Rowenta DW2070 Effective Comfort Steam Iron Review

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Rowenta’s DW2070 Effective Comfort Steam Iron is one of the many models from the top steam iron brand. Like its family members, it has automatic features which makes ironing easier. Moreover, it is ergonomically designed and should have a long lifespan.

Rowenta DW2070 Effective

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What Comes in the Box

  • 1 X Rowenta DW2070 Effective Comfort Steam Iron
  • User Manual
  • Warranty

Product Features & Technical Details

The DW2070 has dimensions of 11 inches by 4.8 inches by six inches. It weighs 3.4 pounds and has 1600 Watts of power. Furthermore, it is equipped with an 8.45-ounce water tank.

Quick Heat-Up Feature: Compared to its family members, you will find this product heats up fast. This speed comes at a price, and that price is noise. The quick heat-up is made possible by those 1600 Watts.

Variable Constant Steam Settings: You will enjoy working on six steam settings with this product. By simply pressing a single button, you will already activate the steam. For a boost, you just have to repeat the given step.

High Quality Soleplate: The steam iron has a narrower soleplate compared to its rivals. This component is capable of eliminating creases and wrinkles with ease. Despite being made from stainless steel, it remains resistant from scratches and works across fabrics without hassle.

Weight-Wise: You will not find yourself suffering from strain after using this iron. It is neither too light nor too heavy.

Ergonomically Designed Handle: The handle of the iron will allow your hand to rest comfortably. It even has a thumb rest found in the casing.


The lower-end Rowentas (like this one) are made in China. Nothing wrong with that – almost everything is these days. But the high-end ones are still built in Germany with the level of engineering you’d expect.

So this one does have some problems with leakage – it’s not clear to us if it’s limited to some batches of the product or if that’s baked in to the design. But it’s certainly a problem.

Now the shape of the soleplate is great for getting into tight areas, and there are two models – one with a pivoting cord (useful) and one with a retractable cord (even more useful).

So in terms of performance there’s more credit than debit, but we do worry about the tendency to leak.


  • Narrower soleplate
  • Various steam holes – those at the bottom are great for sewing/quilting etc
  • Heats up quickly
  • Does not strain the hand
  • Prevents starch collection


  • May not work on tough creases
  • Reports of leaking

Who Should Buy This Product

This is for someone who wants a Rowenta but can’t afford the more premium made-in-Germany models. It’s a quite good compromise between price and function.

The fast heat-up will be attractive for some.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Not a must-buy by any means, and it’s not without problems. Those problems stop it from being easy to recommend, but it would be stupid to dismiss it, too.

On balance, it’s worth considering because the price makes up for a lot of the problems.