Best Degreaser for Kitchen Cabinets

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In any household, especially one with a large family, the kitchen is one of the busy spots with cooking, frying, or baking happening around the clock.

Splashed oil, smoke, or using kitchen cabinets with grimy hands are common, leading to the build-up of grease that can stain kitchen cabinets over time.

Getting these tough stains or even fresh grease off from hard surfaces like stovetops, cutting boards, or cabinets is not easy.

Using a damp cloth or warm water to degrease these surfaces does not suffice.

You have to use strong solutions like artificial or DIY natural degreaser to get these suborn grease stains off your wooden cabinets.

Fret not; we have you covered if you are torn between finding the best degreaser for kitchen cabinets.

Let’s dive into a detailed overview of some of the best kitchen cabinet degreasers to get stains off your wooden cabinets to help you narrow down your choices.

Comparison Chart

Krud Kutter Cleaner & Degreaser
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Savogran 10601 Dirtex Powder Cleaner
Dawn Ultra Platinum Advanced Power Clean Liquid
Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser
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Hope’s Perfect Kitchen Cleaner

Best Degreaser for Kitchen Cabinets: A Review

1. Krud Kutter Cleaner and Degreaser

Based in Georgia, USA, Krud Kutter Inc. manufactures various household cleaners, stain removers, cleanup solutions, concentrates, rust remedies, paint prep, and specialty removers.

Be it the wooden cabinets, tiles, porcelain surfaces, or dirty rugs, you can use Krud Kutter’s power cleaning formula to get them back to new.


Krud Kutter is a strong cleaning degreaser. One leading advantage of using it is that it’s water-based and does not irritate the skin.

It also does not have a pungent smell like other chemical cleaners.

You can directly add it into a spraying bottle and spray it over the greasy cabinets to use this product.

Let the solution sit for a while for the chemicals to start working on the grease layer.

Scrub the layer clean from the cabinet and wipe clean with a dry cloth.

You can use the solution on almost every surface in your house to clean the grease and other grime.

To get the best results, the Krud Kutter does require a little bit of scrubbing.

After spraying the solution on the greasy surfaces, gently scrub the surface to ensure that you have scraped off the grease from the wood cabinets.

Unlike other cleaners, the Krud Kutter Cleaner and Degreaser does not have a pungent or offensive smell.

It has a very mild smell that quickly dissipates over minutes.

If you are a person who is sensitive to smells or do not like your house’s stinking chemicals, Krud Kutter is the best choice for you.

Even though Krud Kutter is comparatively expensive, it’s one of the most preferred for degreasing kitchen cabinets before repainting them.

One spray bottle of Krud Kutter lasts for about twenty to twenty-four kitchen cabinets and drawers.


  • Highly effective on stubborn grease stains and grime
  • Multi-purpose usage
  • Inoffensive and mild smell


  • Expensive
  • Needs repeated application of product for better results

2. Savogran Dirtex Powder Cleaner

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Yet another company based in the USA, Savogran has a great line of solvents, removers and cleaners, and repair products.

From painted and varnished surfaces to ceilings to asphalt floors to the bathroom and kitchen cabinets and sinks, the Dirtex powder cleaner is equally effective on all surfaces.


Dirtex powder cleaner is a powerful grease relief degreaser and laundry stain remover.

Especially when it comes to hard grease stains, Dirtex powder is an effective cleaner and makes the cabinet surface glossy.

But, you need to mix the powder cleaner in water before applying it to greasy surfaces.

Sometimes the power is not enough to cut through the heavy deposits. Hence, you can mix heavy-duty cleaners, such as TSP, for powerful cleaning.

However, the Savogran Dirtex Powder Cleaner leaves problematic residues behind, which can irritate the eye or skin.

Mixing it well with water and thoroughly cleaning the solution afterward is essential to avoid skin irritations or infections.


  • Powerful cleaners to cut hard grease
  • Multi-purpose
  • Fast-cleaning formula
  • No need to rinse the surface after the application of the product


  • Causes eye-irritation

3. Dawn Dish Soap

Owned by Proctor and Gamble, Dawn is America’s famous dishwashing brand for its grease-cutting formula that works 5x faster than normal grease cleaners.

From anti-bacterial dishwashing soap to gentle cleaners needing minimum scrubbing, Dawn dishwashing liquid comes in numerous varieties with similar power cleaning formulas.


Dawn dish soap is perhaps one of the common products found in kitchens, but little do you know, it also works as a good degreaser.

It is famous for its powerful cleaning formula for cleaning greasy cutlery, dishes, and kitchen surfaces.

To use Dawn Dish Soap, you need to mix some liquid soap in water to create a degreasing solution.

For extra effectiveness, you can spray this solution over your greasy surface and let it sit for a while.

Wipe the solution clean with an unused or clean damp cloth.

To remove hard stains, instead of diluting the solution with water, you can directly pour some liquid dish soap over the stains and scrub the solution using circular motions.

Let it sit for a while and wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Dawn Dish Soap is equally effective as a tub or shower cleaner. However, since these surfaces usually have hard deposits on their surfaces, dawn dish soap is not enough to effectively clean these surfaces.

You have to add some heavy-duty cleaning agents like TSP.

The Dawn Dish Soap has a flowery fragrance that leaves your kitchen and house with a soft flowery scent.


  • Reasonable pricing
  • Multi-purpose cleaning
  • Power cleaning formula
  • Mild fragrance


  • Can cause skin irritation on sensitive skins

4. Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser


Owned by Magic American company, Goo Gone is a magic degreaser with a power citrus formula.

The citrus solution attacks the greasy surfaces and removes all types of gooey stains from surfaces.

From gum to grease, fabric to porcelain, you can rely on Goo Gone degreaser to restore the stained surfaces back to new.


Goo Gone kitchen degreaser is an excellent option if you wish to trade excellent value for money.

It is one of the cheapest cleaning solutions in the market with powerful cleaning agents.

It comes with a fast-acting citrus foaming formula that attacks the greasy film and dissolves all the goo away from the surface.

Goo gone kitchen degreaser is not only suitable for wooden cabinets but also works effectively on countertops, stovetops, and dishware to remove the hard stains.

In addition, you can mop other surfaces like wood surfaces, glass walls, plastic, and porcelain products to remove grease stains from them.

To use the degreaser, you need to spray the foaming liquid on the grease stains, let it sit for some time, and wipe the surface clean.

The Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser is also biodegradable, meaning that it is made from natural ingredients and is safe to be used without gloves because of its non-toxicity


  • Affordable
  • Powerful cleaning formula
  • Equally effective on wood or plastic stains
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic


  • Cannot clean heavy stains
  • Cannot be used for multi-cleaning purposes

5. Hope’s Perfect Kitchen Cleaner

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Yet another US-based company offering power cleaning formulas to cut greasy stains off any surface is Hope’s Perfect Kitchen cleaner.

With Hope’s wide range of cleaning products, including kitchen cleaners, eyewear cleaners, steel cleaners, and polishers, you can easily remove all types of hard stains without dealing with unpleasant chemical odors common with chemical cleaners.


Hope’s Perfect Kitchen cleaner is an underrated product for removing stubborn grease stains from your cabinets and other kitchen surfaces.

It is a 100% residue-free product that has a fast-acting formula.

The cleaner is one of the best options for homeowners who want to degrease their cabinets without seeking professional assistance.

It is free of harsh and pungent chemical smells and non-corrosive, so it does not cause skin irritation.

Even if you have sensitive skin, you can safely use this degreaser to clean your stained cabinets.

Hope’s Perfect Kitchen Cleaner is also safe to use around children and pets.

You can also use Hope’s kitchen cleaner on fabrics to remove stains.

Just spray the liquid on any of your desired surfaces, let it sit for a minute, and wipe it clean with a damp cloth, and you are done cleaning.

The only issue with Hope’s perfect kitchen cleaner is that it is not an anti-bacterial solution.

Thus, it will not kill off germs while you’re degreasing your kitchen.


  • Multi-purpose cleaning
  • Residue-free
  • Skin-friendly
  • Fast-acting formula


  • No anti-bacterial properties

Which Is the Best Degreaser for Kitchen Cabinets?

Considering the price point, quality cleaning, and amount of product needed to cut the grease and gooey layers off your home’s kitchen cabinets or other hard surfaces, our top pick is Krud Kutter Cleaner and Degreaser.

With Krud Kutter cleaner and degreaser, all you need to do is spray it or let it sit for hard stains, and wipe the surface clean.

There is also no danger of damaging the material of your wooden cabinets.

Therefore, choose Krud Kutter cleaner and degreaser for effective cleaning and degreasing.