A Deep Dive into the Chi Rocket Hair Dryer

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Have you been thinking about purchasing a new hairdryer? Read our Chi Rocket hair dryer review to find out if this is a tool for you.

The Chi Rocket Hair Dryer

the Chi Rocket Hair Dryer

CHI is a trusted and well-loved American company that produces hair care tools. One of their products that have been the most talked about lately is the CHI Rocket hairdryer.

One of the key advertising points about the CHI Rocket hairdryer is the combination of ceramic and ionic technologies. The producers claim that thanks to this powerful combo, using this dryer will let you give your hair a shiny look and smooth texture in just a few minutes.

The dryer boasts the ability to generate negative ions. This is supposed to help you make the hair drying process shorter: negative ions are supposed to break up water molecules faster, while at the same time sealing up the hair follicles. This, in the end, is going to give your hair a smooth and shiny look without flyways, as well as silkier texture than other hair dryers.

This is a powerful hair care tool with an 1800-watt motor. This characteristic may call its durability in question since the problem most powerful hair dryers that produce high airflow have is often their failure to last – but the producers claim to have figured out how to remedy this flow. Chi Rocket hair dryer is supposed to be sturdy and long-lasting. Just to assure you how confident in their product the producers are, it comes with a guarantee.

The Chi Rocket hairdryer is also supposed to be very efficient and easy to use. It doesn’t come with complicated features and what it comes with – two speeds (low and high), heat indicator, several attachments, etc. – is pretty straightforward and simple to use.

As powerful hairdryers go, weight also tends to be a problem – when buying a quality hair dryer you should be ready that it’ll be heavy. The producers claim that this is not a problem – while it’s not the lightest of the bunch, it is still significantly lighter than other powerful ceramic hair dryers.

Who’s It For?

Pretty much for anyone. At least, anyone who can afford it.

Chi Rocket hairdryer has strong heat and air blow features, which are supposed to work miracles even for the thickest and most hard-to-dry types of hair.

The features – or lack thereof – also make this one very easy to use. You simply switch it on and choose the speed, and voila – the hard part is done.

When it comes to hair types, its 1800-watt strength and limited options for heat/speed settings should be kept in mind: while these limits make the hair dryer easy to use, they also make it harder to optimize the settings for people who have either extremely thin or brittle hair. On the other hand, those with very thick and curly hair may not find it effective enough, since it doesn’t combine ceramic technology with true ionic or tourmaline technology.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that it’s by no means a cheap model. Yes, it promises to provide certain benefits for the price (maybe even benefits that other hair dryers from the same price segment do not offer), but that doesn’t change the fact that this pretty little tool will cost you a pretty penny.

So this hair dryer is for you if:

  1. Your hair is neither extremely sensitive and easy to damage with powerful heat nor very thick and curly;
  2. You’re looking for a simple-to-use but powerful hairdryer that will decrease the amount of time you spend on drying your hair without damaging your locks;
  3. View the tool in question as more of an investment than a temporary tool you’ll replace soon;
  4. Do have the means and ability to invest in a said tool, since the price is a bit steep.

If the price isn’t what is going to make or break a deal for you (or you have a pre-determined budget that covers this kind of price) and are simply looking for an easy-to-use ceramic hair dryer to quickly dry your hair – then this tool is for you.

If the price does matter or you’ve budgeted for a less expensive hair dryer – this tool may not be for you, as, while it does come with certain benefits, it might just not be worth rearranging your budget for it.

Now let’s get down to our Chi Rocket hair dryer review.

What We Like About Chi Rocket Hair Dryer

As promised – the Chi Rocket hair dryer definitely delivers steady air blow and speed of drying. I have thick wavy hair that usually takes a lot of time to dry, especially the lower layers.

Not only did the Chi Rocket hair dryer manage to dry it in less time than most others I’ve used (and I’ve used a lot over the years). And what’s more, it managed to do that, while I was testing the temperature on the lower end! My entire head was fully dry before the hair dryer could even get as hot as it can. For me personally, it means that I don’t have to fear my hair drying out due to high temperature.

For those with hair thicker and harder to dry than mine, it means they can safely assume that whatever the temperature their hair requires to fully dry – this hair dryer delivers. While 1800-watt may seem far too low to some, it is more than enough.

If you’re like me and the flow of hot air from the hairdryer makes you uncomfortable, then luckily Chi Rocket hair dryer offers a strong cool shot option as well. While it doesn’t dry as fast as the standard-setting, it is one of the best cool shot features I’ve tested (and what I’ll be using in the future when not in a hurry).

But what I was most interested in and what I liked the most is that the promised effect of its ionic function isn’t a lie. While there are some questions to be asked about the effectiveness of negative ions, for me, it certainly delivered what was promised: my hair, especially after being newly washed, does tend to stand like a lion’s mane. After drying it, I had no trouble with either fizz or flyways, and my hair did feel extra silky and smooth to the touch.

When it comes to using it, some of the upsides include its low sound (I didn’t expect it to be this quiet), its button for the cool shot feature DOESN’T need to be held down (hallelujah!), and the long cord – while that does come with certain problems of its own I’ll talk about below, the length does make up for it, as it allows you to freely move around the room while drying your hair.

It is also very easy to clean – the filter and lint screen are easily removable and cleaning them doesn’t take a lot of effort (some might consider this a downside, but it is a positive characteristic for me).

What We Don’t Like About Chi Rocket Hair Dryer

While it showed itself positively when used, certain points made the process of using Chi Rocket hair dryer uncomfortable and even frustrating in some moments – contrary to the claims of the producers. These points could definitely be contested, but since this is my review, I found it would be only fair to talk about it.

First and foremost, while the design looks very slick and modern, it is not very comfortable to use. First and foremost – the handle is short! This makes operating with the dryer somewhat complicated, since the body of the hairdryer is, on the contrary, quite long.

This is exacerbated by the fact that, despite what the producers claim, this is not by any means a lightweight tool. Sure, it’s not the heaviest one I’ve ever held in my hands, but when the product promises to be light, I expect it to at least weigh less than 2 lbs. The Chi Rocket hair dryer weighs almost 2.5 lbs. While on its own the weight might not have been this big of a letdown, combined with the short handle it does make using the hairdryer far more uncomfortable than need be.

Another thing that I didn’t particularly like was that the Chi Rocket hair dryer combines the heat setting with the speed setting. While I’m all for simplified use, this is a bit too much if you ask me. Separating heat and speed from each other wouldn’t overcomplicate the tool all that much and I would even argue, somewhat simplify it for those who have chosen this model as their first high-end ceramic hairdryer.

As is now, I’ve heard some (among them seasoned Chi users) say that this combination of heat and speed has made them rethink their decision to acquire this one. Similar combos tend to be characteristic of lower quality dryers and they fear it means Chi has lost its touch and has dropped the quality of the product in favor of simplifying the use for more mass-market appeal. While I personally cannot comment on this, I do think that separating heat and speed would only benefit this dryer.

The short handle has also influenced the design in another negative way – the buttons are placed in a way that makes it easy to accidentally press them while holding the hairdryer. While this is not by any means a break it or make it characteristic, it does inconvenience the user, especially in the beginning, before you get used to holding the handle in a way to avoid pressing the buttons.


  • The ease of use: any newbie can easily handle this hairdryer, finding the optimal setting for their hair.
  • Cool shot: this hair dryer has a very powerful cool shot mode that dries the hair better than some other hair dryers do in normal heat mode. What makes it even better is that the cool shot button doesn’t need to be held down, so it’s more convenient to use.
  • Power output: the Chi Rocket hairdryer has a very stable and strong power output. It takes this dryer mere minutes to fully dry thick wavy hair, and it does so without damaging it (at least I’ve yet to notice any negative effects).
  • Negative ions: for once what the box says is true. If you often suffer from having to deal with frizzy hair or flyaways, this hairdryer is a godsend. It makes sure to calm your hair and makes it feel smooth and silky to the touch, without much effort on your part.
  • Long cord: this hair dryer makes it easy to freely move around while not stopping what you’re doing.
  • Low sound: the tool is noticeably quieter compared to most hair dryers.


  • The design: while at first glance the design is very eye-pleasing, boasting slick modern design with futuristic elements that make it look like a stylish laser gun, it’s quite inconvenient in use. The handle is short which makes it more complicated to maneuver the tool than need is, and buttons are placed in a way that increases the chances of you accidentally pushing them until you get used to the handle.
  • The weight: while not dramatically heavy, at 2.4 lbs. this is definitely not the lightweight tool the producers promise it is.
  • Combination of settings: while it must have been done to simplify the hairdryer in use and make it more appealing to more people, the producers blew it with this one. Combining the heat and speed settings into one function isn’t very convenient and limits the user in the choice of settings.
  • Few options: if you’re looking for a hairdryer that offers you wide limits of customization, then this is not the model for you. Not only are the heat and speed combined, but you also do not have an option to choose between ceramic only and ceramic infrared modes.Also only comes with two speeds – low and high – which, while perfectly enough for me, might be limiting for other people with more problematic hair, which requires more specific care.
  • The price: there’s no way around it – this is not a cheap hairdryer, and for the money, it costs it might just not be offering enough

What’s Included?

the Chi Rocket Hair Dryer who is it for

The Chi Rocket hair dryer comes with an 11-foot-long cord, a concentrator attachment, and a hook to hang it up with.

While it doesn’t come with them, there are other attachments – most notably a comb attachment – that you can purchase separately.

Overview Of Features

the Chi Rocket Hair Dryer overview

To give you a better idea of what the Chi Rocket can do, let’s look at each of its key features. As one of the best professional hair dryers today, it comes packed with helpful features to make hair drying quick and easy.

  • Heat and Speed Settings

The Chi Rocket hairdryer has heat and speed settings combined into one function. It also only offers two airflow speed settings – low and high. This makes for ease in use, but is also somewhat limiting, especially for those whose hair needs more specific care.

  • Cool Shot Button

Even when you want to give your hair a break, you can still use the Chi Rocket Hair Dryer. Simply activate the Cool Shot feature, and you’d be able to dry your hair without heat. Unlike other models, you don’t have to press down on the button to engage it, making it easier to use.

The Cold Shot button also helps set your hairstyle. This final step will cool down your hair quickly to ensure the style achieves a longer-lasting hold. It also adds shine to your hair, making it look healthy and bouncy.

  • Ceramic + Ionic + Far Infrared Technology

It’s most interesting feature is the negative ions feature combined with ceramic features, at the strength 1800-watts. This is very useful for those who have no particular problem with their hair – it dries fast, and keeps the hair smooth and silky.

On the other hand, for this kind of hair dryer to be really effective, it would need real ionic or tourmaline technology. As is, those on the fringes – with very thick and curly, or thick and brittle hair might find that the hair dryer is either not strong enough or too strong for their hair.

It’s also impossible to choose between ceramic-only and ceramic-infrared modes, which again limits the user’s options.

Ceramic is an excellent heat conductor. Used in a hair dryer, this material ensures you achieve a sleek finish without having to make several passes. It won’t dry your hair as other materials would, so it will help reduce flyaways and eliminate frizz. Since it straightens hair without drying it out, it’s perfect for damaged, limp, and fine hair.

We all know that exposure to heat causes hair damage. The Chi Rocket is all about preventing the hair from becoming dry and brittle. Hence, in addition to ceramic heat, it also uses infrared and ionic technology. What infrared heat does is dry damp hair from deep within the cuticle.

On the other hand, ionic heat technology, with its negative ions, keeps the hair shaft closed and moisture intact. As a result, it leaves the hair shinier and smoother, even if you blow-dry every day. That said, we still recommend using heat protectants to ensure your hair does not get damaged.

  • Low EMF

The Chi Rocket is among the few high-end hair dryers that boast low EMF emissions, thanks to far-infrared heat technology. With it, this professional blow dryer is the ideal pick for those who are sensitive to high levels of EMF or those worried about its damaging effects.

  • Heat-Up Indicator

There’s also a heat-up indicator that is supposed to let you know when the dryer is blowing out negative ions and infrared heat, which is quite convenient.

  • Attachments

To help with blow-drying, this amazing hair dryer arrives with professional-grade attachments. The air concentrator nozzle allows you more control over where to apply heat. With a concentrated airflow, it will be easier to create hairstyles that require precision. It also allows you to dry more hair quickly, minus the frizz.

Aside from the detachable concentrator nozzle, you will also get a comb attachment. As the name suggests, you use it to comb through your hair strands to eliminate tangles. Not only does it help dry wet hair faster, but it also lowers the risk of flyaways and split ends.

  • Impressive 11-Foot Power Cord Length

Anyone who has ever used a hairdryer knows how important a long cord is. In that regard, Chi Rocket boasts an 11-foot-long power cord. This means you won’t necessarily have to be near a wall outlet to use this hairdryer. While you’ll have the freedom to move it around, the cord doesn’t have a swivel end. Therefore, it can easily get tangled if you’re not careful.

Review Summary

This is a solid middle-tier hairdryer. If it weren’t for the price I’d be inclined to a more positive review, but as is – I do not think it quite lives up to its price point.

If you have money to spare, then the Chi Rocket hairdryer is a very optimal choice for newbies who don’t want an overly complicated tool. It’s very easy to use, with only a few buttons and options to choose from, but this simplicity also limits the user.

If you have mostly normal hair, then you’re likely to enjoy what it has to offer (dries fast, doesn’t damage the hair, keeps it smooth and silky thanks to negative ions, comes with an effective cool shot), but if your hair needs more specific care (it’s damaged/brittle/very thin or, on the contrary, very thick and/or curly) then this is likely not the model that’s most optimal for you.

Its design also leaves something to be desired with its short handle and inconveniently placed buttons, though you do get used to it after a while. On a more positive note, it’s comparatively quiet and you can freely move around while drying your hair thanks to the long cord.