Steamfast SF-680 Digital Fabric Steam Press Review

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Steamfast SF-680 Digital Fabric Steam Press

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Key features

  • Simple controls and large operating space
  • Price to quality ratio is very good
  • Somewhat slow to heat up and rebuild ‘burst’ function

The Basics

From an industry leader in the production of household steamers comes the Steamfast SF-680 Digital Fabric Steam Press. Measuring 26 x 22 x 10 inches and weighing in at 22 pounds, this premium press steamer comes with a limited 1-year warranty within the United States.


The beauty of this innovative product is that it eliminates the need not only for an iron, but also for an ironing board. The SF-680 effectively becomes both when in use.

The product features a non-stick coated stainless steel body and molded heating element that allow for even heat distribution and more effective and efficient pressing.

The non-stick pressing unit is roughly 9 times larger than that of conventional irons, allowing for larger garments to be steamed and pressed in a much shorter amount of time.

This tabletop steam press also comes with digital temperature controls for use on a wide array of fabric types. A steam burst function has been included for that extra bit of power needed to get out the most stubborn of wrinkles and creases.

The SF-680 is also constructed from stainless steel, meaning that it will remain rust-free for the entirety of its use. And the product is equipped with a locking knob to quickly and easily secure the top of the pressing plate to the bottom, allowing the SF-680 to be easily stored and transported.

The auto shut-off feature ensures it will not overheat or remain on for an extended period of time while not in use.


However, the SF-680 is not without flaws. Customers commonly complain that the opening is not quite wide enough and thus when readjusting clothes on the press it is quite easy to burn oneself if not careful.

Another common complaint is that the device presses both sides of a clothing item at once, which while efficient can lead to problems. This means that the item being pressed will need to be laid completely flat on both sides, which is easy enough to achieve with pants and t-shirts but can be quite difficult with complexly cut women’s tops and blouses, for example. If the items are not laid completely flat, a crease will be pressed into them that can prove very difficult to get out.


Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the quality of the product. Unless you have the need to iron a large amount of pleated pants and fancy blouses, the SF-680 should be a very worthy investment.

The lengthy heat-up time is a slight drag, but the intense heat the product provides and overall ease of use should make up for any minor flaws you might experience. A bit pricey, but sometimes you have to pay a little extra for quality.

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