Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File Tested and Reviewed

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When it comes to electric callus removers, the Amope Perfect Pedi Foot File is one of the most popular on the market. With a bright eye catching design and the claims of a diamond crystal roller, it’s no wonder that it flies off the shelf.

But can the Pedi Perfect live up to it’s claims of “effortless smoothness”? Find out in our detailed review.

Amope Perfect Pedi Models

Amope offers three different variations of the Pedi Perfect. While they all look similar, each is slightly different.

1. Amope Pedi Perfect Foot File – Standard

Amope pedi perfect electric foot file regular coarse in blue

The basic model and most easiest to find. Comes with the regular coarse roller head. The Standard model is used to buff away light buildups of dead skin.

Decked out in a blue and white color scheme, this is the subject of our review.

2. Amope Pedi Perfect Foot File – Extra Coarse

Amope Pedi Perfect electric foot file extra coarse in pink

While the pink colored handle may make you think that this is a completely different Pedi Perfect to the one above, the only difference is the roller head.

The Roller head of the pink Pedi Perfect is extra coarse (a rougher surface) and works best on tough and stubborn sections of dry skin.

3. Amope Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry

Amope pedi perfect electric foot file regular coarse wet and dry

The Pedi Perfect wet and dry takes the concept of the above electronic foot files and makes it waterproof. The Wet & Dry can either be used in the bath or shower.

Unlike the previous two models of Pedi Perfect that run on disposable batteries, the Wet and dry model is rechargeable and ships with a cordless charging station.

As you would expect, these extra features come at a price. The Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry is twice the cost of the above models.

For further information, check out our detailed review of the Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry.

Amope Pedi Perfect Foot File

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Unboxing the Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File

Before I continue with the review I would like to express my thanks at Amope for making the plastic blister packs easy to open. Having reviewed many products that come in impossible to open packaging this was a breath of fresh air.

Opening up the plastic blister pack on the Amope Pedi Perfect electric foot file

The rear of the packaging is perforated allowing you to easily open it up with your bare hands. Quite a refreshing change.

With the packaging torn open, this is what you will find inside:

Amope Pedi Perfect electronic foot file and accessories that come in the box

Let’s break it down.

  • Blue Pedi Perfect electric foot file handle
  • Regular coarse roller head
  • Roller head cover
  • AA batteries

The batteries ship inside the handle of the Pedi Perfect. In order to turn the handle on you will need to remove a piece of plastic in the battery compartment. Don’t hold the Pedi Perfect upright when you do this or the batteries will crash to the floor. I learned this the hard way.

Examining the Pedi Perfect Electric Foot File

The first thing that you will notice is that the Amope Pedi Perfect is much larger than other electric foot files on the market.

AMope Pedi Perfect electric foot file front photo

The Pedi Perfect looks big and bright. There will be no misplacing this foot file that just screams “look at me”.

I know that looks are not everything but they certainly help when it comes to falling in love with a useful product. It is clear that Amope has spent some time refining the design of the Pedi Perfect to get it as sleek as possible. It definitely stands out on the shelf at your local walmart compared to the other electric foot files.

As I touched on earlier, the lower models of the Pedi Perfect are powered by AA batteries. If you unscrew the cap on the base of the handle you will find four space for four AA batteries.

Amope Pedi Perfect electric foot file with battery compartment open and four AA batteries inside

I must commend Amope for actually including batteries in the box of the Pedi Perfect. It beats me raiding the TV remote and kids toys while on a battery hunt.

The generic batteries included in the box are pretty poor quality. While they lasted long enough to get a few uses out of the Pedi Perfect, the brand name batteries I replaced them with lasted much longer.

Included in the box is a roller head cover. The cover simply slides over the roller holder on the handle and clicks into place:

Amope Pedi Perfect electronic foot file with plastic protective roller cover

The cover prevents the abrasive roller from scratching up anything that comes near it. While it seems like a great idea, it did not pass the bag test.

I loaded up my handbag with a the usual gang including my overly bulky set of keys, phone, make up and a water bottle. I then added the Pedi perfect with the cover included. I then went about my day as I usually would.

After a walk around a park, meeting a friend for coffee and some much needed grocery shopping, I peaked inside my handbag. The roller cover had popped off and the top of the Pedi Perfect. The roller was free to scratch up anything that wandered close.

It was at that point I immediately regretted my decision to have added my phone to the handbag. Fortunately it escaped without a scratch.

But I digress…

If something leans up against the roller and a slight bit of pressure is applied then cover pops right off. This makes the Pedi Perfect unsuitable for packing away in your hand bag for on the go touch ups of dead skin.

But if you are just going to leave the Pedi Perfect in your medicine cabinet then the cover will work just fine.

I would also like to mention that the roller cover does not form an airtight seal. If you still have skin dust on the rollers then you may find it escaping out the sides of the cover.

Located on side of the Perfect Pedi handle is a button that is roughly the same size as your finger tip.

Amope Pedi Perfect electric foot file roller head release button

This is the roller head release button. When the time comes to remove the roller you simply press and hold the release button with one hand and pull upwards on one side of the roller with the other.

And just like that you have removed the roller from the handle.

Amope Pedi Perfect electronic foot file with roller removed

With the roller removed you are now free to clean it, replace it or do with it as you wish.

To return the roller to the handle of the Pedi perfect you place one side of the roller into the slot on the handle and press the tab in on the other side of the roller. Then you simply push the roller down into place. When in the right position the tab will pop back out, locking the roller into position.

The whole process is similar to replacing a toilet roll.

Let’s take a closer look at the roller heads:

Amope Pedi Perfect electric foot file diamond crystal rollers

Now Amope claims that the roller heads are made from diamond crystal. Now obviously given the price these are not the diamonds you will find on your wedding ring.

Unfortunately we do not have a lab to test just what kind of diamond crystals these are and when we contacted Amope we could not get a clear answer. Given the price of the replacement rollers is comparable to replacement rollers of other foot files that don’t use diamond crystals, I am going to go speculate that the diamond crystals are synthetic.

You can buy synthetic diamond grit (tiny crystals) for next to nothing. In terms of value these diamond crystals is essentially worthless. In this case the use of diamond cystals, while it may be correct, is just a marketing gimmick.

Located on the neck of the handle is a small silver ring.

Amope Pedi Perfect electric foot file power button

This ring is actually a power button of sorts and controls your Pedi Perfect. Twisting the ring to the left turns the Pedi Perfect on and twisting it back to the right turns it off again.

And that just about covers all you need to know about the Pedi Perfect itself. Next lets take a closer look at the available rollers.

Replacement roller heads

As the saying goes:

Diamonds are forever

That is unless they are attached to the roller of an electronic foot file. With continued use, the roller head of your Pedi Perfect will begin to wear down. When this happens you will notice a decrease in performance.

Now just how quick the rollers wear down will entirely depend on the amount you use it and the toughness of your skin. Thick, rough dead skin will produce more wear on the rollers than smaller patches of hard skin.

Replacement rollers are sold in packs of two and come in the following varieties:

Amope Regular coarse refill pack of replacement rollers for Pedi Perfect foot file

Coarse – The coarse roller comes standard on the blue Pedi Perfect model. Great for general every day use. But if you have an extreme case of dry skin then you may need something a little more coarse…

Amope extra coarse and soft touch refill pack of replacement rollers for Pedi Perfect foot file

The extra coarse refill pack contains two different replacement roller heads:

1. Extra Coarse – The extra coarse roller comes standard on the Pink Pedi Perfect model. Extra coarse is suitable for thick and stubborn hard skin.

2. Soft Touch – The soft touch is a finishing roller. It is not included with any Pedi Perfect and must be purchased separately. The soft touch does not work well at removing hardened patches of skin. The soft touch roller is designed to be used after the extra coarse roller, leaving your skin with a silky smooth finish.

Now we were puzzled as to why Amope chose to package the extra coarse with the soft touch, leaving you with just one of each. I mean, they didn’t include a soft touch in the box of the Pedi Perfect foot file (pink model) so I am clueless as to why they are forcing it on you here.

But what about generic replacement rollers?

You may have noticed that there is a wide variety of generic Pedi Perfect replacement rollers available online at a much cheaper price point than genuine Amope rollers.

We experimented with a few different types and came to the conclusion that the quality just wasn’t there. Not only did the generic rollers wear out much quicker that the authentic rollers, but some were of such poor quality that they wouldn’t properly fit into the Pedi Perfect roller holder.

While the Amope replacement rollers may be a touch on the expensive side for what they are, you can rest easy that you are receiving a quality product.

Testing the Amope Pedi Perfect

So now for the part of the review where I test the Pedi Perfect to see if it can live up to it’s claims.

This is probably the only time you will ever hear me say this but…

I honestly wish I had corns or calluses. Even a tiny patch of dead skin for me to use the Pedi Perfect on would be great.

So with me not being a good candidate for the Pedi Perfect, I had to bring in some people who were. I actually was surprised at just how common corns, calluses and dried skin can be and rounding up a group of testers was much easier than I thought.

I have since added watching other people grind off dead skin to my list of things I don’t like.

So how did the Amope Pedi Perfect perform when it the time came to buffer down these piles of skin?

Pretty Darn well.

The first thing you will notice when you pick up the Pedi Perfect is that it feels heavy, especially in comparison to other electric callus removers on the market while it would have been nicer to feel the weight more evenly distributed instead of being bottom heavy, the Pedi Perfect feels substantial in the hand.

Amope pedi Perfect electric foot file held in right hand

The handle is quite large taking up two thirds of the of the unit. In this case bigger is better and all testers commented on just how easy the Pedi Perfect was is to grip, regardless of how you held it. This is in part thanks to the rubber non-slip grip that covers the entire handle.

But the star of the Pedi Perfect is the head. The head is designed so that no part of the roller is obstructed by plastic (a common problem with electric foot files). What this means is that you can hold the Pedi Perfect at any angle that you choose and still have the roller come into contact with your skin. The result is a much more precise shaving session. The design is so superior to the likes of the Scholls Dreamwalk and Emjoi range that I am puzzled as to why they have not released a similar model.

Turning the Pedi Perfect on will make some of you shudder with fear. The sound it gives off is similar to a dentists drill. Not exactly a comforting sound. The sound is loud enough that I wouldn’t recommend using your Pedi Perfect while people are sleeping nearby.

Just like with all electric foot files, there will be mess. The rollers make short work of dead skin and turn it into a fine dust. Yes, that white dust you see magically appear is actually tiny grains of dead skin. Gross.

A common complaint with the Pedi Perfect is that the roller slows down or stops if you press down too hard on it.

this is supposed to happen. It’s a safety feature designed so that you cannot press down too hard and removeall your skin.

One big take away from the testing is that if you need to push down hard with the Pedi Perfect then you need to jump up to the extra coarse rollers. The good news is that you don’t need to buy a new Pedi perfect handle, you can just purchase the replacement extra coarse rollers and they will slot right in.

One of the testers had what I like to call super calluses. These thick stubborn layers of skin were taking far too long to be removed with the standard coarse roller. Jumping up to the extra coarse roller saw the calluses disappear in a fraction of the time.

This means that you are somewhat responsible for your Pedi Perfect experience. But since there are only two rollers to choose from it shouldn’t be that difficult a choice to make.

After using the extra coarse roller it immediately became apparent why Amope only sells the refill with a finishing roller. It just doesn’t leave your skin smooth. Sure, it powers through thick and stubborn skin but the end result is rough.

The regular coarse roller on the other hand left the testers with a smoothness they were satisfied with.

We also experimented with using the Pedi Perfect to remove calluses on the hand. The Unless you work with your hands all day and have incredibly thick skin, the Pedi Perfect is just a little too aggressive to remove skin from calluses. While we were able to remove the dead skin, A good chunk of softer skin was removed with it, resulting in a painful graze.

The Pedi Perfect works best on the feet, smoothing those dry and cracked heels. But if you take the Pedi Perfect for a wander above your ankles, chances are you are going to have a bad time.

If you choose the correct roller then you will find that the Pedi Perfect is very effective at removing the built up layers of dead skin

In terms of the diamond crystal rollers, we found the buffing action as well as the time it took for the rollers to wear down was comparable to non-diamond crystal rollers.

From out testing it honestly does appear that the use of the phrase “diamond crystal” is for marketing purposes only and should not be the deciding factor in you purchasing this electric foot file.

One thing we will mention, you will know when the batteries need to be changed because the roller will spin much slower and stop if you put any pressure on it at all. But a new load of batteries and the Pedi Perfect will run as good as the day you got it.

Final Thoughts

As you can tell by the tone of the review, we were very impressed with the Amope Pedi Perfect foot file.

While the “diamond crystal rollers” may be a marketing gimmick, the Pedi Perfect has a good looking design, is comfortable to hold and simple to use. Oh, and it also gives your calluses, corns and other dry patches of dead skin an ass whopping.

Highly recommended.