The Best Tweezers for Eyebrows, Chin Hair and Splinters

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Tweezers are one of those useful tools that don’t get a second thought until you find yourself in a position where you really need them. Whether you use tweezers to pluck your eyebrows or have them safely stored away in your medicine cabinet or first aid kit, tweezers can be found in nearly every household.

Some people just buy a cheap pair of tweezers and never give it a second thought. But if you are anything like us you will want the right tool for the right job. So we set about testing a boatload of best tweezers in an attempt to find the best of the best. When we test we don’t do things in halves:

Some of the tweezers we tested and reviewed
Some of the tweezers we tested

To date, we have tested over 80 makes and models of tweezers. Tweezers are little more than two pieces of metal stuck together. In terms of product design, it really doesn’t get much simpler than that.

This is why it surprised us that there was a huge variation in performance between the different makes and models. Because of this, finding the perfect tweezers was not as easy as we initially thought.

Comparison Chart

Tweezerman Professional Stainless Steel Slant
31XP 4On65L. SL500
Got Glamour Micro Slant Hair & Eyebrow Tweezer
31WS0ozY93L. SL500
Niegeloh Topinox Solingen Professional Long Pointed Tweezers
310JdgpMVnL. SL500
Rubis Switzerland Needle Nose Tweezer
Cricket Beauty Hardware Pro Point/Slant Tweezer
414Qqk+1uML. SL500
Rubis Perforated Slant Tip Tweezer
Rubis Switzerland Straight Tip Tweezer
21rCathKUDL. SL160
Rubis Switzerland Safety Tip Tweezer
Beadalon Curved Tweezers

Slant Tip Tweezers

Slant tip tweezer tips compared side by side
Left to right: Revlon, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Malva Belle, Tweezerman, Rubis, Topinox

When most people refer to tweezers, they are talking about the slant-tip variety.

As the name suggests, the blade of the slant tip tweezers is cut at an angle. When it comes to tweezers; slant tips are the best all-rounder. If you do not have already own a set of tweezers then we recommend the slant tip as your starting point.

Using the point of the tweezers will allow for a more precise plucking and grabbing. By flipping the tweezers the other way you can use the flat end to grab larger areas but with less control.

Best slant tip tweezers Tweezers

Being the most popular of tweezer types, we were unsurprised to see that this was the most commonly available style of tweezer. As such, the competition was fierce. With testing, we were able to narrow the selection down to five great performers.

Tweezerman Professional Stainless Steel – Value for money

Now I know you may be looking at the price and thinking that is hardly a budget pick but if you want good tweezers that will last a lifetime then you are going to have to pay for them.

Unlike the rest of the Tweezerman range, which failed to impress, the Professional Stainless Steel tip appears to be milled exceptionally well. The tip was more than capable of plucking even the smallest of hairs.

The Tweezerman Professional Slant comes in a wide range of colors. While it may look pretty, we were would have preferred a plain metal design. The painted finish is slipperier to grip than similar tweezers with unfinished metal.

Got Glamour Micro Slant – Best for precision

31XP 4On65L. SL500

Got Glamour is one of the very few pairs of tweezers we were able to track down that was made right here on American Soil. The tweezers are honed in New York and are a fine example of American craftsmanship.

The small tip was an instant favorite here at the office and after testing them we were puzzled as to why more manufacturers don’t offer a narrow slant tip. The small tip made precision plucking simpler than using a wider tipped tweezer.

Now the downside to the small head is that it will be less useful in situations where you want a wider grip on the head. But if all you want is good quality tweezers for your eyebrows then these are more than up to the task. And the fact that they are made in the USA really sweetens the deal.

Also Good…

The following slant tip tweezers are also worth checking out.

Comparison Chart

31lTVkSIblL. SL500
Got Glamour Slant Hair & Eyebrow Tweezer
Rubis Classic Tweezer
21naLlQs5eL. SL500
TopInox Stainless Steel Slanted Tweezers

Got Glamour Slant – Just like their Micro Slant tweezer, Got Glamour’s standard sized slant tip is a great all-rounder. And also made in the USA

Rubis Slant tip Tweezer – Made in Switzerland, the Rubis tweezers performed great in every single category. The arms are quite thick, which did not appeal to every tester but in terms of performance, they rivaled the best.

Topinox Slanted Tweezers – Made by Niegeloh in Solingen, Germany; these tweezers showcase exceptional workmanship. If you are looking for classic style tweezers with narrow arms then the Topinox Slant would make a fine addition to your medicine cabinet.

Slanted Tweezers to Avoid

The following slant tip tweezers were not of the quality we would have expected for the reasons listed.

3 Swords Slant Tip – The edges of the blade were rounded making precise plucking difficult.

Apex Micro Slant – Made in America and performed well. However, the finish was much rougher than that of our top pick, the Got Glamour micro-slant.

Malva Belle Slant Tweezers – At first glance, they appear to be a cheaper Anastasia Beverly Hills tweezer. While they plucked better than drugstore tweezers they still struggled on fine blonde hairs.

CoverGirl Precision Angled Tweezer – Had a cross-bite that made the edges of the blade unusable.

Cricket Slant Tip Tweezers – We were surprised to place the German made slant tips here but the jaws of the tweezers had the narrowest opening out of all the tweezers we tested.

Muji Steel Tweezers – As is a common trend with Muji products, the tweezers are nickel plated. Despite offering a great grip and meticulous finishing the small size and stiff tensioning made us pass them by.

Mehaz Professional Slanted Tweezers 350 – Despite being made in Italy, Mehaz had some alignment issues that allowed finer hairs to slip through its grasp.

Pfeilring Stainless Steel Slant Tip – These are the same tweezers that Brookstone sells. At first glance, the build quality appears to be excellent however the jaws were slightly misaligned.

Probelle Slant – Overpriced and underperforms. Nicely aligned but still struggled to pluck fine hairs.

Revlon Expert Tweezer Slant Tip – All slant tip tweezers from Revlon we tested were awful. Misaligned jaws, edges that failed to grip fine hairs and a blade edge that noticeably dulled over the course of our testing period. Cheap and nasty.

Seki Edge Contour Slant Tip SS-513 – Quality Japanese workmanship was let down by a crudely finished tip.

Seki Edge Contour Slant Tip SS-512 – While we appreciate Seki tried to do something new, the design was not only flimsy but obstructed our view during use.

Seki Edge Extra Grip Slant Tip SS-504 – While the wider grip did make the tweezers feel better in the hand, the tweezers only gripped on the right half of the blade. The left-hand edge had a gap that was just large enough to allow hairs to slip through.

Seki Edge Smart Tweeze – The Smart Tweeze had the widest opening out of all tweezers we tested. While the jaws precisely closed, the thin rear of the tweezers are not very durable, one of the testers managed to bend the rear in her makeup bag.

Topinox Professional Slant – While they managed to pluck all types of hair, the tensioning was perhaps the stiffest out of all the tweezers we tested, making their use unenjoyable.

Tweezerman Mini Slant – Stiff and failed to grab fine hairs. The finish on the blades was also poor.

Tweezerman Slant Tweezer – Despite looking identical to the Slant Professional minus the colors, the standard Tweezerman Slant performed poorly in comparison.

Tweezerman Slant Tweezerette While we loved the narrow tip of the Tweezerette, the blades were too sharp. When they clamped down on hairs they cut the hair rather than pluck it.

TweezerGuru – While they might be better than Walmart tweezers, we found that TweezerGuru tweezers struggled when it came to grabbing fine blonde hairs.

Pointed Tip Tweezers

Pointed Tip Tweezer Comparison
Left to right: Revlon, Cricket, Rubis, Topinox, Tweezerman, Tweezerman Needle and Rubis Needle

No, it’s not a prison shank. Pointed tip tweezers have a very sharp and narrow point making it the most precise style of tweezer. The fine tip gives you an unobstructed view of the area you are tweezing.

Pointed tips tweezers are not recommended for beginners or those of you with shaky hands. If you plan to use pointed tip tweezers on your eyebrows then we recommend choosing tweezers with a slightly rounded point.

Where pointed tip tweezers excel is removing splinters. The sharp point not only allows you to accurately clamp on to the smallest of splinters but also dig at the surrounding skin without doing too much damage. Doing so helps you to raise the most awful and hard to grab of prickles, the flat laying ones.

Pointed tip tweezers are also made in a needle nose variety. While they are less suited for grooming they excel at removing ingrown hairs and ticks

The effectiveness on pointed tip tweezers all depends on your ability to care for them. The blades dull quickly if not properly stored and cared for, resulting in poor performance.

Use when:

  • Removing splinters, pricks, and spikes from your skin
  • Removing hairs and foreign objects with very little area to grab on to.
  • Digging up and removing ingrown hairs.
  • Placing tiny rhinestones and decals onto nail art

Best Pointed Tip Tweezers

The points came in all shapes and sizes. Some were slightly thicker, for plucking individual hairs. Others were so sharp they could be used as a sewing needle. The right pointed tip for you will entirely depend on how you want to use it.

Niegeloh Topinox Professional Long Pointed Tweezer – Best for individual hairs

31WS0ozY93L. SL500

The Topinox Professional Pointed Tweezer is not only easy to hold but can hone in on the finest of hairs without tugging the one next to it.

The handle is roughly a third of the size larger than your standard set of tweezers both in length and thickness. The Extra surface area helped to maintain a confident grip on the tweezers.

The opening of the jaws was wider than that of the other pointed tweezers we tested allowing them to pick up larger objects. When it came to nail art, the tweezers were unequaled. The precision of the tweezers allowed us to pick up and place rhinestones and decals in the exact position we desired. Just be careful not to drag the tweezer point over your nail, you risk scratching it.

Despite the extra size, the Topinox tweezers were some of the lightest we tested.

If you don’t like the idea of sharp pointed tweezers being anywhere near your eye then you might prefer the Topinox Classic Point or Cricket Pro Point, both of which are a little less stabby but also performed well. It was a coin flip between the Cricket and Topinox for our top pick, but the cricket lost out on account of their price.

Rubis Switzerland Needle Nose Tweezer – Best for ingrown hairs and splinters

310JdgpMVnL. SL500

When it came to digging out ingrown hairs, no tweezer came close to the fine point found on the Rubis Needle nose tweezer. The sharpest and narrowest point out of all the tweezers we tested

Gotta hand it to the Swiss when it comes to precision engineering the sure know what to do. The sharp point made freeing ingrown hairs from under the skin a breeze and could even clamp down on impossibly small pieces of hair to pull them out without shearing them.

If it is partially hiding beneath the skin, these are just the best tweezers you need to get it out.

While Rubis tweezers are made from thicker sections of stainless steel, making them feel less responsive in the hand, the wider handle made it much easier to hold between your forefinger and thumb.

The Rubis Switzerland Needle Nose Tweezer is also our best tweezer recommendation for removing ticks.

Word of warning, be careful placing the plastic cap over the end of the Rubis Needle Nose Tweezer, the point is sharp enough to slice right through it. One of our testers punctured her skin in the process.

Budget Pick Tweezerman Splintertweeze – While the narrow tip is slightly blunt rather than sharp, it still performed better than the fatter tips found on other pointed tweezers when it came to digging out tweezers.

Also Good…

The following Pointed Tweezers are also worth checking out.

Comparison Chart

21mLdpJT0lS. SL500
Cricket Beauty Hardware Pro Ultra Fine Point Tweezer
31S4RtpVsIL. SL500
Rubis Switzerland Point Tweezer
21glxS Ps0L. SL500
Seki Edge Stainless Steel Point Tweezer

Cricket Pro Point – The most expensive pointed tweezers we tested. They point is a little less sharp, and excelled at plucking individual hairs. Be careful not to confuse them with the standard (and cheaper) point tip, that didn’t perform as well.

Rubis Pointed Tweezers – While they are too sharp to be used on individual hairs, the Rubis standard point tweezers still worked well at removing splinters.

Seki Point – Made in Japan, the Seki point not only impressed us with their cheap price but relative performance. If you are looking for budget pointed tweezers this should be your starting point.

Topinox Classic Point – These traditionally styled tweezers feature a gentle tip that won’t jab your skin while plucking your brow. Despite the rounded tip, testers were still able to accurately home on a single fine hair and successfully pluck it.

Pointed Tweezers to avoid

The following Pointed tip tweezers were not of the quality we would have expected for the reasons listed.

Revlon Point Tip – Jaws that won’t line up slipped right off finer hairs.

Revlon Splinter Tweezer – If anything these were worse than Revlon’s standard point tip. Poor build quality, misaligned jaws made precision impossible.

Tweezerman Stainless Steel Point – Made in India but priced the same as our Swiss and German recommendations, these pointed tweezers performed poorly in comparison. If they cut the price in half and then some they would have made our recommended list.

Tweezerman Professional Point – Even more expensive than the ones we mentioned above. While they appeared to pluck just fine they dulled quicker than any other pointed tweezers we reviewed.

Topinox Professional Pointed Tweezers – Not to be confused with our longer recommendation above, the shorter Topinox pointed tweezers were slightly misaligned.

Toiletree Ingrown Hair Tweezers While they may come with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee, even when they work at their best they are flimsy garbage. The unusual shape can only be described as annoying and they fail to grip fine hairs.

Pointed-Slant tip Tweezers

Pointed slant tweezers side by side comparison
Left to right: Trim, Cricket, Tweezerman, Sally Hansen, Rubis

If pointed tip and slant tip best tweezers had a baby the pointed-slant tip would be the result.

The slant is much steeper than the classic slant tip allowing for more precise plucking while still providing a flat edge for when it is needed.

Pointed-Slant tweezers can be difficult to track down due to their lack of popularity.

Best pointed slant tweezer

The definition of pointy varied from brand to brand. Some were so sharp they could poke your eyes, perfect for precisely removing splinters. Others had blunt ends and were better suited for accurate plucking of hairs without poking yourself.

Cricket Pointed Slant Tweezer – Best all round pointed Slant


When it came to the hybrid tweezer; the pointed slant, Germany took the crown. The Solingen made tweezers were the perfect combination of alignment, ergonomics and looks.

The wider body made the best tweezers much easier to grip while the head was able to clamp down and not let go.

We found that while the brushed metal finish looks sleek, it scratches easily. Fortunately this in no way impacted the tweezers ability to clamp down on fine eyebrow hairs that just won’t stay in line.

While the head was the smallest out of all the pointed slant tweezers we tested, the Cricket tweezers didn’t suffer because of it.

Rubis Perforated Slant – Pointiest Slant

414Qqk+1uML. SL500

The Rubis tweezers were the pointiest out of all the pointed slants we tested. The sharper point allowed for more precision while still having a usable flat edge.

While the straight edge appears to have the largest surface area out of all the pointed slant tweezers, only half of it is usable; the half closest to the point.

Pointed Slant Tweezers to avoid

The following Pointed Slant Tip tweezers were not of the quality we would have expected for the reasons listed.

Revlon Slant Point – Doesn’t grip and the jaws don’t line up. Has no redeeming qualities.

Sally Hansen – Also known as La Cross Tweezers, these tweezers worked okay for coarser hair but failed to pluck finer hairs.

Tweezerman Pointed Slant – The tip had alignment issues. While the very point would clamp down on hairs, the flat side would not.

Trim Slant Point – The only pair of tweezers to rust during our testing.

Square Tip Tweezers

Flat Square Tip Tweezers side by side comparison
Left to right: Seki, Trim, Topinox Professional, Rubis, Topinox, Revlon

Also known as a straight tip or flat tip, these tweezers have nothing more than a straight edge for a tip.

Without a point, straight tip tweezers are very inaccurate but still have their uses. If you have small patches of fine blonde hairs on your chin, you know; the awful ones that are invisible until the light shines on them, straight tip tweezers offer a more effective solution than finer tipped tweezers.

Instead of plucking the hairs one at a time, straight tip tweezers allow you to rip patches out with a single tug.

Straight tip tweezers are also suitable for application purposes. Like applying a cotton swab to the skin. Because the tip is less sharp, there is no risk of it poking you.

To be honest, straight tip tweezers are in very low demand and have been outclassed by the far superior slant tip.

Use when:

  • You want to remove patches of hair
  • Application purposes.

Best Square Tip Tweezer

Ever since the introduction of slant tip tweezers, square tips have been waning in popularity. Out of all the square tips we tested, only one really stood out.

Rubis Switzerland – The best straight tip there is

When it came to straight tip tweezers Rubis were unrivaled in terms of performance. Perfectly aligned blades with a sleek look, this is as good as it gets.

The only downside is that these are some of the most expensive tweezers around, although you definitely get what you pay for.

If you can’t fathom spending that much on a pair of tweezers then the Topinox Professional Straight Tweezers also performed well, although their tensioning makes them a little stiff compared to the fluid movement of the Rubis.

Square Tip Tweezers to avoid

The following Straight Tip tweezers were not of the quality we would have expected for the reasons listed.

Denco Square Tip – Seemingly too cheap to pass up, Denco’s tweezers were not only poorly aligned but the finish on the blades was jagged.

Revlon Square Tip – Revlon proved once again that it has no business making tweezers. The jaws were aligned so poorly that a third of the blade had a small gap when closed.

Topinox Classic Straight Tweezers – Unfortunately the Topinox Classic Straight Tip had somewhat of a cross-bite which prevented us from being able to use the corners of the tweezer head.

Trim Square Tip – Another Nickel Plated Monster. The nickel plating was so poor that it prevented the blades from closing properly.

Round Tipped Tweezers

Round Tip Safety Tweezers side by side comparison
Left to right: Rubis, Sally Hansen, Apex, Hans Kniebes, Nook

At first glance, the round-tipped best tweezers (also called blunt tip tweezers) would be a safety conscious persons dream. No point on the edge of the tweezers means it is impossible to stab yourself.

The round tip also allows you to hold the tweezers at any angle without affecting the “grabability” of the tweezers.

In practice, the larger surface area makes the round tipper tweezers unsuitable for plucking hairs or extracting splinters. Accuracy is difficult, like straight tip tweezer, pulling out a single hair is near impossible.

Where the round tip tweezers shine is the application. For instance; if you are using tweezers to dab a cotton swab, the sharp jaws of the tweezers will not poke through.

Round-tipped best tweezers are the least popular style of tweezer and can be difficult to track down.

Use when:

  • Ripping out ear hair
  • Plucking close to the eye
  • Applying cotton swabs
  • You need kid-friendly tweezers
  • You have poor hand-eye coordination
  • You suffer from Hemophilia
  • The only scissors in your home are safety scissors.

Best round tip safety tweezers

We were surprised to find that there is no set width for the tips found on round tip tweezers. Some are small and precise while others were so large that they were less like tweezers and more like mini-tongs. Only one round tipped tweezer really stood out.

Rubis Safety Tip Tweezer – Best for safe but effective plucking

21rCathKUDL. SL500

Who would have thought it would be so hard to make a round tipped tweezer? Rubis is the only brand that was able to adequately grip and pluck hairs at all points of the rounded tip.

While the round tip allowed for no amount of precision, when it clamped down on a clump of hairs, it clamped down tight and didn’t let go. A yank later and that patch of hairs was all ripped out.

The rounded edge did not pierce or scratch the skin when prodded into it, which is exactly what you would want from safety tweezers.

Round Tip Tweezers to avoid

The following Round Tip tweezers were not of the quality we would have expected for the reasons listed.

Apex Round tip tweezers – Unfortunately the blades were not perfectly aligned. This meant that only half of the tweezers tip closed flush, allowing hairs to slip through the gaps.

Nook Round Tip Even though it has won design awards, calling these tweezers is a bit of a stretch. They are more like mini tongs. There is too much surface area on the head for any kind of precision.

Sally Hansen Get To The Point – These were the pointiest round tips we tested. However, the jaws failed to close perfectly.

Curved Tweezers

Curved Tweezers side by side comparison

Curved tweezers are not designed for plucking hairs and pulling at objects. Where curved best tweezers excel is accurately placing down objects.

If you are attempting to insert fake eyelashes or accurately place rhinestones and nail decals then the curved will give you greater control.

Use when:

  • wearing fake eyelashes.
  • Creating designs with rhinestones and decals for nail art

Best Curved Tweezer

When it came to curved tweezers the bar was set exceptionally low. Out of all the curved tweezers we tested, only one pair stood out. The remainder were poorly constructed, misaligned, or failed to grip.

While the curved tweezers with rounded ends may seem like a safer option for applying false eyelashes, every pair that we tested failed to properly grip the extensions.

We know that your parents never told you to stick sharp objects near your eye but the curved tweezers with a sharper point actually performed much better. Since using any curved tweezers can be dangerous we must warn you to attempt this at your own risk.

Beadalon – Best curved tweezers for lashes and nail art

The Beadalon stood out as the top pick. An affordable price, a nice sweeping neck and a tip that is sharp, But not too sharp.

When it came to nail art even the smallest of rhinestones could be picked and placed down with accuracy. One of the testers appreciated that she could place decals without the tip of the tweezers scratching her nails.

Similarly, the Beadalon tweezers gripped well when it came to styling lashes, far better than any other curved tweezers we tested.

A quick note on Tweezerman Tweezers

Tweezerman used to be unrivaled when it came to manufacturing tweezers. With affordable, best tweezers, precisely made in Italy and a free sharpening program for the life of the product, there really was no other brand that came close.

Fast forward to today and all Tweezerman tweezers are now made in India. As you may have guessed, the quality has slipped especially when compared to the older Italian made tweezers.

While Tweezerman tweezers are adequate, they are no longer a true representation of what a premium quality tweezer should be. Despite manufacturing a broad range of styles, the quality between each tweezer differed dramatically. In fact; out of the entire range of Tweezerman tweezers, there was only a single product that we would go out of our way to recommend, the Tweezerman Professional Stainless Steel.

Tweezer Infographic

tweezer infograpghic

What To Look for in the Best Tweezers

When shopping for tweezers, there are plenty of important features to consider. Not only will you want to find the best tweezer shape for you, but also the best materials for all hair types. From hygiene to storage, let’s explore all of the most important things your eyebrow tweezers should have.

Tip Type

As per our guide, you’ll notice our top tweezers, like Tweezerman tweezers and Rubis tweezers, are organized by style. The tip type has everything to do with how helpful your tweezers will be over time. Some tips are better suited for thin, short hairs, while others are best for thick and straight ones.


Tweezers with a pointed tip are among the most popular options. They are fantastic not only for short, thin hairs but also for in-grown hairs. A point is also an excellent option if you’re looking for small tweezers for splinters.

With the sleek styling of pointed Rubis tweezers, you’ll be able to dig deeper into the skin with less pain. They also make grabbing onto thinner materials far simpler with a single pass.


For eyebrow tweezers, you will want to check out ones with flat or straight tips. Typically, these tweezers are best for pulling multiple hairs simultaneously. You’ll find yourself reaching for them if you haven’t shaped or groomed your brows in a while.

Flat/straight tweezers can also be a fantastic solution when working with false lashes. The wider edge makes it simpler to grab your lash band for proper application. Compared to thin tweezers, it’s easy to see how flat models are better for bountiful thick hairs.


As the last option for tweezers, angled tips are a popular option. They are designed to have two separate edges that add versatility. You’ll find a short, pointed edge for precision plucking on one-half of the small tweezers. The other half often has a long edge that works similarly to flat-straight tweezers, helping you remove several hairs at once.

Pros often prefer slanted tweezer designs because they offer two styles in one. However, for beginners, they can be a little more challenging to work with.


The next important thing to consider when looking for hair removal tweezers is their materials. Pro tweezers are made from the strongest and most durable metals, including stainless steel.

If you find your thin tweezers are bending with applied pressure, there’s a good chance they won’t be able to do the job well. The more flexible the metal is, the harder it’ll be to grab onto thin and thick hairs.

Also, the tips will be far more likely to wear down faster than expected. This reason is why Tweezerman tweezers are as popular as they are, thanks to their high-quality materials.

Overall Construction

It’s of the utmost importance that you test tweezers before you buy them, or their performance could lack. There are two crucial areas to focus on: tension and spacing.

When pressing the tips of the tiny tweezers together, they should bounce back with little force. When the tweezers are closed, the tips should come together perfectly without spacing.

If there is spacing, the tweezers won’t grab onto hairs as they should, making them less effective. Also, the more space between the tips, the more pressure you’ll have to apply when plucking.


Keeping your nose tweezers and eyebrow tweezers safe is important for their overall longevity. With that said, you’ll need reliable storage solutions to keep them sharp and hygienic. Always prepare a dedicated spot for keeping your tweezers clean and protected, such as a pouch or tweezer container.