The Best Callus Remover

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Over four months, a huge panel of testers tried out all the current callus removers on the market. The testers had one simple goal; to find and crown the best callus remover.

And what a disgusting four months it was. I don’t even like looking at my own feet, let alone that of a stranger. But for the sake of a good review, I got down and dirty, comparing calluses before and after and getting coated in a good amount of skin filings in the process. Yuck.

Over the four months, we got to know all the callus removers very intimately. We learned how they work, the best way to use them as well as their shortcomings.

So I present to you, the most up to date guide on callus removers that you will find on the entire internet. And it is continually being updated. Even as this guide gets published a further two electrics callus removers are in the process of being tested.

Best Electric Callus Remover

Electric callus remover side by side comparison

There were two brands that tied equal first for the title of best electric callus remover. Amope and Emjoi. Both brands have multiple models available on the market at various price points.

Surprisingly the basic models from each brand performed well enough that we would only recommend jumping up to the higher models if you find one of the features particularly attractive.

Comparison Chart

51zLBUftvtL. SL500
Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Dry Foot File
51z8im+sCXL. SL500
Amope Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Foot File
51q2 3NOveL. SL500
Emjoi Micro-Pedi Nano Callus Remover
51d2s5URmEL. SL500
Emjoi Micro-Pedi Roller
31wLOD8cHyL. SL500
Emjoi Micro-Pedi 3D POWER Callus Remover
41zX6C7TgTL. SL500
Emjoi® Rechargeable Micro-Pedi Tornado Professional Kit
41IAFqzeMDL. SL500
Emjoi Seal Epilator Plus Micro-Pedi Callus Remover
31ST+AYznJL. SL500
Silk’n Pedi Electric Callus Remover
51nIlbEbwUL. SL500
Dr. Scholl’s DreamWalk Express Pedi Foot Smoother
41vGaorApFL. SL500
UTILYZE Rechargeable Electronic Foot File
41dd3ZXbUcL. SL500
PURSONIC Callus Remover
PedEgg Powerball – Pedicure Foot File
41SEDkZt4KL. SL500
Taiff Soft Feet Pedicure – Professional Skin and Callus Remover

Amope Electric Callus Removers

Amope is perhaps one of the most well-known makers of callus removers. Amope has stuck with a quality, not quantity approach and essentially only offers two different electric callus removers in it’s Pedi Perfect range.

The Amope Pedi Perfect are sleek and colorful callus removals that look as good as they perform. Roller refills are readily available both online and at major retailers like CVS, Walmart, and Target.

Amope Pedi Perfect

51zLBUftvtL. SL500

If you are looking for an effective and easy to hold callus remover the Amope Pedi Perfect is our top pick. We particularly liked that the roller head was not recessed. This allowed more of the roller to make contact with the skin, making it suitable for large areas of dried skin, like the heels.

There are two different models of the Amope Pedi Perfect, The standard model (blue) and the Extra-coarse model (pink). The only difference between the two is the roller head. If you have particularly stony skin then we recommend choosing the extra coarse model. But don’t worry, if you are unhappy with your choice you can always buy the other roller head separately.

For more information, check out our detailed review of the Amope Pedi Perfect.

  • Effective and safe
  • Splash-proof build
  • Easy to operate
  • Has dual speed settings
  • Stops automatically when pressed too hard
  • Includes four AA batteries
  • Comes in blue or pink color
  • Only for dry callused feet
  • Not for use while in the shower

Amope Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry

51z8im+sCXL. SL500

The Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry is the Rolls Royce of callus removers. It takes everything that the Basic Pedi Perfect offered and improves upon it. A sleeker handle, rechargeable battery and the ability to use it in the bath or shower.

As you might expect, these luxurious extras do not come cheap. The Amope Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry is one the most expensive at-home electric callus removable available. While these extra features may prove to be tempting, it removes calluses equally as well as the basic model.

For more information, check out our detailed review of the Amope Pedi Perfect Wet and Dry.

  • Delivers instant results
  • Waterproof construction
  • Rechargeable
  • Includes three refills
  • Has a comfy and secure grip
  • Two speeds
  • Delivers instant results
  • Waterproof construction
  • Rechargeable
  • Includes three refills
  • Has a comfy and secure grip
  • Two speeds
  • Issues with the charging dock
  • Durability concerns

Emjoi Callus Removers

Emjoi has taken a completely different approach to Amope and offers more varieties of electric callus removers than any other brand.

While the Emjoi Micro-Pedi range is seriously ugly compared to other electric callus removers, they get the job done. The main benefit of Emjoi callus removers is the wide variety of rollers available to choose from. While most brands only offer one or two grades of coarseness, Micro-Pedi offers 5 as well as a number of precision rollers to help grind down much smaller calluses.

The selection of rollers makes a big difference to the experience. If Emjoi did not offer the wide variety of rollers then we would have outright awarded the title of best electric callus remover to the Amope Pedi Perfect above.

For more information check out our guide to Emjoi Micro-Pedi rollers.

Emjoi will often offer their models in both a battery operated and a corded model. The key difference between the two is that as the batteries begin to drain, the roller will spin slower and slower. The corded models plug directly into your power outlet and do not suffer from this problem. The downside is that the corded models are less portable.

Emjoi Micro Pedi Nano

51q2 3NOveL. SL500

The cheapest and smallest Emjoi Micro Pedi packs a powerful motor into a small portable size.

The Emjoi Micro-Pedi Nano comes in three different styles:

  • Nano – The basic battery operated model
  • Nano Man – Same as the basic model but comes with a coarser roller
  • Nano Corded – Requires a power outlet to use

Despite each model varying slightly, all offer identical performance with the same roller installed. Naturally, the corded model offers the most power, giving you callus-free feet in seconds. Plus, it works safely and gently to ensure that you don’t cut your skin. You can plug it into any outlet with an output between 100V and 240V.

For more information, check out our detailed review of the Micro-Pedi Nano.

  • Powerful and long-lasting motor
  • Brings salon-like smooth feet in seconds
  • Works better than manual callus removers
  • Requires no batteries
  • Portable size
  • Has a rubberized, secure grip
  • Easy to use
  • Does not come with extra roller head
  • Noisier than other models

Emjoi Micro-Pedi Callus Remover

51d2s5URmEL. SL500

The Emjoi Micro Pedi Callus remover performs identically to the Micro Pedi Nano above. The key difference is the handle being twice as long. This can make reaching the calluses on your feet a simpler task, especially if you have flexibility issues.

We broke the battery cover on one of our test units a little too easily when removing it. We suspect this is a common problem since Emjoi actually stocks replacement battery covers for this model.

  • A lot safer to use than metal scrapers
  • Runs on batteries
  • Easier to use than a pumice stone
  • Includes an extreme coarse roller head
  • Has a reliable, easy-grip handle
  • Batteries not included

Micro-Pedi Pro Rechargeable

31wLOD8cHyL. SL500

Looking near identical to the model above, the Micro-Pedi Pro is rechargeable and spins at a 50% faster rate. Despite spinning faster we did not notice that the Micro-Pedi Pro removed calluses any quicker than the lower models.

There is also a corded option available but given that it is equally as powerful and has to be used near a power outlet we do have to wonder why you would bother with it.

  • Flexible roller head increases safety
  • Spins and oscillates at the same time
  • Makes callus removal a breeze
  • Has a six-foot long cord
  • More powerful than battery-operated models
  • Needs to be plugged in
  • Not easy to clean

Micro-Pedi Tornado

41zX6C7TgTL. SL500

Another rechargeable option. This time Emjoi Adds an elbow exfoliation roller and precision roller kit into the mix. The entire head can be removed from the body for ease of cleaning.

Despite the extras, the handle feels like a step backward and was much more difficult to grip than the previous models.  It comes in a pro kit with 3 different coarseness rollers and is best for mobile use.  Because of all the extras in the kit, the price is a bit higher. 

  • Uses micro minerals
  • Has dual speeds
  • Delivers a smooth finish
  • Includes three rollers in varying coarseness
  • Comes with six cone-shaped buffers
  • Arrives in its own storage pouch
  • Rechargeable
  • Automatically stops with too much pressure
  • More expensive than others

Emjoi Seal Micro Pedi

41IAFqzeMDL. SL500

A 2-in-1 Epilator and Micro-Pedi. While this may seem like a great deal, the Emjoi Seal doesn’t really excel at either job. Throw in the uncomfortably chunky handle and the expensive price point and you have an Electric callus remover that we do not recommend.

  • Epilator and callus remover in one device
  • Powerful motor
  • Has two speed settings
  • Cordless operation
  • Comes in a durable storage pouch
  • The handle is too bulky
  • Takes a while to recharge

And the rest…

As you can see, Emjoi’s product offering gets worse and worse the more expensive it gets. But they still managed to beat out the other electric callus removers on the market.

Let’s take a closer look at the other models we tested and why they fell short.

Silk’N Callus Care

31ST+AYznJL. SL500

One of the most stylish electric callus removers on the market. The rollers come in two grades of coarseness and effectively removed tough dry skin. Overall we were satisfied with the workmanship and effectiveness.

The minor gripes were that skin dust had a bad habit of building up behind the roller head and the replacement rollers are somewhat expensive relative to other brands.

For more information, check out our detailed review of the Silk’N Callus Care.

Overall this is a great performing electric callus remover.

  • Safe and effective callus remover
  • Runs on batteries
  • Ideal for dry feet
  • Promotes healthy feet
  • Hassle-free to use and clean
  • The package includes two AA batteries
  • Do not use on wet or damp feet
  • Problems with corroded batteries

Dr. Scholl’s DreamWalk Express Pedi Foot Smoother

51nIlbEbwUL. SL500

Dr. Scholl’s is well known for its callus and corn fighting foot products. Their attempt at an electric callus remover is essentially a better looking Emjoi product.

But while the Dr. Scholl’s DreamWalk Express Pedi Foot Smoother (horrible name by the way) feels like a more solid product, it is let down by only offering a single coarseness of roller.

  • User-friendly design
  • Fast and effortless to use
  • Gives you renewed skin in seconds
  • Has an auto-stop feature
  • Does not use blades
  • Arrives with one roller and batteries
  • Not as budget-friendly

UTILYZE CR700B Electronic Foot File

41vGaorApFL. SL500

The UTILYZE CR700B claims to be of the most powerful callus removers on the market. And on paper, it is. The motor can spin the roller over 50 times per second.

Unfortunately, the UTILYZE CR700B simply does not live up to the hype. Despite the faster spinning roller we actually found it was less effective at removing calluses than models that spin at 30 times per second.

The roller head also stops with far too little pressure, the lack of a safety switch on the power button and a protective cover that comes off with little effort saw this callus remover drop to the bottom of the pack.

  • Powerful motor
  • Rechargeable
  • Made with durable ABS plastic
  • Easier to use than pumice
  • Includes a three-year warranty
  • Includes no refills
  • Durability concerns

Pursonic CR360

41dd3ZXbUcL. SL500

One of the cheapest electric callus removers on the market. The small recessed roller head was our least favorite type out of all the electric callus removers we tested.

You may have noticed that the Pursonic CR360 looks near identical to the UTILYZE callus remover above. To put it simply, they are made from the same mold. The roller heads are even interchangeable.

This design is commonly found cheap, generic callus removers. Every callus remover we tested with a similar design failed to impress.

  • Use on wet or dry feet
  • Battery-operated
  • Water-resistant build
  • No warranty
  • Cheaply made
  • Needs additional roller heads

Ped Egg Powerball

With the bar set low by the Ped Egg Power, it is unsurprising that the Ped Egg Powerball is in every way better.

Packing in a rechargeable battery, an LED light, and a pivoting head, the Ped Egg Powerball aims to dazzle you with features. Unfortunately the LED light and Pivoting head are worthless.

Surprisingly, the roller was actually quite effective at removing calluses, however, this is likely because the design imitates the roller head of the Pedi Perfect. In fact, you can use the Pedi Perfect replacement rollers on the Ped Egg Powerball, which makes finding replacements much easier.

An effective callus remover hampered by poor design.

For more information, check out our detailed review of the Ped Egg Powerball.

  • More powerful than battery-run models
  • Rechargeable
  • Includes three rollers
  • Comes with nail clippers
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t hold a charge well
  • Not as effective as other models

Taiff SoftFeet Professional Callus Remover

41SEDkZt4KL. SL500

The Taiff Soft feet is the most expensive electric callus remover we tested. At over $100 this product is designed for to be used by professionals with many clients.

While the abrasive pads were effective at grinding off dead skin, the unit is too bulky to be comfortable used on your own feet. As you might have guessed, this product is designed for one person to use on another’s feet.  That said, the price makes sense when you look at the final result.

For professional use, the SoftFeet is in a league of its own. Rather than rollers, abrasive stickers are used. The replacement stickers are cheap enough that it is cost-effective to change them for each client.

  • Very lightweight
  • Disposable abrasive pads
  • For professional use
  • Variable speed settings
  • Bulky
  • Heats up too fast
  • May be too expensive for home use

Best Manual Callus Remover

Manual callus removers side by side comparison

As we touched on earlier in this guide, manual callus removers come in all different shapes and sizes. As you would expect, performance varied wildly from one type to the next.

Comparison Chart

31 22ewwQBL. SL160
Microplane Colossal Foot File
51XNEOiA32L. SL500
Sof’feet Callus Reducer Kit
31pziWfqRAL. SL500
Tweezerman Safety Slide Callus Shaver
41JrOdM0LSL. SL500
Dr. Scholl’s Exfoliating Stone File
51l5Lx +F7L. SL500
PedEgg Original Ergonomic Foot File
41KZ3mkSlrL. SL500
Pumice Stone Lava Foot Scrubber

Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp

31 22ewwQBL. SL500

The first standout manual callus remover is from Microplane and in case the name didn’t give it away, this callus remover is big. The large size makes it perfect for removing hard cracked skin from your heels.

Think of the Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp as a cheese grater for your feet. The Metal piece is made in America and removes skin in both forward and back motions.

Now I must warn you, the Pedicure Rasp is quite aggressive. Skin bits and dust will fly off your feet like a buzz saw. It’s almost too effective. If you are using this callus remover for the first time I recommend removing a bit of skin over a few nights since it is very easy to remove too much skin, leaving you with painful throbbing feet.

The only downside to the Microplane Colossal Pedicure Rasp is that the handle gives off a strong plastic smell when you first open the packaging. Fortunately, if you leave the Pedicure Rasp to air the smell will quickly fade.

  • Effective but gentle on the skin
  • Has a soft, secure grip
  • Large filing surface
  • Easy to sanitize
  • Great value for money
  • Can cause cuts
  • Gets dull over time

And the rest…

But what about the other manual callus removers?

While the remaining callus removers we tested were all capable of removing dead skin, they were outclassed by Microplane.

Below I will quickly cover the other manual callus removers and where they fell short.

Sof Feet Callus Reducer

51XNEOiA32L. SL500

One of the more popular manual callus removers out there. We were impressed with how well the Sof Feet Callus Reducer performed at removing built-up dried skin with its coarse screen, particular from the heels. Don’t be fooled by its looks, this callus remover is surprisingly aggressive.

Unfortunately, the Sof Feet Callus Reducer was let down by its handle. The handle is thin, slippery and the least comfortable to hold out of all the manual callus removers we tested. While the clear plastic does look striking, it scratches easily, especially if you accidentally drag the screen across it.

The screen will wear down over time and need to be replaced, and the soft feet replacement sheets of the screen are not cheap given what it actually is.

The screen is essentially the same medium screen used to sand back drywall. For cheap replacements we recommend going down to your local hardware, buying a sheet and cutting it to size.

  • Comes with a callus softening cream
  • Uses a sanding screen
  • Gently and effortlessly removes thickened skin
  • Use before or after showering
  • Takes longer to achieve results
  • Not for severely callused feet

Tweezerman Safety Slide Callus Shaver with Rasp

31pziWfqRAL. SL500

A double-sided callus remover with a razor blade on one side and a rasp on the other.

The razor blade is used cut off those small deep calluses on your feet that cause pain, like a pebble in your shoe. The razor blade is protected by a metal lip to stop you from cutting the tender skin beneath your callus. However, care must be taken and if you angle the razorblade incorrectly you will leave yourself with a nasty gash.

We noticed that the razor blades dulled quite quickly on testers with tougher calluses. When the blade becomes too blunt to use; you will need to purchase replacement blades, sold separately.

The small size of the razor blade head makes it unsuitable for shaving off large areas of bad calluses. The rasp end is equally narrow and despite its looks is surprisingly gentle.

If you have small pebble-like calluses on your feet that rapidly grow back then you may appreciate the callus shaver. But for the majority, there are better options out there.

  • Callus shaver tool and rasp in one
  • The shaver slides and locks for safety
  • Gently gets rid of dead skin cells
  • Stays sharp for a long time
  • For wet and dry feet
  • Can cut skin if not careful

Dr. Scholls DreamWalk Exfoliating Stone File

41JrOdM0LSL. SL500

We actually really liked the Dr. Scholl’s Exfoliating Stone File. Think of it as a more aggressive pumice stone with a handle. The curved shape made it easy to remove calluses on the arch of the foot.

Using the narrow edge of the stone allowed for more precision. You can really focus in on trouble spots or under the toe.

Unfortunately, the heads are largely inconsistent. We bought three Exfoliating Stone Files to test and while two worked just fine, one had a few grains that were sharp enough to draw blood.

The head of the Dr. Scholls DreamWalk Exfoliating Stone also loses it’s coating rather quickly. After our testing period, the Dreamwalk Exfoliating stone had suffered from very noticeable wear.

  • Perfect shape for exfoliating heels
  • Designed to be long-lasting
  • Fits in the hand securely
  • Reasonably priced
  • Requires getting used to

The Ped Egg Pedicure Foot File

51l5Lx +F7L. SL500

Probably the best-known callus remover we tested and if you recognize the name then chances are you have seen the cheesy infomercials.

Lifting the lid of the Ped Egg reveals a miniature cheese grater and a compartment that catches the dead skin that gets filed off your foot.

Unfortunately, it just didn’t live up to the hype.

While the grater adequately removes calluses from the bottom of your feet; in comparison to that of the unbeatable Microplane Colossal Foot File, it fell short. Thick patches of skin that were worn down in moments by the Microplane seemed to take forever with the Ped Egg.

By the end of the testing period, it became brutally apparent why Ped Egg sells replacement grater pieces in packs of three. The grater had considerably dulled on all of our units. While performance was never amazing, it noticeably got worse and worse over the testing period.

Then there is the body. It just feels cheap and flimsy. Not recommended.

  • Removes dry skin gently and painlessly
  • Comfortably fits in the hand
  • Mess-free
  • For all parts of the foot
  • Easily portable
  • Gets dull quickly
  • Poorly made

The Classic Pumice Stone

41KZ3mkSlrL. SL500

A pumice stone is a type of volcanic rock and it’s abrasive properties have been recorded since Roman times. Pumice stones are surprisingly effective at sloughing off dead skin and gentle enough to be used on any area of your body.

Because pumice stone is naturally occurring, no two will be the same. All our purchased pumice stones differed from each other and some were noticeably coarser than others. You cannot be guaranteed the same performance with each purchase.

The Pumice stone is also somewhat awkward to hold and as we learned breakable. When one of the testers dropped the pumice stone it broke into smaller pieces.

While we loved the idea of a completely natural callus remover, the pumice stone was less practical than our top picks.

  • Eco-friendly callus remover
  • No harmful toxins
  • Perfect for maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a suction hook
  • May require the use of additional treatments
  • Not for extremely callused skin

Callus Remover 101

This section will quickly get you up to speed on the exciting world of callus removers.

What Is a Callus Remover?

A callus remover is any product or device that wears away at the dry layers of skin to expose the healthy softer skin underneath.

Different Types of Callus Removers

There are three different types of products that are commonly used to treat calluses and other rough and thick patches of skin. Let’s take a closer look at each:

1. Manual Callus Remover

Woman filing ball of foot with callus remover

A manual callus remover is essentially a coarse surface that you move back and forth across your dried skin to remove it.

If you think that is a broad description then you are right. Manual callus removers come in all different shapes and sizes; from handheld cheese graters and coarse pumice stones to rasps and even foot razor blades.

Because you can pause to examine your calluses after each swipe, manual callus removers allow you to retain the most control over just how much skin you remove.

Manual callus removers can be quite aggressive. Unless care is taken it can be easy to remove too much skin. Removing too much skin can lead to sensitivity, soreness or even draw blood.


  • Cheap.
  • Gives you the most control when it comes to skin removal.
  • Effective removal of tough and stubborn skin.


  • Each product is generally only designed for one area of the body (e.g feet).
  • Care is required so that you do not remove too much skin.
  • Not suitable for those with wrist injuries or similar disabilities that would prevent use.

2. Electric callus remover

Lady using electric callus remover on heels of feet

Think of an electric foot callus remover as a cylinder of sandpaper that spins really quickly. This cylinder is called a roller. When the roller touches your dried skin, it will buff it down.

The key advantage of electric callus removers is that they are incredibly easy to use. Whether you are exhausted after your week of work, have a limited range of movement due to injury or disability or are just plain lazy, you will be pleased to know that your electric callus remover will do all the work for you.

Electric callus removers are generally more gentle than their manual cousins and some models can even be used on multiple parts of your body. Pressing down too hard will cause the device to stop, to prevent you from removing too much skin.

Do not buy an electric foot callus remover thinking that it will be quicker than a manual one. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The benefit of an electric callus remover is that it is gentler, not quicker.

As the callus remover scrapes at your dry skin, it will grind it into small grains of skin dust. The dust is so fine that beginners often confuse it with smoke coming out of their device. Because this dust can cause a lot of mess, you will want to use your electric callus remover in a location where the dust can be collected for easy disposal.

With continued use, the roller of your electric callus remover will begin to wear down. If you wish to continue using your electric callus remover you will need to purchase replacement rollers, which will be an ongoing cost.


  • Easy to use
  • Gentle on skin
  • Can be used on multiple parts of the body


  • Skin dust can be messy
  • Locked into buying roller refills
  • Takes longer than a coarse manual callus remover

3. Callus removal Gel/Cream

Woman applying callus removal cream to the cracked heels on her foot

You may have come across callus removal gel at your day spa or nail salon. Callus remover cream is applied directly to the patches of dried skin to achieve beautiful beach-ready feet. It is then left to sit before being washed off, hopefully leaving your skin soft and callus free.

I say hopefully because during our testing; results fluctuated wildly from person to person, even when using the same brand of foot creams. While some people would notice visible improvements immediately after use, others required repeated applications before any improvement could be observed.

More often than not a manual or electric callus remover was still required after using the callus removing gel to see satisfactory results.

It is for this reason that we did not pick a winner when it came to callus removing creams and balms.

Your Mileage May Vary.


  • Easy to apply


  • Not suitable for cracked calluses
  • Can contain harsh chemicals
  • Can require multiple applications to see acceptable results
  • Can cause burns and irritation to those with sensitive skin.

Important note: Callus removers do the hard work in removing the dead skin, it’s the follow-up treatment, such as moisturizer, that keeps them soft and smooth. Also, unless you remove the cause of the calluses (sandals, going barefoot etc.) you can expect your calluses to return. A callus remover on its own will not leave you with baby soft skin.