Best Coffee Scale

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When it comes to the food industry, being accurate with your measurements is very important.

For instance, your best chance of brewing the perfect cup of coffee all boils down to getting the right measurements.

This is where the best coffee scale comes in.

Fortunately, you will find plenty of models designed for coffee, with some having built-in timers and different measurement units.

Others even have Bluetooth connectivity to level up the entire experience.

Comparison Chart

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TIMEMORE Coffee and Espresso Scale
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Apexstone Coffee Scale with Timer
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Greater Goods Digital Coffee Scale
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Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer Pour-Over Scale
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KitchenTour Coffee Scale with Timer

Best Coffee Scale Reviews

1. TIMEMORE Black Mirror Coffee Scale

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Founded in 2012, TIMEMORE is a Chinese brand that is new to the Western market but not in China.

This Black Mirror electronic coffee scale sports a clean and modern design and promises to deliver accurate results.


TIMEMORE wants to showcase its well-designed and innovative products to the Western market.

And what better way to do that than by introducing this reliable coffee scale?

The scale is responsive and can provide reliable measurement information. It can measure up to 0.1 gram to two kilograms of coffee accurately.

Here are more interesting things to expect from this scale:

  • Minimalist Design

More than anything, the Black Mirror’s minimalist design is what will surely catch anyone’s attention.

When turned on, it has a clear and easy-to-read display panel that becomes invisible when off.

As you can imagine, this leaves you with a plain black square device that will easily blend in with modern appliances.

Moreover, the scale’s overall size makes it sufficient for manual brewing.

It measures 5.98 x 5.1 x 1.02 inches, fitting precisely on the drip tray of an espresso machine.

  • Built-in Battery

Need to bring your precious coffee scale during trips? If so, you will like that the Black Mirror runs on a 1,600mAh lithium battery.

This impressive battery can last up to 10 hours and is easily rechargeable via a USB-C connection.

Even better, the scale turns off automatically after being idle for three minutes, helping you save on battery life.

That said, keep in mind that this function only works if the timer is on.

  • Durable Construction

The thin and compact coffee scale is made from durable acrylic with a matte surface, preventing accidental scratches and fingerprint marks.

A silicone insulation waterproof pad protects the scale’s surface from heat and waterproof stains.

The problem is that this coffee scale is not waterproof.

Even so, it is water-resistant, as it observes the shell design where the upper part entirely covers the weighing component.

  • LCD Screen + Two Buttons

The TIMEMORE coffee scale only comes with two advanced buttons for ease of operation.

Its backlit LCD screen shows you the weight in grams, the timer duration, and the battery status.

As you can imagine, the automatic timing function makes it easier to control the extraction time and weight.

With these things, it is easy to see that this electronic scale is an ideal tool for pour-over coffee and espresso.

  • Tare Weight Function

As with any good coffee scale, this option has a tare weight function.

The tare button determines the net weight of your ingredients after subtracting the density of the container.


  • Modern aesthetic
  • Rechargeable
  • Auto on/off
  • Small, easy-to-store build
  • Portable


  • Only measures in grams
  • Not waterproof

2. Apexstone Coffee Scale With Timer

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The Apexstone coffee scale is a practical tool with a built-in timer, perfect for beginners who love to make pour-over coffee and espresso.

What makes it stand out from the competition?


If you are looking for a lightweight and highly accurate coffee scale, this Apexstone model is for you.

Here are its best features to know where it excels at:

  • High-Accuracy Sensors

The Apexstone coffee scale has high accuracy sensors, allowing it to measure the minimum weight of the ingredient.

You can use it for measuring all kinds of ingredients, from lightweight to heavy. Its accurate readings start from one gram to 3,000 grams.

The coffee scale uses different measurement units for more convenience (grams, milliliters, ounces, pounds, and grams/milliliters.

  • Built-in Timer

What the Apexstone coffee scale offers that others don’t is consistency in your brewing, thanks to its built-in timer.

You can set this timer to up to 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

  • Convenient Display

To easily and quickly read the results, there’s no doubt you’ll appreciate the blue backlit LCD screen.

It can display details like auto-off function, battery status, measurement unit switch, tare, timer indication, and other necessary data for coffee brewing.

On the display panel, you will also find four buttons indicating various functionalities.

It includes the units switch, the start/stop and reset timer, the power on/off, and the tare for setting the weight to zero.

  • Detachable Silicone Mat

This detachable silicone mat is an excellent add-on feature, helping protect the scale from too much heat and liquid spills.

Moreover, it helps keep the scale’s mechanism sensors safe from dirt and other elements.

And because it is detachable, you can easily remove it for cleaning purposes.

  • Other Design Features

There are non-slip pads on the bottom of the scale, one on each corner, ensuring it stays in place while in use.

On the other end of the scale, opposite the LCD screen, is a retractable hang hole. This makes it easy to store the device when not in use.


  • Easy to read the display
  • Affordable and practical tool
  • Has multiple measuring units
  • Stays in place when in use
  • Already includes batteries


  • Has a short battery life
  • Displays delayed readings

3. Greater Goods Coffee Scale

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For kitchen essentials, you can never go wrong with Greater Goods.

Among its products is this premium coffee scale, which helps ensure you will always have a great cup of joe.


The coffee scale from Greater Goods is your ultimate tool for pour-over coffee and anything else in the kitchen that need accurate measurements.

Here’s what it can offer coffee lovers out there:

  • Affordable Coffee Scale

Start your day with accurate information provided by the premium quality Greater Goods coffee scale.

It is an affordable kitchen device that has all the necessary features for your coffee brewing tasks.

Consistently make a balanced cup of coffee with accurate measurement.

  • Accurate Measurement

Deduct the weight of your container to get the actual measurement of your ingredients using the tare button.

Its super-fast refresh rate is essential to pour-over coffee, so you will know if you need to stop or continue pouring.

The ultra-accurate weighing sensor has a precision of 0.1 grams, ensuring you get the correct weight every time.

You can also choose your preferred measurement unit from six options, so manual conversion is unnecessary.

  • Simple and Stylish Design

The matte black finish of this coffee scale provides a sleek and elegant look to any kitchen.

The information on the screen is displayed in two tones, adding a splash of color to the device.

On the right side, the weight information is shown in white. On the left side of the screen, the timer is in bright orange, which counts up and down.

With the detachable silicone cover, you can be sure that the scale’s components are protected against spills and heat.

Another notable design feature is the protective grooves along the edges, redirecting the spills away from the scale’s mechanism.

Also, an indentation on the scale’s bottom allows you to hang the device on the wall when not in use.

  • Excellent Customer Support

Get authentic support from industry experts always ready to assist everyone with their issues and concerns about the scale.


  • Sleek and stylish
  • Easy to read
  • Batteries included
  • Accurate
  • Easy to press the buttons


  • No included manual
  • Reacts to static

4. Hario V60 Coffee Scale

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Hario products have made a name among coffee lovers worldwide, including the V60 coffee scale.

Most baristas and home brewers like to use this device to get the right amount of coffee needed for your brew.


You can make the perfect pour-over coffee anytime with the accuracy of the Hario V60 weight scale.

Its features will help make the entire process easier without sacrificing the quality of the result.

  • High-Precision Sensors

The V60 scale from Hario is known for its high-precision components, providing measurements down to 0.1 grams.

A reliable scale helps improve your coffee’s consistency, and Hario has been designed to function effortlessly for all types of users.

  • Compact Size

The Hario coffee scale is compact, measuring five inches wide and 7.4 inches long.

Even with its smaller size, you will still find it sturdy enough to accommodate bigger brewers.

Also, due to its small size, you can easily store the Hario coffee scale inside the drawer when not in use.

  • Minimalist Style

The V60 coffee scale comes with two buttons; one is dedicated for the on, off, and tare functions, while the second is to start and stop the timer.

It is available in black and silver models with a simple and easy-to-read backlit LCD screen.

The overall design of the V60 coffee scale follows the minimalist style concept of Hario, showing simple elegance.

  • Special Features

The Hario coffee scale has an enhanced timer essential for pour-over or manual brews.

Combining the efficiency of the scale and the timer, you get consistent, delicious coffee in every brew.

The scale automatically shuts off after five minutes of inactivity, saving you precious battery life.

These features may seem ordinary for some, but they play a vital role in the scale’s function and make it easier to use.


  • Precise
  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • Excellent design
  • Easy to read


  • Turns off every five minutes, even while in use
  • Hard to press the start/stop button

5. KitchenTour Coffee Scale

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KitchenTour is a new company founded in 2016, manufacturing quality products for its customers.

Among its long list of awesome products, the coffee scale is the perfect kitchen helper every coffee lover must have.


The KitchenTour coffee scale has impressive features and functions necessary for your brewing needs.

Will these be enough to make it the best coffee scale on this list?

  • Precise Sensors

The KitchenTour coffee scale comes with precise weighing technology, offering a weight capacity from 0.3 grams to 3,000 grams.

It helps you measure and achieve a flavorful cup of coffee with pure accuracy.

  • Multi-functional Scale

The built-in timer in this electronic coffee scale provides consistency assurance in each prepared cup of coffee.

On the other hand, the tare function allows you to add different ingredients to your container to help you achieve consistency.

This scale is also equipped with an adjustable auto-off function defaulted at 120 seconds.

  • Quality Materials

The KitchenTour coffee scale is accurate, safe, sturdy, and user-friendly.

It’s crafted using a premium quality ABS frame and platform.

Also, it comes with a non-slip and waterproof silicone pad to protect the scale’s mechanism from spills and too much heat.

  • Unit Conversion

This coffee drip scale from KitchenTour supports unit switching between grams, milliliters, and ounces.

Lastly, its backlit reverse LCD screen makes it easy to read the measurements.


  • Stylish and functional
  • Easy to read
  • Accurate readings
  • Responsive
  • Silent


  • Hard to push the tare button
  • Lags

Buyer’s Guide

There is no exact rule about having a scale when preparing pour-over coffee. However, having one lets you take your java to the next level.

If you are going to buy a coffee scale, what are the things to consider?

1. Digital Scale

When hunting for a measuring tool, the first thing to consider is to pick digital scales. It will be tough to use and read an analog weighing scale.

2. Accuracy

The primary reason for getting a scale is to get accurate measurements of your ingredients.

That said, look for a scale that can measure down to 0.1 gram. Try to avoid scales that cannot display a less than one gram weight.

3. Tare Function

The tare function is essential when looking for a coffee scale, no matter what brewing method you prefer.

Consequently, many coffee-making methods require placing the device on a weighing scale before starting.

Having the tare function lets you reset the readout to zero every time you add water or coffee to the container.

4. Size

Choosing the size of your coffee scale depends on your brewing method preference. Although most coffee scales are compact, the size is ideal for personal home use.

5. Battery Life

Last is the battery life of your weighing scale.

If you are a frequent coffee drinker, you will constantly prepare some. If so, you would be better off with a scale running on a rechargeable battery.

In fact, you might want to look for one you can plug into an outlet.

Which Coffee Scale Tops the List?

The taste of your coffee varies based on the coffee and water ratio you use. You need to measure the coffee and water until you reach your desired flavor.

From this list, we recommend the TIMEMORE Coffee Scale, not only for its modern aesthetic look but primarily for its functionality.

Even the texture of your coffee grounds has an impact on the taste.

Some would try to grind the beans using other devices besides an actual one, which we don’t always recommend.