face
  • The powder can cause a bit of chalky dust on your clothes or bathroom counter

7. Proraso Pre-Shave Cream, Moisturizing, and Nourishing for Coarse Beards


Product Highlights

If you’ve got a flair for all things Italian, take a closer look at the Proraso pre-shave. This pre-shave is a cream formula – so it’s fantastic for providing extra moisture and a supple finish. Specially designed for people with coarse facial hair and beards, this cream goes a long way in softening up the shaving surface for a decreased irritation and enhanced protection.


  • 3.6-ounce tub
  • Cream-based solution
  • Protects, tones, and revitalizes
  • Cruelty-free
  • Over 97% of the ingredients are natural

What We Like About The Proraso Pre-Shave Cream

The Proraso brand is an elevated version of the pre-shave experience. This company has been around since 1908, so it knows how to make a quality product. Still moderately priced though, so you won’t be breaking the bank here.

What’s impressive is that over 97% of their ingredients are naturally derived. There’s no icky stuff like parabens or sulfates that are heavily used in a lot of ingredients but pack some nasty long term effects. Also, it’s cruelty-free! So, get that super close shave and find the peace that this cream wasn’t tested on an adorable bunny.

What We Don’t Like About The Proraso Pre-Shave Cream

Though the Proraso pre-shave cream will ready the face and beard for shaving, you still have to use shaving cream to get the job done. So, this product is only good for one step of the process.

The product doesn’t exactly lather up into a nice foam. Though it’s meant to prime the surface before the application of shaving cream, it might bother some people that it’s more thick than creamy.


  • Enriching ingredients such as shea butter and sandalwood oil provide great moisturizing properties
  • Leaves a supple and smooth feel
  • Great for providing extra protection to sensitive skin
  • No razor clogging


  • Enriching ingredients such as shea butter and sandalwood oil provide great moisturizing properties
  • Leaves a supple and smooth feel
  • Great for providing extra protection to sensitive skin
  • No razor clogging


  • Some users found the fragrance offensive
  • Difficult to create a lather

8. Lather Wood Shaving Co Pre-Shave Oil

Product Highlights

This bottle of pre-shave oil is great for prepping your beard with all-natural oils for a soft and slick shave. It doesn’t take a large amount to complete a single shave and is the best option for the most natural product.


  • All-natural solution with 7 oils
  • One or two-ounce bottles
  • Natural extracts include red raspberry oil and neem oil
  • The bottle features a squirt top

What We Like About Lather Wood Shaving Co Pre-Shave Oil

This all-natural oil formula is a good choice for a person with sensitive skin. It will provide a smooth and nourished finish with quality moisturizing prosperities. The fragrance is derived from natural essences, and won’t be overwhelming.

As it is a non-alcohol based solution, you won’t experience any burn after shaving. That’s a major plus for those with sensitive skin that reddens and bumps up after a shave. Just a few drops of the oil will be enough to apple for your pre-shave.

What We Don’t Like About Lather Wood Shaving Co Pre-Shave Oil

It’s not recommended that you use this oil in place of regular shaving cream – it better functions as a pre-shave application. Using this as the cream would cause some clogging in your electric razor.

The solution is oil-heavy and this can prove to be a bit too messy for some people. The consistency is a bit thick, so be sure not to over-apply or you’ll end up with something reminiscent of the precursor to your high school pizza-face experience.


  • Decreases nicks and irritation
  • Encourages a smooth razor glide
  • No after-burn like you get from an alcohol formula
  • Pleasant sandalwood scent
  • All-natural formula with nourishing oils


  • May clog the electric razor blades
  • Best used for wet shaving when applied as a shave-cream

9. THRIVE Natural Shave Oil for Men

51SQqsEOiXL. SL500

Product Highlights

The THRIVE pre-shave oil is the king when it comes to natural and earth-friendly products for shaving. It’s made in the USA and supports small farmers in Costa Rica where they source their ingredients. Now, that’s a shave you can feel good about!


  • 2-ounce bottle
  • Easy to use ergonomic squirt top
  • Formulated from regenerative plants
  • Unique and natural ingredients
  • Made in the USA and Vegan friendly

What We Like About THRIVE Natural Shave Oil for Men

A company that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee knows how to stand behind its product. There are no synthetic ingredients, colorants, or fragrances in this product – so we label it as the best choice for ultra-sensitive skin. The natural aroma is described as citrusy and earthy.

The skin-healing ingredients are quite impressive. Some unique super-plants like Juanilama and Fierillo, are ones that you surely won’t find in any other shaving oil. In this little 2-ounce glass bottle, you’ll easily get over 80 shaves.

Not only is this a supreme formula, but the company also values sustainability and ethical practices. Purchases of this product help to fund farmers in Costa Rica to improve their farms and livelihood. It’s like a supply chain formed into a circle that returns improvement to itself.

What We Don’t Like About THRIVE Natural Shave Oil for Men

The THRIVE shave oil, when used for electric shaving, will function best as just a pre-shave treatment. It’s moderately priced, but might be too expensive for some. The bottle is constructed of glass, so if you’re rough with your possessions (talking to you, with the iron fist grip) this might be too fragile for you.

The earthy aroma, derived from natural oils, wasn’t fresh or active enough for some customers of this product. It might be difficult to achieve an adequate level of lubrication unless you use a bit more of this product.

With the full naturalness of this product, you might be sacrificing the ultimately smooth shave. For the person whose stubble stands out even directly after the razor, this product might not help you get the most efficient shaving experience.


  • Natural fragrance from essential oils
  • The ergonomic pump helps to prevent any leaking and the bottle is made of glass
  • Decreases shaving irritations
  • Great size for traveling
  • A stellar company with values in sustainability


  • Some users might not like that the bottle is made of glass
  • Might not provide the closest shave

Final Verdict

When it comes to shaving, there’s no way around it – quality is key. The cleaner, closer, and smoother the shave, the better. If any of the products you use are low quality, it’s obvious, and the last thing you want is to have to go to work (or that first date, yikes) with a hack job of a shave.

The step in the process that’s sure to provide you with the closest and smoothest possible shave is the pre-shave you choose to apply. With this thorough round-up of the best pre-shave for an electric razor, you have your choice of the cream of the crop.

Our final recommendations are:

  • For folks with really dry and flaky skin, we recommend the Proraso Pre-Shave Cream, for the most moisturizing application.
  • Might not provide the closest shave
  • If you’re looking for the most natural choice, go with the THRIVE Shave Oil for Men.

We can’t all fit in perfect boxes, so if you sit somewhere in between this spectrum, you’ve got a few other great choices at your disposal. We wish you the closest shave with the fewest nicks!