Where to Buy a Clothes Steamer?

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Not everyone knows about fabric and clothes steamers – if they did, there would be one in every home! If you have heard the good news about the benefits of steamers and want to buy one, it’s possible you might not know where to start.

There are different models – some look like kettles, some like hoovers. Some are very similar to irons or hairdryers. But garment steamers are sold in every major electronics store and you’ve probably walked past clothes steamers hundreds of times!

Where to Buy a Clothes Steamer


On this site we only link to Amazon – it has become the biggest shop in the world because it has fast delivery, low prices, and an unshakeable commitment to customer service. If you buy a fabric steamer through Amazon you’re not going to regret it. You don’t even have to leave home!

The links should redirect you to your local Amazon store (USA, UK, Germany, etc).


Best Buy

They have a good range and the prices aren’t bad. But personally I hate shopping there. The staff are always trying to sell me things I don’t want and the link between their website and their store isn’t great. Several times I’ve seen an item is in stock, gone to the store and found the shelves empty and the staff clueless.

But maybe I’ve just been unlucky! (Although Forbes described Best Buy as having ‘anti-service’, so I’m far from alone.) Follow this link to their store locator if you want to find one near you.


Everyone has their own opinion about Walmart, but 5 out of 6 Americans like shopping there. They have a good range of garment steamers and accessories. Here’s their store locator.

Bed Bath and Beyond

A shop I really like walking around, but one I rarely buy large items from. They’re just more expensive than the other choices. Store locator.


There are lots of garment steamers listed on ebay. With patience and luck you might save a buck. But in my experience, 19 out of 20 times it’s cheaper on Amazon and you don’t waste time looking through all the listings and trying to work out exactly what you’re buying.


Is an option if you trust strangers and don’t mind buying second-hand.


John Lewis

If you love their cute Christmas commercials, you’re in luck! John Lewis sells garment steamers. The prices are competitive if you can pick up in the store, but for home delivery you’ll end up paying a bit more than on a certain other website.


What a weird store! When I first went into one I thought it was a hospital waiting room. Still, they sell clothes steamers.


Canadian Tire

Have a limited range. I can’t comment on the prices or quality of service because I’ve never stepped foot in the country. One day! Fingers crossed.

London Drugs

They’ve got a selection on their website.

Rest of the World

Where to Buy a Garment Steamer in Malaysia

Lazada.com is the first place to look.

Where to Buy a Garment Steamer in Hong Kong

Buy second hand from expats on this website.

[NZ Flag goes here when they’ve chosen one.]

Where to Buy a Garment Steamer in New Zealand

Apart from major stores, you can check Trade Me for second-hand deals.