Fairywill Sonic Toothbrush

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You rarely think of affordability when you think of electronic toothbrushes—a market where the high end can cost several hundreds of dollars. What`s more, you don’t think of affordability when you’re seeking a quality electronic toothbrush.

But what if you could get high-quality results and get even high-end features without paying high prices—because that’s the reason nearly everyone is turning to Fairlywill Electric toothbrushes.

The company has a lineup of affordable options. However, the affordability only matters if the quality is not compromised, right?

And the next question that would bring everything into perspective is:

Is Fairywill non-compromising when it comes to quality?

It might be difficult to tell from the shear surface. Fortunately, we are going to explore the most advanced model from Fairywill—the FW-507 to correctly address the question of quality.

Let`s get started.

Fairlywill Sonic Toothbrush

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A Deep Dive into Fairywill 507

Fairlywill is a brand all about family, friends, and care. They have simple dreams. They make a great brush that they want to bring to families.

They design and sell it as a brush, which practically works but costs a fraction of the giants. To show how credible they are, every staff member, family, and their friends use the brush.

Specifically, this toothbrush is designed for adults and children and cleans teeth like a dentist.

The FW 507 features five modes (clean, whitening, polish, sensitive, and massage). Of all the brushes that Fairlywill presents to the world, this is the highest number of modes you’ll see.

Better yet, the toothbrush is rechargeable, holds a 4-hr charge for a minimum of 30 days despite presenting sonic tech that delivers powerful yet less noisy teeth cleaning by higher frequency micro motions combined with water pressure and pulsation.

This toothbrush removes plaque up to 100 % and stain in less than a week. It improves gums and oral health in 2 weeks compared to a manual toothbrush.

It comes with a 2-minute timer with intervals pause reminding every 30 seconds.

Aside from that, this brush is fully waterproof, fully washable to be used in a bathroom. In fact, it has an anti-slip handle and a protective bristle cover that ensure hygienic storage.

Who is it for?

This toothbrush suits nearly everyone—adults and children.

Fairywill Sonic Toothbrush FW507

What we like About Fairlywill Sonic Toothbrush

  • Smart Timer that ensures you brush as the dentist recommends. When the two minutes are over, the handle shut itself down to prevent over-brushing. Over-brushing is just as bad as under-brushing because it hurts the gums.
  • It comes with a pacer which serves to ensure that you’ll cover every region of the mouth when brushing. Every 30 seconds, the handle will briefly stop vibrating, which indicates that it is time to move to the next region of the mouth. This feature is always available inexpensive electric toothbrushes. It is nice to see it here.
  • Lots of power—the amount of power you’ll find with FW-507 is genuinely difficult to beat. The 40000 strokes per minute you’ll get from this brush is more than enough to ensure efficient removal of bacteria on the teeth.
  • Affordable—the biggest selling point of this brush is its price despite them working excellently. The performance this brush offers, you’d expect to spend significantly more.
  • The tooth comes with 5 modes, White, Clean, Sensitive, Polish, and Massage mode to present a full-pack dental solution regardless of what condition your teeth are.

What we Don’t like About Fairlywill Sonic Toothbrush

No Bluetooth tech

Bluetooth connection is a utility you’ll find in the high-end electric toothbrushes but absent in this model. However, for most users, they’ll not mind this feature.


  • Offers powerful Dentist-like clean 
  • One 4-hour charge lasts 30 days
  • 5 higher performance modes that suit different teeth and gum conditions
  • The battery is rechargeable using USB charging
  • The bristles are made by Dupont nylon to support teeth topography


  • Lacks pressure-sensor, which is only available on the high-end unit. This feature could greatly improve the performance of the brush as it would alert you when you’re brushing your teeth too hard.

What’s included?

  • 1 Fairywill 507 toothbrush with black handle
  • 4 Electric toothbrush heads
  • 1 protective bristle cover
  • DC cable without adapter
  • 1 instruction manual

Overview of the features

Ultimate Power

The microwave head brush generates 40000 micro strokes per minute that deliver comprehensive cleaning.

The Fairy 507 electric brush has 40000 microbrushes per minute that removes up to 100% more plaque and stain compared to a manual toothbrush. It allows you to enjoy a clean and healthy gum and oral health in 14 days. It is more than enough to give your teeth a thorough clean every time than you use it.

W-Shaped Brush head design

The toothbrush comes with tooth-waved bristled made with Dupont nylon to suit tooth topography for thorough cleaning of the gums and reach the hard-to-reach areas. The bristles are round at the top for safety and gentleness.

Built-in 2-minute smart timer with intervals pauses reminding every 30 seconds to keep good brushing habits as recommended by dentists.

Durable and worry-free battery Life

The toothbrush comes with a battery with a long lifespan. Rechargeable for 4 hours charge, which supports 30 days use, which is a companion for family travel.

What more, any phone, iPhone, iPads, and devices like Laptop, PC, or power banks with USB port are compatible with the DC cable that comes along with the cable.

5 Optional Modes

5 optional modes of Clean, White, Sensitive, and Massage presents brushing solutions for every kind of teeth and gum.

Besides, it combines both strong and gentle mode for adults, children, and seniors.

IPX7 Waterproof

The toothbrush is completely waterproof and usable in a shower or bathtub. 

Fairly enough, Fairlywill seems to deliver on its objective of making excellent pieces at a great price.

The timer, the pacer, and the power this electric toothbrush delivers are a great example that they are managing to stay up-to-date on the key pieces of technology without costing you a fortune.