Braun EN10 Nose Hair Trimmer Tested and Reviewed

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Not wanting to be left out of the nose hair trimmer game, Braun released their own model – The EN10

Braun is a big brand name with plenty of experience removing unwanted body hair (they are best known for their electric shavers). You would expect this would put them in a great position when it comes to manufacturing a good nose hair trimmer.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. The EN10 is definitely one of our least favorites out of all the nose hair trimmers that we tested.

Braun EN10 Nose Hair Trimmer

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Here is what you will find inside the packaging of the EN10 Nose hair trimmer:

Braun EN10 nose hair trimmer with AA battery and instruction manual
  • EN10 Nose hair trimmer
  • AA battery
  • Instruction manual

I was pleased to find that Braun had included the required AA battery inside the box. Much better than me having to track down batteries only to end up stealing them from the TV remote.

Braun EN10 nose hair trimmer with cap on


At a glance EN10 looks like something that a woman would pleasure herself with. If you leave it laying on your bathroom countertop you will very likely get some questionable looks from your guests.

The smooth plastic surface of the EN10 is quite slippery, especially if you have wet hands. To combat this Braun has included a bumpy grip on the front and rear of the nose hair trimmer. While not perfect, it definitely helps you keep the trimmer in your hand.

The cutting end of the nose hair trimmer is protected by a hard plastic cap. Cut into the top of the cap are four small ventilation holes.

Braun EN10 nose hair trimmer protective cap with air vents

These holes allow the blades of the nose hair trimmer to dry even when wet.

But they do have a downside.

If you want to store your nose hair trimmer at the bottom of your bag then the ventilation holes allow dust and whatever else is floating around at the bottom of your bag right through to the cutting head. Not exactly what you want coating a product that is going to be inserted into your ears and nose.

Now obviously this won’t be a problem if you only use the nose hair trimmer in the comfort of your own home but we felt it was worth mentioning.

If you remove the protective cap you will notice the metal guard (Braun calls this the “cutting cage”):

Braun EN10 nose hair trimmer with cap off

The pattern of the guard is actually very similar to that of the Panasonic ER-GN30-K, our favorite nose hair trimmer.

The metal guard is designed to protect the inside of your nose from the spinning blade inside while allowing just enough room for your nose hairs to poke through and get trimmed

And this is the spinning blade that does all the cutting:

Braun EN10 nose hair trimmer razor blade piece

These are perhaps the smallest razor blades we found on any nose hair trimmer that we tested.

Generally speaking, the larger the cutting surface of the blade, the fewer nose hairs are missed. So it was disappointing to find small razor blades inside the EN10.

I also want to note that Braun has coated the black plastic piece of the blades with some kind of machine grease. This coated my fingers the moment I touched it. And touching it is unavoidable since you have to remove the blade when the time comes to clean it.

In order to use the nose hair trimmer, you are going to have to install the battery. To do this you simply twist the dark grey colored base to the left. The base will pop off revealing the battery compartment.

Braun EN10 nose hair trimmer installing AA battery inside

Slide the AA battery inside and you are good to go.

The power button is found on the front face of the nose hair trimmer. Sliding it up will see the nose hair trimmer burst into life.

The sound of the motor is a low hum, similar to that of any other electric nose hair trimmer. While it is fairly quiet, it is just loud enough to risk waking a light sleeper one room over.

Testing the nose hair trimmer was a very disappointing experience. The blades cut exceptionally poorly. I don’t know why Braun calls this a precision nose hair trimmer. There is nothing precise about it at all.

Now I must mention that my nose hairs were long enough that they were visible from outside my nose. Gross, I know but the best way to test a nose hair trimmer by seeing if it can cut through a nasal forest.

Now either the blades were not cutting through my nose hairs or the small size was missing the majority. Running my finger along the razor blade (and giving myself a nasty cut in the process) revealed that there was nothing wrong with the blade sharpness.

It was exactly as I feared when I examined the razor blades earlier in the review. The things are just too darn small.

The small size of the EN10’s razor blades are immediately apparent when compared to the Panasonic Er-GN30-K (left):

Braun EN10 Nose hair trimmer razor blades compared to panasonic ER-GN30-K

While I eventually could get my nose hairs trimmed to a somewhat acceptable level, it took so darn long that it would have been quicker to pluck each nose hair one by one.


After your nose hair cutting session, you are going to have to wash out any lose nose hairs clippings and gunk that has accumulated in the guard and along the blades of the nose hair trimmer.

Unfortunately, the body of the EN10 is not waterproof. So to in order to clean it you are going to have to remove the guard and blade piece and wash them separately.

Now as I mentioned earlier, the blade piece is coated with machine grease. You cannot use soapy water to clean the EN10 or you will remove this grease, which will see the nose hair trimmer perform even worse (we didn’t think this was possible).

Final Thoughts

The EN10 is a shameless cash grab by Braun. It is overpriced and underperforms.

Braun is leveraging the goodwill behind their brand name in an effort to push this shoddy product on you. The sad thing is that many people will buy this based on the brand name alone.

If you are looking for a decent electric nose hair trimmer we recommend you choose the far superior Panasonic ER-GN30-K. But whatever you choose, avoid this horrible creation that Braun has unleashed on the world.

If you really want to try your luck, you can buy the EN10 from Amazon.