Oral-B 7000 Review – Amazing New Features

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Oral-B 7000

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A Deep Dive Into The Oral-B 7000:

Oral-B has been a trusted brand in dental care for some time, and delivers once again with this electric tooth care system. Although the Oral-B 7000 does include a brush, it is packed with extra features and options that make it an optimal tool to clean any part of the mouth.

First among the many extra features are the six separate brush heads, each to be used for a different function or section of the mouth. These are backed up by an automatic speed governer that will detect both the brush head and the user’s habits and adjust the motor accordingly, giving a longer battery life and more effective cleaning.

All data needed to make these selections are stored in the Oral-B proprietary app, available for several kinds of devices and pairing with the product over Bluetooth. The app will give users a detailed analysis of their brushing habits, as well as producing suggestions for what areas need to be cleaned more carefully and the best brush head to choose for the task.

On top of brushing analysis, the Oral-B 7000 pairs with a user’s Amazon Dash service, ordering fresh brush heads whenever the ones in use wear down to keep itself cleaning at peak efficiency. If turned on while brushing, the app will give warnings in real-time of over brushing or failure to clean certain areas, and even time the user to ensure that they brush the recommended two minutes with the appropriate brush heads.

 A rechargeable battery and charger are included and hold a charge for well over a week of use on a single full charge. A tough travel case makes this product easy and convenient to take anywhere, and the LCD timer gives the user and easy way to track if they are brushing for the correct amount of time in each quadrant of the mouth.

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Who’s It For?

Oral-B 7000 is recommended for nearly any stage of dental health, with little separation by gender or occupation. Everyone needs to take care of their teeth, and Oral-B has provided a tremendously versatile means to do just that with this product.

The mechanical advantages this product offers can be reinforced for gums and other soft tissue with a product such as Dental Pro 7, a natural medicine intended to treat everything from odorous bacteria to gum infection.

This product should not be used on infants or small children, as the small parts and motor can present a choking hazard. For similar reasons, the product is unsuitable for those with injuries or sores in their mouth, as the force of the brushing may cause further damage.

Despite the long battery life, this product’s design and features make it unsuitable for those without access to electricity where they intend to brush. Use of the app will require the user to have a device capable of Bluetooth pairing.

Oral-B 7000 Review

What We Like About Oral-B 7000:

This toothbrush is an oral care system both compact and complete, offering a solution for nearly any dental cleaning operation that a user might want to perform without actually scheduling a professional appointment. The ‘smart’ aspects of the brush and real-time Bluetooth connection to the supporting device mean that the brush functions as a brushing tutorial as well, and the included timer makes helps the user keep their oral health regimen within the recommended guidelines.

What We Don’t Like About The Oral-B 7000:

This product has a number of fragile internal components critical to the device’s function, none of which are serviceable by the user; a single defect or accident can render the entire system inoperable, forcing a buyer into costly repairs or to replace the device entirely. As there are multiple electronic components, this product is at greater risk of damage or malfunction than usual, and there are many reports of some parts arriving damaged or suffering from even mild exposure to water – a potentially fatal flaw in a dental care system of any kind.


  • Several brushing modes
  • Easily replaceable brush heads
  • Real-time brushing help
  • Brushing timer included
  • Dental health tips on the paired app


  • Parts are fragile
  • Electronics may not be waterproofed

What’s Included:

Oral-B 7000 comes with the brush body and a selection of brush heads, with different heads for flossing action, whitening or polishing teeth, regular scrubbing, and a softer brush for cleaning and rehabilitating sensitive areas. A stand for holding the heads when not in use is included, and a travel case for keeping your smile healthy on the go.

Also included is the charger for the handle, and the LCD Smart Guide timer that will keep your brushing on time and in the correct parts of your mouth. Instructions for all parts are included on paper in the box, or available on the Oral-B app.

Overview Of Features:

Oral-B 7000 is capable of eight hundred rotations per minute, scrubbing the teeth with the same effectiveness as professional cleaning tools. The casing is rated for water up to five hundred millibars, and the whole assembly has been proven to fight plaque three hundred percent better than a manual brush.

The device connects with a phone or tablet by Bluetooth 4.0 rather than WiFi, allowing for a strong connection and rapid synching without the need for internet. The app uses a sensor pad in the brush to direct speed, direction, and pressure in the mouth, and displays brushing suggestions in real-time by way of the LCD timer.

The brush heads have been designed in six patterns for different tasks, including a flossing brush for the base of the teeth and a polishing brush that will give immediate whitening results. The battery pack takes roughly twenty-four hours to charge initially and can hold a charge for up to ten days of regular use.

Review Summary:

For the most part, the Oral-B 7000 is an ideal dental care system with options to replace nearly any other dental care products, including floss and whitening strips. Although there are some concerns over reliability, the product’s function is a significant advantage over manual oral care.