Joy Mangano Steamer Review

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Key Features

  • Range of fun colors
  • Retractable cord
  • Highly portable

Our Review

Ironing is one method for removing creases and wrinkles from your clothes but boy is it slow and girl is it tedious! To the rescue comes the My Little Steamer. It’ll blast wrinkles out of your clothes with ease and, most importantly, with lightning fast speed.


The 12.5” steamer has a bent 4” triangle steamer head that is capable of providing more than ten minutes of continuous steam. The design is outlandish yet smart making this hand-held steamer extremely portable and easy to use.

We like this steamer for a number of reasons and the availability of ten different hues is one of them. You can select from vibrant colors like Hot Pink, Sapphire, Country Red, Canary Yellow, Bright White, Graphite, Turquoise, Purple Orchid, Willow Green, or Creamy Linen so that the model you choose fits in with your home decor.


The 900-Watt steamer removes wrinkles and creases from your clothes and fabrics pretty well. It’s quite large compared to its rivals, but it’s still quite suitable for travel. If it’s larger than other travel steamers, it’s got a bit of extra oomph – peace of mind if you want to unwrinkle a suit or heavy gown that’s been squashed in a suitcase.

It heats up within sixty seconds and can hold a decent amount of water – that lets you keep working instead of having to refill the tank all the time.

It uses normal tap water – don’t worry about calk or heavy water. A water level window notifies when the steamer requires re-filling. It has a retractable cord – possibly a bit annoying around the house, but a godsend when you start packing your bags.

Some things to note

It’s easy enough to use, but there are some tricks that’ll help you get the most out of it.

For example, holding it at the right angle for maximum effect is more art than science, and you’ll have to learn how much steam your fabrics need on a case by case basis.

As it’s essentially a plastic kettle, do take care when using it. A lot of first time steamer owners are complacent about their new toys and don’t treat steam with the respect it deserves. It’s HOT, people!

Some customers have said that a lot of use can damage the device’s internal functions, but others have used theirs happily for years. Personally, I’ve never had a problem with reliability.

Final Thoughts

The Joy Mangano 900-Watt My Little Steamer is a great alternative to ironing as the device is capable of providing similar results in less time and with less cursing.

If you regularly need to beat creases and ESPECIALLY if you travel often, this easy-to-use, colorful, portable steamer might become your new best friend.