Garment Steamer School

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Fridja has an excellent range of videos showing you how to steam various garments. Here are some of the highlights, with the transcriptions.

How to Steam a Shirt

  1. Before turning the steamer on, clip the clasp attachment to the steamer head.
  2. Whilst steaming a shirt it’s advisable to start with the structure, so first tackle the placket, collar, and cuffs.
  3. With the top button done up, hold the shirt taut from the bottom and run the steamer head up and down the placket until fully pressed.
  4. Turn the collar up and run the steamer head away from you.
  5. Now do the same with each cuff. Repeat until fully pressed.
  6. For the main body, hold the shirt taut at the bottom and glide the steamer head up in short strokes.
  7. For light cotton shirts like this there’s no need to apply a great deal of pressure.
  8. Steam the back of the shirt using the same short strokes as used on the front.
  9. Rather than holding the steamer head flat against the fabric, angle the head so that only the top curve makes contact whilst the steam below returns the fibres to their natural alignment and pushes out the creases.
  10. Remove the creases from the sleeves by pulling the cuffs taut.
  11. For a sharper executive look use the clasp to create a crease along the sleeve – like this.
  12. Ready to cash cheques and snap necks in the office.

How To Steam Suit Trousers

  1. Hang your suit trousers up to the hanger with the pegs provided and then attach the clasp attachment to the steamerhead.
  2. By using the clasp attachment you can achieve a perfect crease every time! So much easier than with an iron.
  3. Once all four creases are looking sharp, you can remove the clasp attachment.
  4. Run the steamer head up and down the trousers until perfectly pressed.
  5. You can always use the hand mat for extra support! Dry cleaning is expensive and time consuming and harsh detergents that are used aren’t good for the fibres, whereas steaming realigns the fabric and returns them to their shop-bought glory.
  6. You’ll never burn them or get that horrible shiny finish.
  7. Your trousers are looking good with minimal effort.

How To Steam A Suit Jacket

  1. Suit jackets are enough of a reason in itself to get a steamer.
  2. Bring a suit jacket back to life, as shown here.
  3. Make sure to steam the lapels, pockets, and sleeves until the jacket is fully revitalised.
  4. Remember that not only will the jacket never be shiny after steaming (like with ironing tools), but you can never damage your jacket with a steamer. Try using the clasp attachment for an especially sharp finish on the back vent, as shown here.
  5. Looking sharp every day – with no extra dry cleaning costs.

How To Steam Jeans

  1. Jeans are easily steamed and we’ve picked an extra thick pair to show you how it’s done.
  2. Clip the jeans on to the hangar and fire up the steamer! We’ve used the supplied hand mat for extra support to eliminate the creases.
  3. As you can see, with a little pressure the creases drop out! This is even easier on thin jeans or jeans with elastic.
  4. Steaming a pair of jeans will also prolong their life and reduce shrinking as you won’t need to wash them as often.
  5. And steaming will freshen them up and not reduce the colour, especially in indigo jeans.
  6. Steaming your jeans will give them an extra lease of life, especially if they have been sitting on your floor from the night before.

How To Steam A Pleated Skirt

  1. This sunny yellow skirt will brighten up any day, except the day you try to iron it.
  2. But with a garment steamer, you’ll be armed like a professional.
  3. Simply hover the steamer head over the pleats to relax and straighten the fabric.
  4. Use the hand mat for extra support – like this.
  5. Simple, now you’re done, go brighten up someone else’s day.

How To Steam A Knitted or Cashmere Top

  1. Ironing cashmere seems like a horrible gamble given the price. However, when using a fabric steamer you’re not in danger of damaging the delicate, expensive fabric.
  2. Hold the top taut and remove the creases like this.
  3. Repeat the same process on the back.
  4. Remember you can steam this top to look fresh, and thus reduce the number of times you would wash – it prolonging its life.
  5. Get perfect-looking sleeves, like this.
  6. Another case of garment steamers keeping expensive clothing safe and looking brand new.