What to Look For in a Hair Dryer?

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If you are a hair styling enthusiast, you must have the right tools in your kit that can help you maintain your outstanding appearance. A blow dryer is one of the indispensable components you must invest in to maintain frizz-free, smooth, and shiny hair.

However, choosing the ideal dryer can be overwhelming since there is a plethora of hairdryers available on the market. The good news is that there are different measures you can take to pick an instrument that suits your needs. In this article, we will explain the things you should look for in a hair dryer.


Wattage is the power or strength of the hair dryer’s motor, which determines its efficiency. Some blowers are slow while others are fast; this is caused by varying wattage. Therefore, you must look for a professional hair dryer with higher wattage of up to 3600. Powerful dryers are expensive, but they are worth the investment. They produce more air, which dries your hair more quickly.

A medium size blower is ideal for people with thin hair. If the blower has low wattage, it mainly relies on the heat it produces to dry hair. Such type of instrument is likely to burn out quickly as a result of the high stress exerted on the motor.

Technology and Materials

Modern hair dryers consist of high-tech materials that enhance performance. There are various heating materials used in the manufacturing of hair blowers. The popular options include tourmaline, titanium, ceramic, and porcelain. These materials are used to craft hair blowers that are suitable for different hair types.

Ceramic and Porcelain

If you are looking for a hair blower that leaves your hair smooth, you should consider something with ceramic and porcelain technology. Ceramic technology controls the heat and distributes it evenly across the dryer. Porcelain coating provides gentle and consistent heat, which is suitable for delicate or damaged hair.

Ionic Technology

Ionic dryers use technology that is designed to produce negative ions that displace the positively charged water molecules that hold onto hair after washing it. The negative ions produced by the dryer help remove excess moisture, speed the drying process, lock moisture onto the hair cuticle, keep the hair shaft straight, and reduce unwanted frizz.

An ionic hair dryer is suitable for someone with frizzy, coarse, or curly hair. The internal parts of these dryers are made from a special mineral called tourmaline that produces negative ions. Tourmaline dryers are crafted to produce the best results in a short period of time. However, these dryers are not ideal for individuals with thin hair.


Titanium is a lightweight mineral that also enhances heat distribution and raises airflow temperature. It also optimizes the drying time and is appropriate for individuals with coarse hair. If you have brittle or frizzy hair, you should not use this dryer.


A perfect hair dryer should be comfortable to use. Therefore, when shopping for a blower, look for something with an ergonomic handle that is easy to hold. A dryer with waterproof material is ideal since this helps prevent moisture from reaching the interior. Moisture can affect the smooth flow of electric current and cause rust. These issues affect the longevity and performance of your device.

You also need to look at other features that make the gadget easier to use, such as button placement. For instance, a cool shot button once pressed produces cool air to the blown-out hair to seal the cuticle and keep the hair looking shiny the whole day.


Another vital aspect you should consider when buying a hair dryer is weight. Dryers come in different shapes and sizes, so you must choose something with a lightweight design that is easy to carry around. A heavy dryer can also cause discomfort when you hold it for an extended period. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider a travel hair dryer.


A blower should come with different attachments that enhance performance and efficiency. For instance, concentrator nozzles are crucial since they help spread the airflow evenly across your hair. This accessory gives you total control of the hair blower. Some items are used for styling while others are meant to provide a perfect finish.

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Heat Adjustment Features

Hair blow dryers function by providing enough heat to enhance the hair-drying process. Therefore, you should look for instruments with power and heat control settings to help you adjust the airflow and temperature. High dryer temperatures can lead to heat damage.

For instance, a higher speed setting allows you to remove excess moisture from hair. This feature helps you quickly do your wet hair in the morning when you are in a rush. A perfect dryer must have adjustable heat settings to help the users achieve the best results every time. Lower power settings prevent hair damage. You can adjust the heat levels to suit the texture of your hair.

Cost and Warranty

If you are looking for a quality hair dryer, then you must consider a high-end tool, which usually comes with a high price tag. While high price is not synonymous with quality, expensive products tend to provide better performance, and most of them are durable.

Low-cost hair dryers come with few extra features and have low wattage, meaning they strongly rely on high temperatures. These cheaper models usually don’t last long since they always work under pressure. If you buy a low-end dryer, its motor is likely to blow out quickly due to exposure to high temperatures.

It is essential to shop around and compare the prices of hair dryers and their features. If the dryer is not meant for commercial purposes, it must have a reasonable price. It is a good idea to consult a professional hairstylist to gain some knowledge about the key features of different dryers.

You also need to check if the hair blower comes with a warranty. Pricey tools have warranties to protect consumers. However, certain warranties exclude shipping costs which can make the return process expensive.

Care and Maintenance

You need to check if the hair dryer is easy to maintain. Some dryers have filters, so you must check if replacement parts are accessible. In some cases, replacement parts can be expensive. You should also check the user manual to see if you can manage to service and fix your blower. With proper maintenance, your dryer can last several years.


A quality hair blow dryer does not necessarily need to be expensive. With these shopping ideas, you can get a professional hair dryer without breaking the bank. It is essential to shop around to get a blower with features that suit your needs. Do some research and try to read customer reviews to get insight into what other people say about the dryer before you press the buy button. More importantly, you should have a realistic budget to get something that can last longer.