Power Swabs Review

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Power Swabs

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A Deep Dive Into Power Swabs

Power Swabs is a home treatment kit made to give professional levels of whitening without the need for costly or painful dental procedures. Each application can take as little as five minutes, with treatment periods lasting thirty days a most.

Unlike other products which require strips or trays to apply, Power Swabs’ whitening formula can be used directly on one’s teeth with the included cotton applicators. Two compounds are included – a stain removal gel for initial treatment, and a whitening paste to be applied afterwards.

Power Swabs’ formula has the added advantage or repairing and fortifying tooth enamel, reducing uncomfortable sensitivity and boosting a user’s long-term dental health. Neither the stain removal gel or the whitening paste contain bleach, the main component in many similar products; bleach is highly caustic, and will break down or dissolve tooth enamel if used during prolonged treatments.

Users should be careful to avoid applying this product to gums, tongue, or cheeks; the formulas are meant for use on the teeth and can cause irritation or inflammation if left in prolonged contact with other areas. Both these side effects and many other gum disorders can be easily prevented or mitigated with a gum care product such as Dental Pro 7.

Power Swabs is effective on both natural teeth and a number of dental replacements such as crowns, caps, veneers, and dentures, making it a suitable product for any age or level of dental health. The product was developed by practicing dentists and boasts a growing number of satisfied customers, including several celebrities and public figures.

Who’s It For?

Power Swabs can be used by individuals of any age or gender who experience staining and discoloration on an ongoing basis. The product provides immediate results for all and is clinically proven to work on fillings or replacements as well.

Power Swabs is not suitable for infants or small children; although there is no danger to an adult if small quantities of the formulas are swallowed during treatment, infants are more likely to actively swallow larger amounts and could suffer serious side effects. Similarly, this product should be avoided by those with open sores or cavities in the treated area, as it is intended for external use and should not be applied to other areas of the body.

Power Swabs Review

What We Like about Power Swabs

Power Swabs’ major appeal is the lack of any inserted equipment; the product is applied only with a small applicator wand that can be replaced after each use. No trays, mouthguards, or strips are needed, making it far more convenient than a number of similar products.

A similar advantage is to be found in the treatment process, as Power Swabs takes all of five minutes to fully apply both the stain removal gel and the whitening compound. This makes it an easy fit into a broader daily routine, allowing the user to complete their whitening treatment without disrupting the normal flow of their day.

What We Don’t Like About Power Swabs

Power Swabs has been reported to be ineffective in the short time frame quoted by the manufacturer; many customers say that the effects started or were fully apparent only after prolonged usage. Many dissatisfied users also report serious problems in refunding or exchanging their purchases.

The applicator sticks and gel tubes are also problematic. Premeasured markings on the tubes do not always dispense the correct dosage, making it important for users to check they have the correct quantity of gel before application.

The cotton swab sticks can break during or after usage and occasionally unravel while in use, causing smearing and interfering with the treatment.


  • Immediate results
  • Easy application
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • No equipment needed, only a simple swab
  • Works on dental replacements and natural teeth alike         


  • Application kit is flimsy and occasionally faulty
  • Many users report results to be delayed or the product ineffective altogether

What’s Included

True to its message of minimal equipment needed for quality whitening, Power Swabs doesn’t ship much – each kit includes three swabs with pre-applied stain removal gel, three swabs for whitening formula, and a proprietary applicator stick for mounting each one. An instruction booklet and diagram for use are also included, as well as a color scale to help customers gauge their oral health.

Overview of Features

Power Swabs’ main attraction is its simplicity and ease of the treatment; it takes an average of two to five minutes to fully apply the formula, with no trays, strips, or other apparatus necessary. Swabbing is accomplished by inserting the applicator into the reusable holder and running over all surfaces of the affected teeth.

Both the stain remover and whitening formulas are readily available as refills and can be applied separately depending on the exact condition of the user and the results shown after a few uses. Extra applicators and holders are also available, and can even be exchanged between Power Swabs kits.

Each swab is made of cotton with a plastic shaft and is mounted in the holder with a single push. More recent kits will have preloaded swabs, not even requiring the user to measure out the whitening formula before use.

Review Summary

Power Swabs is a product both easy to use and store, coming in several small swabs that can offer professional levels of whitening without the need for any unpleasant procedures or expensive trips to the dentist. All the customer will need to do is swab the formula on for no more than five minutes a day; immediate results have been reported and the treatment period is rarely more than thirty days at the longest.

Power Swabs does qualify as a medical product, which means that users should take all the usual precautions before use. If any side effects or allergic reactions are noticed, the product should not be used again without careful consultation with a qualified medical practitioner.

International customers should note that as a medicine, Power Swabs may be subject to restrictions on import and distribution, and familiarize themselves with the regulations of their country before ordering.


How long does it take Power Swabs to work?

The Power Swabs teeth whitening product is designed to work instantly when applied to the teeth. All you have to do is apply the stain-removing swab on your teeth in a circular motion for about 2 minutes. Next, wait 30 seconds and repeat the process with a white swab for another 2 minutes. Ensure that you don’t drink, rinse, or eat for the next 30 minutes.

After 4 to 5 minutes, your teeth will be two shades whiter. Therefore, you don’t have to dedicate an entire day just removing the stains from your teeth. Generally, Power Swabs take up to 10 days to show a visible effect. The time it takes for this product to work also depends on how stained your teeth are. Consistent treatment with power swabs for approximately 6 to 7 days makes your teeth turn six times brighter. However, if you use it twice daily, you will see noticeable results in as few as three days. 

How do Power Swabs work on teeth?

Power Swabs are clinically proven to remove stains from the tooth’s surface. Usually, teeth whitening products are available in two forms: strips and mouth trays. The strips work by attaching to your teeth and releasing the whitening agent onto the tooth surface below. The mouth trays work by holding them in your mouth while releasing the whitening agent into your saliva and your teeth.

However, this product works differently than other teeth whiteners as it doesn’t require any attachment to your teeth or mouth like other products. Instead, the whitening formula of Power swab is directly applied to the teeth with the help of cotton applicators. 

Each Power Swab contains a special whitening gel that oxidizes the natural stains on the teeth, causing them to disintegrate. The whitening detergent or gel ingredients are natural and safe for your enamel. Applying a Power Swab on your tooth releases oxygen ions, which oxidize and break down stains on the surface of your teeth. In addition, the product enhances the color tone of your teeth and removes stains from crowns and other dental products.