10 Best Shower Cleaners for Your Bathroom

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Mold and mildew buildup is normal in damp areas of your home such as in your shower, and can normally be partially or completely removed with the right cleaning products. The problem isn’t the mold, it’s the unpleasant, long, and very tedious job of scrubbing the shower that drains the life out of you every time you go to cleaning the bathroom.

There are a few things that will help you with this dull chore. The first is a preventative measure, it is all about maintenance. Immediately wiping away the water from the shower tiles and glass screen after a shower will reduce the amount of time the shower surface is exposed to water. You can do this job easily by investing in a squeegee.

If you have a bathtub/shower combo, wiping down the sides of the tub with a dry cloth when you have finished bathing is another option. The majority of unpleasant grime builds up on the sides of bathtub/showers typically occur between the tub and the wall.

These days there are hundreds of cleaning products on the market that help us remove those unpleasant stains and mold buildups, some of which take some elbow grease, and others can be applied and forgotten about.

Everyone has their own cleaning ritual when it comes to bathroom cleaning, so here I have chosen 10 of the best shower cleaners on the market. All of them come with their own cleaning method, pros, and cons. By the end of this review, I hope you discover the right shower cleaner for you.

Our Top Picks

Comparison Chart

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The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner
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Wet & Forget Shower Cleaner
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Skylarlife Mold Stain and Mildew Stain Cleaner
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Better Life Natural Tub and Tile Cleaner
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Kaboom Hardwater Bathroom Cleaner
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IT JUST WORKS! Grout-Eez Super Heavy Duty Tile & Grout Cleaner
417Mv0M71HL. SL500
Lime-A-Way Bathroom Cleaner
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Zep Shower Tub and Tile Cleaner
41U4LkbYSOL. SL500
Bio Clean: Eco Friendly Hard Water Stain Remover
414RmOLnm8L. SL500
RMR-141 Disinfectant Spray Cleaner

1. Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner

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Product Highlights

The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner are rated as a commercial strength cleaner and often used in hotels by professional cleaners. It is a three-step solution to getting a squeaky clean bathroom.


  • No need to scrub
  • Spray and wait for a method
  • Lemon Water scent
  • Dissolves tough soap scum
  • Leaves the surface shiny
  • No bleach
  • No acid
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Non-toxic
  • Multi-purpose cleaner

What We Like About Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner

After just 15 minutes of being left on a yellow-stained bathtub, grime can be wiped away with just a hand towel and the majority of the yellow stains vanish. There is little to no scrubbing involved, and better yet the spray smells pleasant and doesn’t leave a chemical residue.

What We Don’t Like About Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner

If your tub has a lot of excess oil buildup, the cleaning process will take a little longer than 10 to 20 minutes. Mold buildup and black stains are hard to remove with the Bucko, so you need something a little stronger.


  • Smells great
  • Easy to use
  • Acts fast
  • No scrubbing needed


  • Doesn’t remove mold
  • Oil buildup is hard to remove

2. Wet and Forget Shower Cleaner

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Product Highlights

There is no scrubbing, harsh fumes, or bleach involved when using the Wet and Forget shower cleaner.


  • Use once a week
  • No scrubbing
  • Fast application
  • Easy to use
  • 12-week cleaning power
  • Vanilla scented
  • No irritating fumes
  • Does not contain ammonia or dyes
  • Prevents mold, mildew, grime and oil buildup

What We Like About Wet and Forget Shower Cleaner

The Wet and Forget Shower Cleaner is very easy to use, being able to leave the solution on overnight and simply rinse it off with the shower is very convenient. When used regularly, your shower will stay fresh and new and won’t allow mold to grow or accumulate hard water stains.

What We Don’t Like About Wet and Forget Shower Cleaner

If your shower is in a very neglected state, then the Wet and Forget cleaner probably won’t be strong enough for you. It is great for maintaining a clean bathroom, but not so good at removing old stains


  • Easy to use
  • Smells fresh
  • Can be used regularly
  • Just rinse off


  • Does not remove old stains
  • Requires some elbow grease

3. Skylar Life Home Mold and Mildew Remover

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Product Highlights

Skylar Life Home Mold and Mildew Remover can be used in bathrooms and kitchens to eliminate mold buildup and black stains. Simply apply the product, wait 5-6 hours, and rinse away.


  • No scrubbing
  • No sanding
  • Simple
  • Quick
  • Non-destructive method
  • Can be used on tiles, grout, sealant, baths sinks, and showers
  • Ready to use

What We Like About Skylar Life Home Mold and Mildew Remover

The product doesn’t need to be mixed with water or any other solutions before it is ready to use. It’s not just for the shower either, it can be used to clean the toilet, washing machine, tiles, window frame, bathtub, and washbasin. This saves you cleaning product storage space and money as the one product cleans multiple surfaces.

What We Don’t Like About Skylar Life Home Mold and Mildew Remover

The mold appears to be concealed, rather than removed after this product has been applied. If you reseal with grout after treatment without looking to see if the mold is completely gone, your mold problem is likely to come back.


  • No mixing required
  • Multi-purpose
  • Easy to use
  • Thick gel formula


  • Small bottle
  • Hard to squeeze out of the bottle

4. Better Life Natural Tub and Tile Cleaner

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Product Highlights

The Better Life Natural Tub and Tile Cleaner remove rust and other hard to banish buildups such as hard water stains.


  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Dissolves soap scum
  • Removes mold and mildew stains
  • Dissolves rust
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for kids and pets

What We Like About Better Life Natural Tub and Tile Cleaner

The Better Life cleaner manages to revive old bathtubs and showers all while staying environmentally friendly and completely free of toxins. It cleans better than any other natural cleaning product on the market.

What We Don’t Like About Better Life Natural Tub and Tile Cleaner

Due to the use of natural ingredients in this product, it has a very strong and unpleasant smell that lingers for a while after every use.


  • Phthalate and paraben-free
  • Doesn’t let off harmful fumes
  • Suitable for pregnant women
  • Lasts a long time


  • Bad smell
  • Leaves a greasy residue

5. Kaboom Hard Water Bathroom Cleaner

41FB0CaSU6L. SL500

Product Highlights

The Kaboom cleaner is specially formulated to eliminate lime, hard water, calcium, and rust buildup.


  • Removes hard water buildup
  • Improves rust stains
  • Eliminates lime and calcium buildup
  • Can be used all over the bathroom
  • Comes in a spray bottle

What We Like About Kaboom Hard Water Bathroom Cleaner

It is a very simple and easy-to-use cleaning product, it doesn’t need to be left on the surfaces for hours on end before washing or wiping off. Simply spray and scrub to remove horrible hard water stains and unpleasant stains.

What We Don’t Like About Kaboom Hard Water Bathroom Cleaner

The spray smells very bad and extremely toxic. If not washed off the surfaces properly, it can cause rashes and irritate the skin especially if it comes into contact with children and people with sensitive skin.


  • Easy to use
  • Can be wiped off instantly
  • Improves stains
  • Convenient packaging


  • Strong chemical smell
  • Not suitable for children

6. Grout-EEZ Heavy Duty Cleaner

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Product Highlights

Professional strength grout cleaner that comes with a free grout brush that banishes grout faster than scrubbing.


  • Comes with a brush
  • One bottle cleans 250 square feet of tile
  • Can be used on ceramic and porcelain
  • Heavy duty
  • Easy to use
  • Works fast
  • Not suitable for use on natural stone
  • Low odor
  • Can be used on colored and white group

What We Like About Grout-EEZ Heavy Duty Cleaner

The instructions on the bottle are clear and precise, ensuring you do not waste the product on ‘trial and error’ cleaning. All you need to do once the product is on the tiles is to wiggle the brush over the grout and the stains will come off easily.

What We Don’t Like About Grout-EEZ Heavy Duty Cleaner

Bad grout stains and old tiles need to have the product left on the surface for a longer period than stated on the bottle. Using the wrong cloth or brush on the grout may actually strip the grout and will require re-applying.


  • Effortless cleaning
  • Can be used in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Suitable for regular use
  • Easy to rinse off


  • May not remove the old grout
  • Can not be used on natural stone

7. Lime-A-Way Bathroom Cleaner

417Mv0M71HL. SL500

Product Highlights

Lime-A-Way Bathroom Cleaner removes tough and stubborn bathroom stains as well as polishes drains and taps.


  • Removes rust
  • Removes limestone and soap scum
  • Destroys calcium stains
  • Cleans hard water buildup
  • Removes stains in 60 seconds

What We Like About Lime-A-Way Bathroom Cleaner

It works brilliantly on removing lime caused by well water, it banishes the green lime buildup without leaving a nasty residue on the surfaces. You don’t need to scrub the stains with a brush or scotch that could potentially scratch the sink, using a microfibre cloth is more than enough to get the stains off.

What We Don’t Like About Lime-A-Way Bathroom Cleaner

The fumes can be a bit much, especially for anyone with sensitive eyes or asthma. Avoid using it in metal sinks as it will discolor the metal permanently.


  • Works fast
  • Doesn’t require a lot of scrubbing
  • Heavy duty
  • Tough on stains


  • Struggles to remove calcium buildup
  • Does not remove grout stains

8. Zep Shower Tub and Tile Cleaner

511tY+UHQrL. SL500

Product Highlights

The Zep Shower Tub and Tile Cleaner can be purchased in a pack of 2 or 4. Great for anyone who likes to have their cleaning products stashed away ready to be used on the spot.


  • Pro-Trusted acidic
  • No scrub formula
  • Professional grade acidic solution
  • Breaks down rush
  • Removes soap scum
  • Banishes stains
  • Works well on hard water buildup
  • Removes mildew stains

What We Like About Zep Shower Tub and Tile Cleaner

It doesn’t leave the surfaces streaky and full of smudges. No residue is left over after applications either which is great. All you need to do is spray and wipe immediately, only leave the product to sit on touch stains for a minute or so.

What We Don’t Like About Zep Shower Tub and Tile Cleaner

Hard water shower stains are especially hard to remove with the Zep Shower Tub and Tile Cleaner. Large stains will most likely require more than one treatment.


  • Works fast
  • Comes in a spray bottle
  • Can be used on glass
  • Removes mold


  • Not very strong
  • Has a terrible smell

9. Bio-Clean Hard Water Stain Remover

41U4LkbYSOL. SL500

Product Highlights

Designed to remove hard water stains from steel, granite, toilets, sinks, and other kitchen and bathroom appliances..


  • 40 oz cleaner
  • Multi-purpose
  • Suitable for a number of surfaces
  • Tough on stains

What We Like About Bio-Clean Hard Water Stain Remover

The Bio-Clean Hard Water Stain Remover doesn’t leave glass surfaces streaky, instead, it banishes soap scum to reveal a squeaky clean and good-as-new glass surface. It can remove years of hard water buildup in just a handful of treatments.

What We Don’t Like About Bio-Clean Hard Water Stain Remover

The drill is not included when you buy the remover. You must use a strong brush to remove stains along with the stain remover as a gentle brush or microfibre cloth will not suffice. Be aware that using scotch with this cleaner may scratch glass and steel.


  • Removes old stains
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with instructions
  • Leaves no streaks


  • Does not come with a brush
  • Doesn’t remove mold

10. RMR Mold Killer

414RmOLnm8L. SL500

Product Highlights

The RMR Mold Killer does just that… exterminates mold for good. It also kills 99.9% of household bacteria leaving your bathroom sterilized and fresh


  • Strong mold killer
  • Removes mildew stains
  • Kills 99.9% of household bacteria
  • Positively charged disinfectant
  • 100% organic soil tolerance
  • Removes over 140 microorganisms

What We Like About RMR Mold Killer

It banishes mold from all areas of the house, not just the bathroom and kitchen. It even removes black mold completely and stops it from regrowing.

What We Don’t Like About RMR Mold Killer

The RMR Mold Killer is not suitable for all materials, using it on wood and other natural materials may permanently damage it. It doesn’t have a smell to it at all which is a little off-putting, considering having a clean smelling bathroom is part of the satisfaction


  • Very sterile
  • Kills black mold
  • Great for everyday use
  • Multi-purpose


  • Not suitable for natural materials
  • Does not smell clean

Final Verdict

The Wet and Forget Shower Cleaner takes the crown this time. It requires little to no elbow grease to do a great job at keeping your bathroom looking as good as new.

Although old stains will not disappear just by ‘wetting and forgetting’ with this cleaner, they will come off with a bit of scrubbing and wiping, but don’t worry, you won’t break a sweat doing so. The bottle will last you a really long time, 3 months to be precise when used weekly, so it is a great value for the money too.

Wet and Forget Shower Cleaner FAQs

Q) Can the Wet and Forget Shower Cleaner be used on hard water stains?
A) Yes, hard water stains can be removed using the Wet and Forget Shower Cleaner. However, it will take a few weekly applications to remove the stains completely.

Q) Should it be applied to wet or dry shower surfaces?
A) For the best result, spray it on wet showers.

Q) What ingredients are used in the Wet and Forget Shower Cleaner?
A) The active ingredient is non-ionic and cationic surfactants.

Q) Can the Wet and Forget Shower Cleaner be used in the toilet?
A) It can, however, it won’t work as well as a toilet cleaner for the job seeing as it is designed to remove stains and mold.

Q) Can the Wet and Forget Shower Cleaner be used on onyx surfaces?
A) I would not recommend using this particular cleaner on onyx surfaces.

Q) What happens if you use an expired bottle to clean your surfaces?
A) It is not recommended to use any expired cleaning products due to the nature of the ingredients. The cleaner could smell stronger and cause skin irritation and other uncomfortable side effects if it comes in contact with your skin.

Q) Is it safe for use on clear glass and grout?
A) The product is suitable for use on grout and tiles. It will not damage glass, however, there are better-suited cleaning products for glass than this one.

Q) Is the Wet and Forget Shower Cleaner better at maintaining a clean and stain-free bathroom than it is at removing old stains?
A) That all depends on the amount of hard water buildup and stains you have in your bathroom. If your bathroom is fairly new and clean, with just the odd stubborn stain then it will eliminate it without any problems. If your bathroom is covered in mold, mildew, calcium buildup, and lime then the cleaner will not be able to remove the stains in one go.

Q) Can the cleaner be used on polished and unpolished marble?
A) I would not recommend using the cleaner on polished or unpolished marble. Stick to using it on the surfaces stated on the bottle only.

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