Urpower Portable Handheld Fabric Steamer Review

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Most housework is boring and monotonous, but ironing is a nightmare. Every time you do it you have to get out the iron, prepare your clothes, get the ironing board out and then wait for the iron to heat up.

That is just the beginning, the boring, repetitive work comes afterwards. All that hassle and heat and in the end – wrinkles and creases everywhere. Not to mention how many times most of us have burned ourselves on the iron.

Of course, you can have your clothes professionally cleaned and ironed, but that takes time and money. Garment steamers are affordable, fast, easy to use and, most importantly efficient.

One of the most popular handheld fabric steamers today is the Urpower portable handheld fabric steamer and what follows is our honest, in-depth review of this product.

Urpower Portable Handheld

Design and Functionality

The Urpower looks elegant and simple. The product is mostly white (this is the only color available so far) and, right off the bat, it looks and feels in your hand just like you would expect it to.

It’s light (weighs only 1.2 pounds) and easy to use. The dimensions of the Urpower are 8.8 x 6.2 x 3.7 inches.

The handle feels good and has a good grip. An on/off switch and an indicator are placed above the handle that stands firmly attached to the base and the water tank of the Urpower.

The “neck” of the device slightly bends and on top of it lays the steam outlet. This state of the art steam channeling design is meant to deliver steam powerfully and evenly, which is supposed to help remove the toughest wrinkles from a wide variety of fabrics in clothing, tablecloths, drapery and more.

Overall, the Urpower fabric steamer doesn’t have a unique or eclectic design, but it looks fairly elegant and pretty.

Most importantly, it seems really user friendly and practical, perhaps perfect for those who travel often and need a small, yet efficient garment steamer to pack and carry in bags.

This product was designed in a way that it is easy to use, powerful and yet not too heavy to carry around and, most definitely, pretty portable and easy to maneuver.

How to Use It

Arguably the strongest point of the Urpower is the fact that it is extremely easy to use. Here’s our short, easy to follow guide to assist those of you out there that haven’t used a similar device before.

  • 1Unscrew the head
  • 2Fill the tank with water (don’t surpass the maximum level)
  • 3Lock the head back on
  • 4Switch the on/off switch to the “on” position (the switch light will indicate that the device is on)
  • 5Apply the Urpower to your clothes or whatever else that needs to be dealt with
  • 6Switch the on/off switch to the “off” position and remove the plug from the outlet

That’s pretty much it. As you can see, even if you haven’t used a similar product before, you should have no difficulties handling and using the Urpower.

Before we continue to our list of pros and cons, it’s important to note a few things:

  • The Urpower can provide up to 10 minutes of continuous steam (on a full tank, of course)
  • Always fill the tank with cold water
  • Never turn the device upside down, especially when it’s on or filled with water
  • The Urpower has an automatic safety shut off feature, which means it will automatically reset, once the unit is out of water, to ensure your safety


  • Easy to use and handle
  • Small and light
  • Can be used on a wide variety of fabrics
  • Shuts off automatically to ensure safety
  • Heats up quickly


  • Uninspired design
  • False advertising (We have to mention this briefly – basically, there seems to be quite a few fake reviews of this product on Amazon. Even though it is indeed a solid device, something like this can definitely hurt a company’s reputation)
  • Low capacity (keep in mind though, this is expected from portable devices)

Final Verdict: Efficient and Easy to Use, But Far from Perfect

The Urpower portable handheld steamer is, all in all, a good product that is definitely worth the money.

The bland design may not be an issue to some users, but the false advertising issue, on the other hand, might.

The bottom line is this: the Urpower is practical, mobile, easy to use and efficient.

Perhaps it is the perfect steamer for those who travel a lot and need a portable device to replace the iron that they use at home.

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