Apagard Premio Toothpaste Review

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You know the way some people say that once your enamel is gone, it is gone for good?

Well, that might be true, but there is toothpaste from Japan that can help fill in the gaps.  It isn’t a joke.

It truly works.

Apagard by Sangi posses as the world’s first restorative non-particle hydroxyapatite toothpaste. The toothpaste prominence is wildly spreading through the word. It is well-known to execute three things greatly—remove plaques, fill in scratches and fissures, and plug open dentinal tubules that cause hypersensitivity. 

Without any doubt, the tooth enamel is strong and durable by itself. However, there is one thing that the world doesn`t emphasize enough.

Typical brushing with a hard toothbrush might scratch the surface of your teeth and they automatically remineralize from the natural saliva action.

Apargard Premio comes in with the extra power to enhance the remineralization teeth and desensitization of sensitive teeth to prevent excruciating pain of icy cold for anyone with thinner enamel.

Apagard Premio Toothpaste

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A Deep Dive into Apagard Premio Toothpaste 

Apagard is a popular fluoride-free whitening toothpaste from Japan, a product of Sangi Company established in Tokyo. The company began to produce hydroxyapatite toothpaste and is prominently known worldwide as the first ever to produce toothpaste with hydroxyapatite instead of fluoride.

On a purely chemical level, hydroxyapatite is a naturally occurring form of the mineral calcium apatite, also known as calcium phosphate. The majority of the enamel and dentine of your teeth are made of a type of hydroxyapatite.

The Premio has extra whitening and anti-caries properties with higher than standard active nano Medical Hydroxyapatite. The toothpaste absorbs and removes plaque and helps to restore mineral loss from the tooth.

Apagard prevents the development of dental caries, gingivitis, as well as help to freshen the breath.

It is the first-ever nanohydroxyapatite remineralizing toothpaste the world has ever had and has undergone revolution to perfection over the years. In 1993, the government of Japan approved Sangi`s proprietary hydroxyapatite as an active anticaries ingredient.

Who is this Toothpaste For?

Everybody can use Apagard Premio, including kids, adults, anyone with gum disease, anyone with discolored teeth, or anyone with a fissure on the teeth.

The toothpaste is non-oppressive. It freshens breath. It applies sophisticated technology to remove plaque real quick and fills in any gap on the teeth. It is appropriate for any tooth condition.

Apagard Premio Toothpaste Review

What we Like About Apagard Premio Toothpaste 

  • Protects against caries, 
  • Enhances whiteness and gloss
  • Smoothens the enamel
  • Presents an excellent resistance to plaque and stains
  • It reliefs teeth hypersensitivity

What we Don’t Like About Apagard Premio Toothpaste

  • The cost might be high for everyone to spend for a toothpaste


  • Adhere to and help remove bacteria and plaque
  • Fill and repair microscopic surface fissures
  • Remineralize subsurface demineralized areas (incipient caries)
  • Supplements salivary minerals
  • Occlude exposed dentinal 


  • It is a bit pricey for a toothpaste. However, it gives maximum value for your money.
  • Less resistance to acid when compared to fluoride toothpaste

What’s Included?

  • 1 packet of 100g Apagard Premio only

Overview of the Features

Remineralizing Natural Tooth Repair

The primary aim of Sangi when they first make this toothpaste was to support natural-occurring function–the restoration function of saliva in the mouth.

Demineralization and remineralization of the tooth take place regularly.

The tooth surface is readily colonized with bacteria to form plaque, especially in minute fissures or in areas where a toothbrush cannot easily reach. 

The acid produced by plaque bacteria quickly accumulates to this space to demineralizes the enamel. Saliva plays a protective role by neutralizing the acid produced plaque bacteria and by providing the calcium and phosphate ions, the building block of hydroxyapatite which diffuses back into the enamel to restore lost mineral, so the paint becomes remineralized.

Anticaries Function Mode of Action of Nano (nHAP)

Nano Medical Hydroxyapatite has a strong propensity to bind with protein and adhere to bacteria and plaque fragment through during brushing to facilitate their removal on rinsing from the mouth. This feature is enhanced by nano Medical Hydroxyapatite’s nanoparticle size, which increases the surface area to which the protein attaches.

Filling of Microscopic Surface Fissures

Nano Medical Hydroxyapatite also acts as a filler, repairing minutes pits and fissures in the enamel surface. The nanosize of nano Medical Hydroxyapatite enhances this function as it results in smoother, glosser enamel, with fewer sites likely to harbor plaque and stain.

Remineralization of Subsurface of Demineralized Area

Nano Medical Hydroxyapatite nanoparticles supplement the supply of mineral from saliva, remineralizing subsurfaces demineralized of the enamel and restoring mineral density and translucency to enhance the whiteness of the teeth. 

Antihypersensitivity Dental Tubular Occlusion

This toothpaste uses fine nanohydroxyapatite coating over the exposed dentine surface, which helps in alleviating dentinal hypersensitivity.

Apagard Premio provides everything you need to keep your oral health. It the toothpaste is professional-grade as it whitens, remineralize, and removes bacteria from teeth in a sophisticated way. It is a solid choice to go with.


Question 1: What is “nano Medical Hydroxyapatite”?

Answer: Nano Medical Hydroxyapatite is a proprietary form of calcium phosphate compound hydroxyapatite, originally developed by Sangi and clinically approved as an anti-caries ingredient in Japan in 1993. Nano is nearly alike in the chemical composition of human teeth and is safe, biocompatible, even edible.

Question 2: What is the mode of action of Nano Medical Hydroxyapatite?

Answer: The nano Medical Hydroxyapatite protects and restores tooth enamel in 4 ways by:

  1. Collecting and helping to remove plaque
  2. Filling surface fissures
  3. Remineralizing subsurface demineralized areas
  4. Relieves tooth sensitivity by filling and coating exposed dentine tubules

Question 3: What is the percentage of nano Medical Hydroxyapatite in toothpaste?

The percentage of nano Medical hydroxyapatite in Premio is not available, but it is approved as effective in protecting against caries by Japan authorities.

Question 4: Do Prelimo contain Abrasive ingredients?

Answer: No abrasive ingredient in this toothpaste.

Question 5: What happens if children swallow the nano Medical Hydroxyapatite during the brushing?

Answer: The ingredient of this toothpaste are all approved by the Japanese government approved. If children swallow small amounts while brushing, there is no problem. But don`t let them swallow, eat, or drink the toothpaste purposefully.