Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam Iron Station Review

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Rowenta DG8520 Perfect

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Key Features

  • Rapid heat-up and eco setting
  • EXTREMELY powerful steam
  • Lightweight steam iron with 47oz water tank
  • Safety guards
  • Precision-shot system
  • Fixes flaws of the previous model
  • The Mercedes of steam irons

Our Review

The Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam Iron Station is a household tool that you can’t live without. But don’t just take my word for it – this is one of the best-reviewed products in the apparel industry. Thousands of people have tried this steamer and come away satisfied with the results it offers.

If you’re my age, you’ve likely spent countless hours hunched over an ironing board, trying to work out all the wrinkles out of your shirts, pants, or curtains. An uphill battle!

Even if your iron serves its intended purpose, it takes forever to heat up. This is incredibly frustrating if you have appointments to keep, or if you’d rather spend your day doing something other than forcing out the wrinkles of your clothes.

This steam iron is the perfect solution to this problem. It’s really a hybrid between a powerful garment steamer and a traditional iron.

That means you can hang a garment up and blast wrinkles out with steam (like a fabric steamer) or using your normal ironing board and iron normally (but with five times the power!).

Then there’s the fact that it only takes two minutes to heat up.

We consider this the Mercedes of irons. If you have a lot of laundry to get through, this will save time, produce better results (with less stress) and maybe even save energy with its Eco mode.

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The vertical steam function is what separates it from a standard steam iron. You can set this up near a window and blast 120 grams per minute of steam at your drapes. No need to take them down and put them up again! You can get rid of creases and odors too.

The hand unit is light enough to be used for long periods, and the steam station provides HUGE quantities of steam, so you could probably steam all the curtains in the Palace of Versailles in one go!

Its safety guards should prevent accidental burns or the destruction of clothes. After a few minutes without being used, this steamer will automatically shut itself off.

You do have to use your common sense though – the steam is SUPER POWERFUL and if you aren’t paying attention you could scald yourself.

There seems to be some confusion about whether it has an on/off switch or not – it does. It’s made in France, not China, if that matters to you.


Why struggle with a traditional iron when this steam iron/steamer hybrid will ensure your clothes are crisp and pristine in less time?

With a Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam Iron Station, ironing won’t only be easy and fast, but even a little fun.