Epica 800-Watt Handheld Fabric Steamer Review

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Epica 800-Watt Handheld Fabric Steamer

This Epica portable garment steamer is another wannabe contender for a traveler’s garment steamer.

It’s cheap, lightweight, and handy. But is it worth taking along with you in your luggage?

Initial Impressions

The Epica handheld is a sleek little apparatus that looks like it should be serving coffee in a modern kitchen.

There’s a little transparent panel with the recommended water level limit marked on it, so you can check it when filling the water tank.

Overall Design

It comes with a fabric brush and lint remover that you can attach to the steamer for easy use.

The cord is nice and long so you don’t have to stay glued to the wall when using this steamer.


It’s a pretty lightweight garment steamer.

The water tank holds 7 ounces. Good enough for around 10 minutes of steaming; not heavy enough to weigh your arm down.

The fabric brush and lint remover are a nice idea, but they don’t seem to be very secure when attached. They tend to fall off the garment steamer pretty quickly.

Despite the seller’s description saying to use tap water with it, you really should still use distilled water. Tap water has mineral buildup that will clog your garment steamer and lower its lifespan.

If it spits water, it will also leave unsightly white stains on your clothing after the water spots dry up.


  • The Epica handheld fabric steamer is small and lightweight. Great for storage and convenient to hold.
  • It comes at a budget price. Easy on your wallet.
  • No setup necessary for the main components, and intuitive to use. Fill it up, plug it in, and turn on the switch. (You do have to attach the fabric brush and lint remover if you want to use them, but that’s it.)
  • This device has an on/ off switch to control the flow of steam. Much better than having to unplug it every time it runs out.
  • It heats up quick—even faster than the advertised 2 minutes


  • The Epica handheld fabric steamer has a lot of cons to do with water spilling, so beware. Hot water burns! There are 3 main issues, listed as follows:
  • 1The recommended water level line is inaccurate. It spits water when heating up if actually filled to the marked line (this seems to be a common affliction among travel steamers). The bubbling water spills out like a pot on a stove. The easy fix for this is to only fill it up about two-thirds of the way or even less.
  • 2Even when only half-filled, it seems to still spit water occasionally for no discernible reason. Just be sure to use distilled water so the water spots don’t stain, and steam the garments with a few minutes’ allowance for them to dry. Wear heat-resistant gloves and make sure no one is on the side where the nozzle is facing, just in case.
  • 3It can only be tilted very slightly (about less than 30 degrees) if you wish to avoid spillage. Take note if you mean to purchase this to use on fabric you can’t hang up.
  • It’s not very powerful. The steam it produces is acceptable for its size, but unexciting. It will do the job, with perhaps a bit more effort and time than common garment steamers.
  • This clothes steamer doesn’t hold very much water, and therefore can only steam an average of 1-2 garments before it runs out. (Understandably, since more water would make it pretty heavy to hold)
  • No auto-off functionality for safety reasons when It’s about to run dry or overheat.

Final Verdict

The Epica 800-watt handheld fabric steamer gives you what you pay for. It won’t be an amazing deal, but it does the job.

It’s small and handy, and steams a shirt or two after a minute’s worth of heating up.

It’s not very powerful, so you’ll have to take more time (and thus, refilling) over heavy fabric or stubborn wrinkles.

You may have to deal with unexpected random water spitting even if you fill it below the recommended water level limit.

It’s not terrible or terrific, just an okay garment steamer.